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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • alenatasevich1 makes some good points to back up his assertion that he needs to be compensated with a new car however I feel that russla has stated some good common sense also. What will eventually matter is what documents were signed at delivery and what the lemon laws are for the state.
    Lets use alenatasevich1's situation and use an Impala or a Korean car... do you think a replacement would also be warranted? although an Impala is not an 80k car however it has value none the less to the owner. A company can not stay in business if it replaced repairable cars with brand new cars.
  • naghmeh1naghmeh1 Posts: 1
    I own a c6, and have a few problems ... car is under warranty but no luck finding a mechanic who really knows the car well !!! I expected more from GM... Can't believe this ... I drove porsches 911 for 14 years and decided to buy the c6 for a change ... Big mistake?!
    the dealerships are not very good at fixing them ... mechanics are not trained for high performance !!!
    clutch problem and new extra engine noises ...
    they are saying its normal!! ? New car ... woow ..!!!
    High performance should not be serviced like this or made this bad ...!!!
    The clutch hydrolics have been replaced twice and still its not as good as new !!! what to do and where to go???
    I live in sonoma california ... please help !!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Finding a Corvette Certified tech at most GM dealers is a problem. I had one guy at Walnut Creek Parker Robb when they shut down he went to Fitzpatrick in Concord but he recently left GM employ. I still call him direct but he is not servicing Corvettes except on the side now.
    I went to Stead Chev/Caddy in WC recently and got very good service on an ABS/AH/TC issue with extended warranty and the tech knew his stuff. He also ID'd a leak that had been rubbed in a metal hose that was just about to become a problem, by a after market oil cooler stainless steel line and I didn't even try to get it under extended warranty, just paid for replacement and they tied off the lines and showed me where to keep an eye on it. So Stead in WC is the best I can suggest at this point.
    Good Luck!
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    There are two known issues with the clutch that I recall. Some early to mid 05s had the clutch stick down during high speed up shifts due to some pressure plate spring issues. There was also some recent issues with a batch of bad flywheels for 06s.
  • mlyonmlyon Posts: 7
    Since new I have had a problem with first gear on my six speed in my 05 C6. From a stopped position intermittently I am unable to get the shifter into first gear, no amount of force will do. In order to get into first I shift into second and then directly into first before releasing the clutch. After two service visits first gear was replaced (per a service bulletin)which initially fixed the problem, however with almost 3,000 miles on the fix the problem has returned. Has anyone had a similar experience?

    In addition the clutch is very grabie, both engaging and disengaging. I have complained to the dealer but they insist that there are no adjustments to be made and that it is working normally (although not satisfactorily for me). Once again does anyone have any feedback on this problem?
  • ravanravan Posts: 6
    I can certainly understand your dilemma after having spent so much money only to discover that theres a major problem that has to be fixed. I don't blame you at all for wanting a new vehicle replacement, who the hell does GM think they are? First they take your money and then they just simply wanna give you a new engine....NO WAY!!! I wouldn't settle for that at me...GM doesn't really care about their I will explain:

    My best friend bought a brand new black 2000 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 in 2000 and he bought the car to my office...and I asked him what the white spots on his car were and he told me that the dealer told him it was a detailing issue and to bring the car back the next day to have it detailed, so the next day I went to the dealership with him only to discover that it was acid rain on the car!!! Naturally, we had an absolute fit and he demanded a new car and the dealership refused saying they would paint the whole car which would make it depreciate by atleast 3,000 extra. In anycase, to cut a long story short he took it up with the BBB and after a few months of constant crap from GM and their reps, my friend won and they had to replace the car with a brand new 2001 model.

    In 2003 i bought a brand new 2003 torch red vette and after driving it for 30 miles the brakes started acting up..everytime the car would stop it would make an awful screeching sound and it was so embarrassing especially at red lights. I bought it to the dealers attention and they said the brakes were too new to fix....go figure....and then they said.....and I quote "Oh dont worry..the noise will go away eventually...WHATEVER!!! Only after having 1000 miles with the problem getting worse n worse did they change the brake pads....then they say we put superior brake pads in your are they telling me that they were inferior when they got put in at the factory!!??

    Now I'm considering buying an 06 velocity yellow vette...I dont know....but I do know I'm not going to make any hasty decisions.....bottom line...GM SUCKS!
  • naghmehnaghmeh Posts: 1
    If you are working hard for your money DO NOT buy a new Vette my friend ...
    I have never had so many problems with a new car and I have always purchased new cars in my life.
    I was at the dealeship today and told my service advisor that I have all these problems with my new car and he had the nerve to tell me to purchase an extended warranty !!! Could not believe my ears !!! They expect me to pay them more money and deal with the hassel of taking my car there every six weeks to fix my clutch and transmision !!!
    I have to now hire an attorney and deal with the lemon law !!
    Its madness, while trying to make a living at the same time !
    Forget buying a high performance car from GM...the mechanics have NO IDEA how to fix them !!!
    My friend who owned a c6 took his car in because the clutch fluid was low and the mechanic topped it off with regular oil instead of synthetic !! messed it up the system in a big way 111 Now top that!!
  • ravanravan Posts: 6
    Hi! Thanks alot for your advice.....I wont buy a new vette considering the way the people are treated once they've given their hard earned money to the dealership only to discover they dont really care about you after the sale...its really very disgusting I must say! Why should you buy an extended warranty....besides thats extra money for the dealership and they charge rip-off prices as it is.
    If I was you, I would contact the Better Business Bureau and lodge a complaint against the dealership and GM, they are all so full of it....I tell you!

    In anycase, best of luck and I hope you resolve this issue to your satisfaction. As for my brand new vette I bought in 2003, I sold that several months later as I just lost confidence in GM and their non caring attitude. Thats the way they are though...they've got your money and youre on your own.....forget that seriously!!!
  • cat3126cat3126 Posts: 43
    I have a 06 Vette purchased from EVS in Random Lake WI who is concerned with my satisfaction of the car.,m treated courestly ,quickly ,questions are anwsered quickly.The car was in for a routine oil change this week,it returned to me washed,vacuumed and wiped down.
    This my seventh Vette and the absolute best of the lot.
    This dealership sells 3-4 Vettes a week and has 3 factory trained mechanics who only work on Vettes.
  • ravanravan Posts: 6
    I'm glad that youve had a pleasant experience with your dealership and the cars you have purchased over the years...I guess youre one of the lucky ones..but from the letters I've read here most people arent very satisfied with the service they have received at their dealership and with GM in general. I'm not saying that everyone is bad but I've come to realize that if there's a major issue with a new car one has purchased, GM just simply wants rid of you somehow and come up with all kinds of for example when i got my brand new 03 vette in 2003 the brakes were giving me problems and according to the dealership, GM told them the problem was too new to fix and that it wouldnt be covered under warranty....which is total nonsense. After constant complaining..and my problem with the brakes getting worse they finally changed the brake they were doing me a favor.

    They had the nerve to tell me that they had put superior brake pads into the car this in essence are they saying that the pads were inferior from the factory...hmmmmmm go figure.....I dunno!
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Try not to overstate the facts:
    ".. ..but from the letters I've read here most people arent very satisfied .. "
    GM/Chevy sells about 34k Corvettes each year and about a couple dozen people post here about the car annually. Many of those like myself are pretty happy but recognize that it is still a Chevy. My selling dealer does lots of business over the internet and is pretty far away but they did a great job getting me the car. The three local dealers I've used for service have all done a good job getting the problem identified and fixing it the first time. I'd say with the other 33,9xx others having no comment that saying most are unhappy is a little bit of an overstatement. Sorry about your problems, hope you don't have similar issues in the future.
  • Claire@EdmundsClaire@Edmunds Chicago areaPosts: 968
    ... is the C6 Corvette -- not GM dealership practices. Let's get back to discussing the car.



  • saholzsaholz Posts: 5
    There have been service issues, especially during the earlier production. Overall, however, the car has been fairly reliable for a new design and looks like it's getting even better as time goes on. Yes, there have been some "lemons" that have gotten through. Based on my own experiences and those of hundreds of others on many message boards, the car continues to impress it owners while providing reliable transportation.

    My own 2005 has been in for several minor issues. The only "serious" issue was a dead battery that happened for no reason while in my garage. This battery drain issue has been reported in too many 2006 C6's with manual transmissions and has not yet been solved by GM.

    The clutch can be very abrupt...mainly because of the strong return spring being used. That spring can be removed and the clutch pedal will then not come up with as much force. Another remedy is to put a small block of wood, or anything else, under the clutch pedal to limit the downward throw. It does not have to be fully depressed to engage. It should also be noted that the clutch and transmission smooth up considerably after the first 1k or so of driving.

    I've had my 2005 MN6 C6 for 18 months and just love it. BTW, my dealer is great. :)
  • mikef123mikef123 Posts: 2
    I have a mag red 05 coupe. I didn't have exactly that problem, but i did have to have my shifter replaced. It was vibrating so much I didn't want to drive it.
  • toquinhotoquinho Posts: 28
    I'm in the market for an 07 manual coupe. Here's my doubt: Z51 or no Z51. My only racing is onto/off freeways and an occasional burst for the thrill of it. I'm in the San Francisco Bay area and have generally undamaged, smooth roads on which to travel. I'm leaning towards buying the Z51 as I don't think the ride is too harsh and every review I've seen of the car is with the Z51 package and I'm worried the standard will lose some accelaration.

    Any thoughts?

    And how more pricey is the break service on a Z51? And do they rear wheels wear out sooner?

    Thanks much!
  • saholzsaholz Posts: 5
    I have the Z51 and really like it. The handling is excellent and the package features many upgraded components. The Supercar tires offer better dry road traction at the expense of some wet and cold performance. They do cost more and, particularly the rear tires, will wear faster. You can expect 15-20K for mileage depending on how you drive. The ride on the Z51 is stiffer than the other options, but not bad unless you routinely drive on very rough roads. Brake maintenance is not a real consideration. The manual transmission with the Z51 offers slightly more aggressive gearing, but acceleration is basically the same.

    Another option you might consider is the F55 magnetic ride suspension. For 2007 it will come with the same upgraded brakes and drilled rotors that the Z51 offers. You get your choice of ride stiffness, plus you can always add the Z51 sway bars to further enhance the handling. Even the base suspension will do a good job and can also be upgraded with the heavier sway bars.

    The car is a blast to drive. Whatever you wind up with, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

  • fotorichfotorich Posts: 6
    I have an 05 C6 z51 convertible with a I think a unique problem. After driving the car with the AC off, the auto temp settings at 60,outside air open and fan on, when the engine is stopped even momentarily the air comming out the vents will climb to 110 degrees. I don't mean the initial hot rush of air all cars get when parked. I mean a climb to 110 and staying there until the car is parked overnight.The GM rep refuses to even look at the car. He said all cars do that.My first new car was purchased in 1966,a GTO convertible.I have had quite a few since then including a C5 convertible,and none have had this problem.To go Lemon Law will cost $6,000 with no recovery of legal fees. I just want the problem solved.
    HELP! Anyone have an answer or a simular problem?
  • saholzsaholz Posts: 5
    There was a technical service bulletin issued for a problem with the a/c on some 2005 cars. The problem seems to be related to improper pressure in the freon charge. Have your dealer research this. If they can't find it, you might want to call the Customer Service line and see if they can dig it up.

  • fotorichfotorich Posts: 6
    Thanks for the reply Stan but the AC was not in use only fresh outside air. Customer Service just refered the problem to the local rep who to repeat says this is normal.With an outside ambient temp of 75 degrees fahrenheit and the temp controls at 60 and the AC off no car should be blowing 110 degree air into the car.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,270
    I'm afraid that you are experiencing the greatest down side to owning a Corvette; Chevy dealers. My bet is that the car is still under warrantee, right? GM in general, and Chevy in particular, discovered early on that lying about a warrantee problem is much cheaper than fixing it. They have adopted this as a business model. My sympathies to you.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

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