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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • leokadia1leokadia1 Posts: 93
    We are talking about the 2005 C-6 Vet
    under the heading 2005 Chevrolet Corvette! It should includes GM Pricing and current selling policies.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    There's already a discussion in place for discussing Corvette pricing issues, in the Prices Paid & Buying Experience Forum. This one is for discussing the features/attributes, etc. of the Corvette.



  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    The C6 is my first Vette and first car with so much lowend torque. I think it has sort of ruined me for the rest of my life. All the other cars I drive feel like slugs. I have a Honda van for a daily driver and my mileage has dropped off by 2 MPG since I got the C6. I find myself accelerating in the van and wondering why it is so dam slow even though I have it floored.

    In the C6 you can have a blast doing zero to the speed limit and on the highway you can safely find holes in traffic that don't exist with slower cars. Along with being fast I find the C6 to be surprisingly comfortable for long distance runs.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    The fact that guys fall in love with torque is almost age old. But my wife gets more gushing about driving her 2004 almost every day she decides to get it out of the garage. She pulled away from some joker the other day and was suprised how easy it was. Then she even talked about how listening to me talk about the track, brake early, settle the car, accelerate out from the apex was getting her to think about how she takes the corners going to the Berkeley Lab site going over the top of Fish Ranch Road. Now I just have to get away from work so I can spend another weekend at the track tomorrow and Sunday. Can I break 2:20 at Buttonwillow? Just have to relax. HUMMMMMMM........
  • damsel1damsel1 Posts: 1
    Does anyone out there know what the " Autobook identifier" option is on the C6?Damsel1 in distress
  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    I've been looking for a 05 C6 for a while, several months, and finally got a dealer to agree to order one with the option and color combo for $2500 off MSRP. I've been waiting for almost two month now and my car is suppose to be here by the end of the month. I know the 06 model is due out any day now but the based price is at least 65k MSRP. Am I getting a good deal with the C6? No one else would agree to cut the price more than 1500. I'm afraid if I don't get this car now I won't be able to get it new, with only the options I prefer, once the 06 start rolling off the lot. :confuse:
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    As with anything some have done better and some have done worse. If you are getting the car the way you want it then enjoy. The rumor mills seems to indicate that initially there won't be any significant price increase for the 06 but you will have to wait longer to get the car and miss out on a lot of nice weather.
  • zcarenowzcarenow Posts: 1
    Hey everyone,
    I currently own a Nissan 350z and thinking about selling it to get a 2005 Vette. I have some questions for y'all vette owners. Has anyone here bought a 2005 Vette? Any personal reviews? Any major issues already with the 1st year's model?

    Pricing: Has anyone been able to get the Vette for under MSRP? I've been hearing about how hot this Vette is , so wondering if one could buy under MSRP. Wish i had the money to get the Z6 coming in September ,i believe. Also, the GM discount doesn't apply to this vehicle. Now, does the GM Employee discount have any hidden costs or tricks that we don't know about or is it really an honest price. Anything to be weary or careful about this GM discount?

    I've never been fond of American cars since my previous experience back in the early 90s have been horrible. This would be my first American car since my old Buick Skylark a while back. Any other good sites or forums on the new Vette?

    Thanks everyone.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I own a 2002 Coupe and a couple years later my wife, after getting to drive mine, asked if she could have one too. She has a 2004 Z51, 6sp, same as mine. I use mine for a daily driver and go to the track about once a month for a day or a weekend. We use hers for touring and she takes it to work 2 to 4 days a week, more often lately with the coupe roof panel out.

    I've talked with several 2005 owners and seen several at the track. They seem to have a tighter feel than the C5's, nicer interior is obvious. To be very picky I would say I like the deeper rear deck area in the C5 and I don't care for the black moulding around the head lights on lighter color cars. Wish I could get one being rational but my '02 is still a great car even with 40k miles. The C5 coupe is about 8 sec's slower on a given track, mostly tires, I run Z06 wheels and tire sizes and get about 4 sec of that back. The C6 is about 1 to 1.5 sec's slower than a previous Z06, not shabby for a car that is about $5k at least lower in cost, fully loaded.

    I have provided links to other sites in the past but since they provide the same service as Edmunds, automotive message boards that is against the rules. I will say that Corvette Forum and Corvette Action Center both have good specific info. Local dealers are still in some cases asking for up to $5k over MSRP, and more power to them, with few cars, they some times get it or at least some of it. On the Web you could get C6's at MSRP from introduction, but you might not be near one of the dealers. That is a bother for some people. I got both ours from Ken Fichtner in Montana, I'm in Northern Calif. The first pick up driving back through Yellowstone was so much fun we made it a longer trip the second time around and I will probably go back to get a third some day. I have seen up to about $2k off through the internet dealers, but I haven't been active looking lately and don't know what current inventories are.

    On GMEP I think the deal is very good but as noted it doesn't apply to Corvette. I know a couple that got GTO's that way but it too was pulled from the program in the latest version. Keep us posted, the search to find what I really wanted was part of the fun, even if waiting for delivery was frustrating, drove a lot of used Vettes at dealer lots in those two months. :)

  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    thanks for the comments. I'm looking forward to it finally getting it.
  • robclwtrrobclwtr Posts: 1
    What are the differences going to be from 05 to the 06 Corvette? I know the steering wheel will change. And I know about the Z06. But I would like to know about the regular Corvettes with the Z51 packages specifically. I would appreciate help ...knowledgeable and factual, hopefully!
  • 442fool442fool Posts: 9
    This car is a decent manual transmission away from world class, kind of a shame.
  • Does anybody know what the 0 - 60 and quarter mile times are for the non Z51 C6s?

    I personally am leaning towards getting a C6 with a manual transmission and the base suspension. However I have this fear that if I choose this option I may get out run by some kid in a new Mustang GT.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I don't get it! If you don't want to be out run, why even consider anything but the Z51? After the price of the car, getting the performance suspension and extra cooling would just make sense if you have any idea that you may want to drive the car using some of its performance character. I don't think you give up more than a couple tenths with base suspension but the better brakes and cooling make the Z51 package worth the money. Also for resale there are two flavors that sell, IMO, 6sp with Z51 and auto with electronic suspension, of course cheap always will get some attention if you want the buyer to lowball you in the future.
  • •
    6-speed Paddle Shift automatic transmission available on Coupe and Convertible

    Three-spoke, 370 mm (9.4 in) diameter steering wheel

    Advanced dual-stage frontal air bags with GM Passenger Sensing System

    XM Satellite Radio included with Bose stereo (48 states)

    Two exterior colors: Velocity Yellow Tintcoat and Monterey Red Metallic Tintcoat

    Titanium gray interior color

    Storm Gray convertible top color

    click here

    The paddle shifters with the 6 speed auto is a BIG DEAL imo :P
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I think the A6 will be a great addition to the C6. I have some experience with manualmatic shifters and found that small levers/buttons can be awkward when you are on a tight road where you have to move your hands around along with changing gears. Having the ability to tap shift with a normal shift lever is more natural. The little lever/buttons on the 06 don't appear to be big enough to call paddles. In less stressfull conditions they will be nice for gear selection though.
  • glhendr1glhendr1 Posts: 33
    I took delivery of my 05 C6 yesterday after a 2 and a half month wait. I haven't stopped smiling yet. Drove it off the lot with 3 miles, now have 125. I can't wait till the weekend comes. :)
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    I still remember picking up mine and the next four days got me well broken in at 1350 miles, grinning all the while. Letting the wife drive an hour a day was just a little sacrifice but actually I used the time to read some of the manual, learned some too. Now that she has her own, which I get to drive a lot more than she drives mine, glad I made the sacrifice ;). Enjoy the weekend and don't forget to wave!
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 154
    You are suffering from "permagrin". Never goes away. ;)
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