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Jaguar: Problems and Solutions



  • I own a 2000 Jaguar S-type, and I think mine is doing the same thing. Sometimes I get a little warm (I mean a little) air if I put the heat on high and leave the level low, but it I raise the level the air gets cold. This just started as the weather got colder.
  • i am also having the same problem i was told to replace the thermostat. i am a very busy perseon i wonder can i do damage if i don't replace
  • Well it's not good for an engine to run too hot or too cold but I guess if it's not overheating and if the temp gauge is more or less where it should be, you're probably okay.
  • hey.. i have just finished doing alot of water hose work on my 2000 s-type 3.0 . i changed the main radiator hose , 2 of the hoses that come off the thermostat, new thermostat, new lower water hose, and now i dont overheat or anything but i cant get heat.. i have hot water going to my not sure what u call it... where the 2 heater line come off to go inside the car... not ot good with this stuff.. sry... what can be the problem... how do i fix that piece.. i cant even get to it
  • 1998 XJ8 VDP Brake Switch/Limp ModeWhen my 1998 XJ8 VDP "check engine" light came on I was at a complete stop. We I accelerated forward I received an onboard message that read "transmission fault". It sent my transmission into "limp mode" or about 4th gear.

    Had it towed to the dealer and they said the cause of the "check engine" light was that I needed a new "brake switch" as for the "limp mode" of my transmission they said i needed a new transmission. My car has 103k miles on it and from all of the checking around I've done with transmission manufacturer's as well as technicians they say I should be able to get at least 180k to 200k miles out of this transmission.

    Does anyone know if the "brake switch" actually shuts down the transmission (by computer signal) or do you think I need a new transmission? I have not had any problems whatsoever or had any kind of sign that something is/was wrong with my transmission. PLease Advise ASAP~
    Thank You.
  • i am thinking of purchasing a 2000 sv8 45K milage. good price great condition. but after surveying this site i am leary. the warranty is expired and i generally do nto purchase after market extended warranties.

    is this year and model a dependable vehicle?
  • you definitely want an extended warranty if you can get one at a fair price--is my opinion. It's not so much that the car won't be reliable, but that IF there is a major repair, it can be staggeringly expensive. Basically an extended warranty is not a warranty but an insurance policy---they are betting the car won't break and you are betting it will.
  • how do you which extended warranties are legit if you go through the internet instead of the dealer
  • Want to know how leg room (front and rear) is figured in cars. I see the long wheelbase 2006 XJ Jaguars rear leg room is listed as 39.3", while a 2005 Buick Le Sabre had 39.9". The Edmunds editor's review of the long wheelbase Jags says there is 5 more inches of rear leg room than the regular Jags. What's the story?
  • Here's a good article from Edmunds on the subject:

    Understanding Extended Warranties
  • I have a 2002 XJ8 VDP that I bought used from the dealer with 16,000 miles in May 2005. It's still under the original factory warranty, bt has the extended 6-year 100k warranty as well. About a month ago, it started making a low pitched roaring noise once it hit 55 in regular mode. When I push the Sport mode button, the noise goes away. It does this consistently and the noise has gotten louder over time. When kept in Sport mode, the sound is fine. The dealer acknowledged a problem and replaced the transmission, but the noise persists. The dealer contacted Jaguar and was told this is a known condition and there is no fix. The sales manager at my Jaguar dealer drove the car and says the noise is terrible and he can't believe Jaguar won't come up with a fix. The dealer has had my car for over two weeks now while we wait for the regional rep to appear this week to look at the problem. The dealer has been courteous and even gave me a new 2006 S-Type to drive while the problem is under review. Has anyone else heard about this problem? Any idea what my options are if Jaguar can't fix my car? It's still under the original factory warranty. Thanks!
  • I have a 1998 XJ8. Runs great! Everything works. When the weather is warm, on start-up engine sounds as if it has been sitting a long time. Lifter noise. After I rev the motor to about 1500 rpm the there is a sound as if a solenoid or switch is kicking in. After that engine is quiet. When weather is cold, no lifter noise on start=up. After engine starts to warm up, lifter noise begins. When I rev the engine solenoid kicks in, and engine quiets down. I am wondering if one or both variable valve solenoids might be failing. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I love Jags,but I am familiar with muscle cars. I have built my own engines, but the Jag is a different animal. Thanks, Bill
  • Hmmm...I wonder if you are running the right weight oil. The wrong oil can bother variable valve controllers. Also off brand oil filters are a no-no.
  • you're in good company with this problem. this happened to my '98 vdp with 45,000. i'm the former dealer principal at the jaguar dealerships in houston and after 15 jag vdp's, i've given up. the problem with the transmission is that ford specified a cheaper machined part in the zf transmission. many, many transmissions failed. i believe this problem went beyond jags. simply put, ford is broke and has been cutting many corners. look at the slow role upgrade of the jag dash. look at the outdated lincoln navigator. and now compare it to the lexus. it should be obvious that ford is cutting corners at every turn. one of those cuts was a $3 part which results in the transmission's failure. it doesn't make sense to spend $70 or $80k on a car from a company whose debt securities are rated junk. if you think corners aren't being cut, you haven't been in business. at least you're in good company with the transmission problems. jag will offer no help. my solution was to buy another lexus. unfortunately, ford isn't likely to survive as we know it.
  • I use Castrol GTX 10-30 motor oil. Also best filter available at parts store.I change oil every 3000 miles. Thanks, Bill
  • Why don't you try a 5W multiple oil and buy the filter from the dealer and see what happens?
  • I will change oil again next week, and go to the Jag dealer and buy a factory filter. I will post a message if it helps or not. Thanks, Bill
  • I have a 2001 Jaguar Vanden Plas. While I was driving the car last night, the steer wheel started to move in and out, up and down almost like a "ghost" was adjusting the steering wheel based on their size and need. In otherwords, the car was moving the steering wheel around all by itself.

    I ultimately parked the car and turned it off hoping that when I turned the car back on it would stop this strange behavior.

    When I did turn the car back on, it started immediately and the steering wheel commenced moving around on its own just as before.

    One thing new was discovered. I could not move the gear shift. It was stuck in park and the car could not be driven.

    I will be calling the mechanic tomorrow but would appreciate any thoughts on this.

    I am hoping that this is a simple fix - either the steering wheel memory malfunctioned or a blown fuse and that whatever the problem, that I or if necessary a mechanic can remedy the problem easily.
  • tms0407tms0407 Posts: 13
    when it rain i think water is getting some where and causeing the car to feel like it is jumping now check engine light is on. any suggestions or comments
  • First time on this forum but after reading the blogs I felt obliged to submit.

    Over the last couple of years we've had our share of late model Jags in our shop... First an S-type that needed the plugs replaced (under the intake manifold...great place to put 'em)... our mech replaced them but swapped the "UNMARKED" vacuum and intake manifold water lines and yep... you guessed it... hydrolock...!!! Blew the back (passenger side) rod through the block and pan... I'm still paying the bill for that one... thank goodness the local Ford dealer had the SHO piston, rod and bearings in stock... welded up the hole in the block & pan......What engineer puts identical hoses next to each other and doesn't mark the inlets (or make the GI-proof...!!)??? Next, a VDP comes in for water hoses.. again under the intake... requires about 2 weeks to get the parts... replace 'em... and gee.. it won't start... check compression... NO (or little)COMPRESSION, in any cylinders...!!! Checking around we find that 98-2000 engines lose their nicasil cylinder lining at about 50-75K miles... oil down the walls with 80-90 weight gear oil and wow... it starts...!!! Quick get it out of the shop before something else happens..!!! (amazingly the owners are still driving it... they just always make sure they start it once a day...!!!!

    Finally, day before yesterday my neighbor with a 1999 XJS calls with a no-start problem... we tow it in and find no compression on #1&#4 (on the drivers side)... bore-scope the cylinders and find the exhaust valves not moving... remove the valve cover and found the secondary timing chain broken because the plastic tensioner came unbonded from it's mount and jammed in between the chain and sprocket...!!!! Call the dealership in Houston who sez they've "had a bunch of those failures... parts are about $2200 (assuming no bent valves) and labor about the same... AllData shows 32 hours to change all chains and parts...!!! This is second "no-start" failure on this car.. last year, shortly after buying the car it was in shop having "paintless dent removal" guy massaging out a couple of dings in the left rear quarter panel and when we went to start it.. No start...!!! Had it towed to Houston (no Jag dealer here in Corpus) where they found a bad "body control module" had failed...!!! Just sitting there...!!!

    Another good looking, good riding late model Jag, sittin' by the road waiting for someone to take pitty on it...!!!

    Epilog...Local Jag expert just closed shop.. went into house building business... and, new sign on the front of our shop...NO JAG WORK ACCEPTED.!!!

    You decide... would you buy one...!!!!
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