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Chevrolet C6 Corvette



  • With a paddle shifter, can you skip a gear, shift, say from 2nd to 4th, or vice versa?
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    “With a paddle shifter, can you skip a gear, shift, say from 2nd to 4th, or vice versa?”

    No – and yes.
    My current GM sedan & the 3 prior ones I have driven for thousands of miles work much like the Corvette’s paddles. ( Based on my 2 test drives. )

    If you press or pull the paddles twice in succession, the trans. will execute the 2 shifts as quickly as the trans. can build line pressure, etc. In essence, you must cycle through all the gears sequentially – but you can ‘stack’ the shift requests. As long as the vehicle speed is appropriate for both shifts.

    So – if the point is to be in the gear desired and then ‘forget about shifting’ for a bit, a very rapid double press or double pull will accomplish this.

    I use this feature quite often.

    - Ray
    Not shiftless . . .
  • Sounds interesting. I remain skeptical, but am intrigued enough to want to test drive this device. My main concern is if you would have the same control and freedom as with manual, to engage the engine to the drive train at whatever RPM you desire.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    As noted before they are fairly impressive on a race track and if I had to commute in heavy traffic I think I'd have it for my daily driver, not my track car. Also, GrassrootsMotorsports just did an article on how to treat transmissions for those that go to the track and/or drags. They also did a side bar and said that no matter what is prior wisdom, Auto's don't suck! They then go on to discuss what is better and worse about the new systems, worth reading.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Some highlights, 73% of verts and 66% of coupes got the 4 sp auto. Just an indicator of the demographic where most Vette drivers just want a nice touring car for two. 34k total production with 6.3k Z06's or 18%. I'm betting that goes up in 2007 since production start on the Z was pretty slow. The other 30% of non Z's were almost evenly split between 6sp manual and 6sp auto, with the auto holding a very slight edge.
    For color the Z's preferred black followed by silver and then Victory Red. In coupes/verts it was black followed by deep red (Monterey), then Victory Red and silver.
    The Z51 preformance suspension package came on 37% of coupes/verts while the mag ride suspension was on 26% of verts and only 16% of coupes. Many coupe drivers seem to go with low cost all the way if they can, while verts seem take many more high cost options. Verts were 33% of production while coupes were 49%.
  • I think I will visit a dealership today--- wish me luck guys!
  • Just got my '07 coupe. Am wondering about the following. Your insights are welcome.

    (1) steering feels over-assisted. I'd like it to be a heavier like my previous M3. Any thoughts?
    (2) the heat from the engine can be felt in the cabin. If I reach underneath and touch the uncarpeted area in the center, I'm touching hot metal. Is this similar to yours?
    (3) The trunk isn't a light-locking motion. If I just slowly drop the trunk, it doesn't lock properly. I need to do a light-slamming motion if order for it to properly lock. Again, is this like your car?

    Thanks much, in advance, for your input.

    And btw., for those you are thinking of buying -- don't read this as reasons to not buy. I'm very happy with my yellow C6. Its doing the attention getting I want, its demonically fast, and yet still easy to drive. And yes, you should get the Z51 package. Faster is better.
  • vchengvcheng Posts: 1,286
    In short (I have an '06):

    1. I agree with you.
    2. Yes.
    3. and yes again.

    Overall though it's a blast to drive.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    1. Agreed. The steering isn't razor sharp- but there's enough feel, IMHO.
    2. The center console is a good place to keep your coffee hot! ;)
    3. I find if I drop the trunklid from about 6-8" it closes just fine.

    Last point- AGREED! A great car. Not perfect, but a great car nontheless.

  • 1. The steering in my 07 does not feel overly-assisted.
    2. I have not felt heat in the cabin from the engine but I have noticed that the vent air is warm if the car had been running shortly before.
    3. I had the same question regarding closing the "trunk." (I have a coupe.) It was my understanding that once I started the hatch back down most of the way that it would keep going on its own and that the latch would then grab it. I almost have to come close to slamming it to get it to close correctly. This does not seem to be the way it should close as per the description of the owner's manual. I would very much appreciate the input of others on this issue.

    Last, I agree, a great car! (I don't like the 1st-4th skip shift on the manual, but other than that and the hatch it really is a great car!!!) I have received all kinds of compliments from all age groups, kids to retirees. I just love to drive it!

    If you are considering buying a Corvette then test drive one. You will be won over!
  • (1) I think the steering info is a near concensus -- its got a little too much assisting and feels a little numb. Car magazines generally agree. For sure some won't find it over-assisted, but that depends from where you're coming. Probably feels right to drivers of older Corvettes or (for that matter) other American cars. But I'm assuming drivers of BMWs, Porsches and other Euro sport cars would like a heavier wheel with more feedback.

    (2) Heat in car: the center console does get hot. We shouldn't expect hot air in the car when the vent is blowing over time, but the initial vent can be "warm". Hey! Its a big enginer and it generates heat! Its a SPORTS car. At least it won't burn you, like the Viper.

    (3) Trunk - no consensus here. This seems inconsistent among us who responded. I have to do a "light" slam. Otherwise, the self-locking mechanism doesn't fully lock the trunk. Without the slam, the trunk is "locked" but it sits about 1/2 in higher than it should. Odd. I definitely don't want to break the trunk process from having to repeatedly slam it. I might take my Corvette to a local dealer that specializes in Corvettes to see if they have feedback. Unfortunately, the dealer where I purchased mine is about 1hr away and their service dept. is closed on weekends!
  • Buyers - did you get the warranty extension? I've an '07 which comes with a 100k powertrain warranty. But GM is still selling an extension for the other elements that are only covered for 3 years/36k miles.

    How has your '05 or '06 been with its electrics? I'm assuming that's what will be (most likely) failing over time, rather than the power train.

    Currently I purchased an extension for a total of 5 yrs / 75k miles for $1,600 and a deductable of $100 (I think). That amount is refundable if during extra 2 years the purchased warranty is not used. I've another 25 days to decide if I want to keep this extension or get a refund or extend it to 6 yrs (total) for $2,100 (I think) instead of $1,600.

    Thoughts? Reactions?
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Just for comparison on an '02 Coupe, C5 has had 2 extended warranty claims, the rear brake light module (don't know cost) went out just past 36k miles and then at 50k the ABS and electronics were replaced. The board on the ABS electronics was a $2700 part not including any labor. I'm thinking the $1100 I spent for 6/60 was well spent.

    BTW, you might want to check GMPP pricing, not all dealers try to make the same margin, making the end price very different. If you qualify makes no difference where you get the policy.
  • rayainswrayainsw Posts: 2,476
    “Currently I purchased an extension for a total of 5 yrs / 75k miles for $1,600 and a deductable of $100 (I think). That amount is refundable if during extra 2 years the purchased warranty is not used. I've another 25 days to decide if I want to keep this extension or get a refund or extend it to 6 yrs (total) for $2,100 (I think) instead of $1,600.

    Thoughts? Reactions?”

    Some will likely suggest that any extended warrantee is a bad deal. Since ( obviously ) GM & the dealer both make money on the sale.

    My view is that the additional insurance policy on a C6 is well worth looking at – since the complexity built into a ( any ) modern $50,000 car is something I do NOT want to pay for diagnostics, parts & actual repair at current or future rates.

    If you do decide on a GMPP ( the only extended warrantee I’d consider ) keep in mind a couple of things:

    Thing 1 = Any GM dealer can sell you a GMPP extended warrantee. If you shop around, as I did, you will find GM dealerships that specialize in selling these plans at a substantial discount, saving hundreds of dollars.

    Thing 2 = As I understand it, the GMPP adds the number of additional months purchased to be the new total from the date of purchase. But the mileage is added to the current odometer reading.

    What this means is that if you wait to purchase the GMPP until just before you hit 12 months or 12,000 miles ( and still qualify for the ‘new car’ rate ) you will extend the months as stated in the warrantee, but add the miles stated to whatever you have already accumulated.

    For example, if you purchase your 2007 Corvette today, and drive 11,999 miles in the next 11.99 months ( OK, 11 months and 29 days ) , you could then purchase a 6 year \ 75,000 mile extension, that would actually cover you to 6 years ( from today, just over 5 years from when you buy the GMPP ) and cover you to 86,999 miles. ( 11,999 + 75,000 )

    And the GMPP is transferable to a new owner, a plus come sell or trade time.

    The quote I recently received via email for 6 \ 75 with $0 deductible on a new 2007 C6 was $ 1,080.

    I intend to do this, probably at 11,xxx and 8 or 9 months, as I typically drive over 12,000 per year.

    Just my 0.02 gallons worth . . .

    - Ray
    Itching to ‘pull the trigger’ on ordering a 2007 . . .
  • Ray,
    I would very much appreciate knowing who you got the $1,080 price on the extended warranty from.

    PS. I have never purchased an extended warranty before but I think that it is a no-brainer on the C6 with all of the electronics. That is not meant to be a reflection on the build quality which I think is very good.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Do a search on Fichtner Chevy in Laurel, MT and then email Dennis for a quote. I got both our C5's GMPPs from them and I've had others mention that it seems to be the best price around.
  • I'm still interested in the GMPP topic, so let's not drop it all-together. But I'm now on mile 250 with my '07 coupe and wonder what folks found about breaking-in the C6. My dealer told me to break it in 'hard' -- literally, drive it hard and fast and then get the oil changed early -- say around 1k miles.

    but that's counter to everything I've ever read about breaking in cars. I think the oil change idea makes sense, but the 'hard' part is counter intuitive.

    Thoughts and stories are welcome.
  • I can only really reflect on what the owners manual and my dealer stated, that was to go easy for the first 500 miles. (I did so and now have about 650 miles on the car.)

    The computer is stating that I have about 92% oil life remaining. Remember that the oil in the 07 Vette is Mobil 1 synthetic. Change it after 1,000 miles????? In my opinion your guy is living in the past. (Is he aware that the car is running on Mobil 1 synthetic?)

    Hopefully you will get opinions from some auto mechanics on the issue.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Guys that encourage you to ignore the manual are just plain out of touch. They have no data and are relying on personal experience where nothing bad happened in one or two cases but don't know how it compares to following the book. Then again what's hard to one person may be easy to someone else so it has no precise definition. Since both our C5s were picked up in Montana and driven over 3 or 4 days back to SF, CA area the easy breakin for 1500 miles was easy and in both cases seems to have worked well.
    As to changing the oil early, that seems to be fairly common as there is some initial wear and a magnetic drain plug used to get swapped into C5s so you could see what was there at the next change. I don't know if the C6 comes standard with the magnetic drain plug, my 2002 didn't.
  • Gents (and ladies?)

    Previous posters are 100%. GMPP may be purchased up to 1 year after you purchase your car. Or I guess 11 months and 29 days after. Prices do vary wildly. Shop around before buying a GMPP. I agree the Vt dealer (Fichtner) does have great rates and is honest and clear. No slide of hand with them, so I do recommend them.

    I bought my GMPP from where I purchase my car -- Ellis Brooks. That was a bad idea. I've learned that dealer was dishonest with me and over-charged me $800. I paid $1,600 for something that Fichtner would have sold to me for $800 and change. This emphasizes something we all should know -- the finance guys at the dealer are not your friend and are there to make a quick-buck. Do not depend on them for information. Typically, expect a rip-off.
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