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Ford Five Hundred/Mercury Montego



  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Actually, Ford is already offering factory subsidized interest rates on these cars (though I financed mine at the credit union).
  • pnewbypnewby Posts: 277
    Another possibility for a rebate came in a letter yesterday. I have an '02 EB Explorer financed through Ford Credit. Per the letter, I can get a rebate equal to 2x the monthly payment. In my case $986, on any FMC purchase thru 1/3/5 if it is financed with Ford. The offer excludes no Ford products, and mentions the Free Style and Five Hundred.
  • Ford had a 500 on display at the fair. The 500 was on a pedestal and you could not sit or look in it.


    I thought we fired Jac the Knife - cheap a** Nasser. There was not even a brochure to take.

    The announcer said "if you want to sit in a Freestyle, they are outside". Thanks for all your help Ford.

    My wife's impressions of the Stylefree "... it's just a plain car, not much leg room in the third seat" I thnk that sums up my impression.

    ANT14, your employer is really bringing up the rear. NO excuses accepted.
  • tpat3tpat3 Posts: 119
    has standard stability control. Don't know about cabin air filter, though. I bet it comes close in rear leg room, too:)

    I'm hoping the 500 ends up being a great, reliable, economical used car in a few years.

    Good luck.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    The press complaint about 500 is not so much about 0-60 times, CVT takes care of that. It's more once at highway speed, the engine's really straining.

    500 is comparable to RL in size/weight, not Accord. It really needs 300 hp from Ford's 4.6L V8. 300C proves Americans still have a soft spot for affordable V8's. I'm sure an V8 option will make 500 a sure hit. A SOHC V8 is probably cheaper than a DOHC V6. Ford will save from having to put in the fancy transmission. Plus Camry/Accord can't match that power.

    Remember in its heyday, Taurus had the standard V6, the only engine for Accord was I4. Taurus outengined Accord then. 500 needs an engine option that outguns the competition, just like 300.

    Oops, Ford already thinks of this, it will come out as a Lincoln something or other. But I wish it'd come as a Ford or Mercury.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Actually the DOHC V6 is more inexpensive than the SOHC V8. Cylinders cost more than cams.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    mariner7, have you driven the car? At first I thought that the Chrysler 300 / Dodge Magnum meant doom for the Five Hundred / Montego / Freestyle, but I was wrong. The 300 and Magnum have all of the attributes of fashion goods, and the upcoming Charger will only continue that trend. The Montego fits my needs to carry things even better than the Magnum wagon, as I would have to fold part of the rear seat of the Magnum.

    The 4.6 V8 would not fit. However, the new V8 just introduced in the Volvo XC90 should fit, but I doubt Ford will use in in anything other than Lincoln vehicles.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    Yes, that Yamaha designed 4.4L V8 would fit in the 500 with minimal changes. But instead, other V8's are being considered for the Lincoln versions.
  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    What you received is the 04 4th Quarter SUV early bird program.

    This program allows you to turn in your leased SUV up to 6 months early with Ford waiving the payments.

    Milage is pro-rated though.

  • tkfitztkfitz Posts: 95
    I finally got a first look and chance to test drive a 500. SEL with the 6-speed. Fairly impressed with the car. I really do not think there is much else available in this price range that offers the same room and performance. I am also pleased that Ford saw the need for a 29 mpg car that runs on regular. As with most domestic sedans it will probably be a bargain one or two years old. I will certainly consider one then.
  • The sales brochure shows traction control as optional. Stability control isn't mentioned--I assume stability control is more advanced.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    ANT14, what do you think of an SVT Five Hundred using the Volvo/Yamaha 4.4 V8 especially if they keep the price under or equal to a 300C (which would be way under the 300 SRT)?
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    The 3.0 Duratech is not going to strain at highway speeds. If it needs more torque, the CVT with infinite ratios will quickly but smooothly shift down a bit on inclines thus smoothly doing what a conventional transmission has to do more abruptly, with consequent higher revs and a jolt shift when you get on the gas.

    How do you suspect the 300C Hemi manages to get by with only half its cylinders firing when it is cruising? Because it really doesn't take that much power to move a car on the level at highway speeds. The CVT can do a lot to compensate for lower horsepower and torque at highway speeds as well as 0-60.

    I continue to be very impressed with the 3.0 Duratech in my "ancient technology" four speed automatic 2000 Taurus, and would expect it to perform even better with the CVT or the six speed automatic in the five hundred, despite the weight penalty of the bigger heavier five hundred.
  • ANT14ANT14 Posts: 2,687
    "ANT14, what do you think of an SVT Five Hundred using the Volvo/Yamaha 4.4 V8"

    That is a possibility. Ironically the 4.4L V8 is a derivative of the long ago 3.4L SHO V8 that was found in the Taurus SHO. This time around, they improved the engine every which way, and increased it to 4.4L.

    Volvo wishes to use it's own engines, and Ford has allowed them to do that. I don't see them using this 4.4L on a Ford labeled vehicle. If need be, they could use the 3.9L V8 found in the Tbird, LS but I know that won't be the case. They have better chances sticking to the 4.6L V8 Triton's (which by the way, was originally built for FWD passenger cars)
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    Had to drop off my wife's car at the Ford body shop (some dingbat hit my wife's car while it was parked up at work - another story itself) anyway we just popped in to look at the Five Hundreds they had out on the lot. Nice older gentleman came out and showed us the Limited model) dark grey, looked nice). Had the dark leather interior and darker wood. Really nice looking for the price. Did remind me of the Audi's I have looked at.

     Now I'm more of a smaller, nimbler, sportier car guy, but I've been thinking about a larger, commuter type of car and this one, on paper, looks pretty good. Anyway I test drove it while there (hey, why not right?). Actually drives quite nicely. Doesn't feel like a boat. Rides smooth but controlled. Very European in my opinion. This one had the 6spd auto (not a CVT) and surprisingly had good pep. It definetly didn't feel underpowered. It isn't a rocket ship, but it doesn't feel slow either. Very happy with that as I was worried.

    Very quiet with a nice ride. Price is pretty good to as I'd be more interested in a SEL with cloth.

    Did get to sit in a SEL with cloth seats, but it was the light tan color with the lighter wood that doesn't look as good as the dark black/grey interior. Still, the seats were very comfortable. I was nicely surprised by this vehicle. For the price it is a very nice car.

    Only immediate downside I saw is, that for its size, the front footwell is a little narrow on the left. Not bad, but just smaller than you would expect.

    Oh yeah, the trunk reminds me of something from the 1970's. Just huge.

    Anyway, my two cents for whatever that's worth.

  • This car has it's first consumer rating in Edmunds. A perfect 10! s_consumersdetail.html?dcr_sid=100396835&dcr_usein=n&tid=- edmunds.n.ratings_consumer.content..4.Ford*

    While you can expect an initial purchaser to be excited, I think this guy went a bit overboard. While there remains a possibility I'll buy one, in my most generous state of mind it would have gotten a 7. A lot of cut corners for $22-28K.
  • mariner7mariner7 Posts: 509
    At highway speed, there's no shifting, so transmission doesn't come into play. By now, there are reviews from all the major mags, many of whom mentioned 500/Freestyle are underengined.

    We can agree this much. At nearly 4000 lbs (FWD), 500 is 500 lbs more than most of the competition. I just think it deserves an engine option that the competition can't touch. It doesn't have to be V8 DOHC, which understandbly will be reserved for Lincoln.

    SVT is much more suitable for Fusion, probably with the 3.5L.
  • badgerfanbadgerfan Posts: 1,564
    The transmission will come into play at highway speeds if you hit large inclines or want to accelerate faster to an even higher speed. In those conditions the CVT transmission can and will shift down some to give you added torque at the wheels.

    If you are cruising along level, I agree the transmission is fully shifted upward, which is what you want for maximum efficiency at highway speeds. Then when you need it, you want the transmission to be able to shift down, and with the wide ratio range of the CVT it can do it better than any conventional transmission due to the infinite gear ratios available and very high range top "gear". This is why Ford went to the CVT and also jumped directly to a six speed conventional transmission option rather than a five speed, as the six speed allows you a taller final ratio, with a fifth speed not too far below it for those highway speed passing situations.

    People always dwelling on horsepower numbers are missing the point if they don't consider the entire drive train package and how it can maximize an engines capabilities, or conversely harm an engines true performance.
  • “At nearly 4000 lbs (FWD), 500 is 500 lbs more than most of the competition.”

    Actually, it is not nearly that heavy. Consumer guide lists the weight of the 500 as 3664 pounds. That is only 250 pounds more than my Avalon. The Ford site also shows the 2005 Chrysler 300 Touring at 3767 pounds and the 2005 Chevrolet Impala LS at 3466 pounds.

    I would disagree with the magazines when they call the car under engined. Not everybody needs 300 hp in their car. My Avalon can be quite exhilarating to drive when I give it half throttle or better. It only has 210 hp. The Ford brochure shows the 500 beating my car by about a second to 60 mph. I am sure the 500 will do just fine getting people around.
  • Today I took a Montego, Luxury, AWD very early production, for a 200 mile jaunt, mostly at highway speeds. The vehicle had 185 mi. on the clock when I started. My main concern was the engine, and would a 3.0 hack it at highway speed (here 65 mph,legally that is).

    On starting the engine is surprisingly quite compared to the mill in a Sable, or Tarus, or Mazda/Ranger Until you get used to it. the tranny will seem a bit strange, no shifts that are noticable. It reminded me of the old Dynaflows but much quicker. You step on it and it goes. Engine noise is at first evident and it turns from 3 to 4000 rpm (I have a heavy foot) then you back off until it holds the speed. A wonderful thing happens then, at a steady 65 mph, quite rapidly the rpm goes down to about 1,700 and there it stays and all it quiet. So much for that, the 3.0 will loaf along at highway speed. Passing - this is the test. When you step on it, there is plenty of rpms available to accelerate rapidly to get around. The engine really turns up and you can hear it work but when you are around the other vehicle it will back off quickly and returns to 1,700 RPM.

    The car is quite comfortable, the drivers seat is much better than the seat from hell in my '03 Town car. The version I had, had most of the same bells and whistles as in the Town Car.

    It handles great with a short turning circle. I looked at a 500. Although the outside is identical the interior of a Montego is well plush. The radio/CD is a little goofy and it has two clocks, one on the radio and one on the dash.

    I think as soon as the incentives/rebates show up I will trade the TC without waiting for a bigger engine which should come in about 6 mos. so I hear.
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