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2005 Toyota 4Runner



  • otis12otis12 Posts: 160
    I'm curious as to what an '05 4Runner is showing as official MPG on the vehicle's display sheet. Anyone had a chance to visit their dealer and take note?
  • jamonrobjamonrob Posts: 11
    I just took delivery on "04 SR5 v6 4x4.

    Question: I want the Toyota platinum 7 yr, 100k extended warranty. My dealer wouldn't go below $1,175 for it.
    Your input please: a) Is this a decent price? b) Do you know of a better price at another dealer or vendor?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    For best competitive information, call around or email to other local dealers and ask what they are would offer for the warranty. Do not tell them that you were already offered $1175.

  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99

    If memory serves me correctly, you ordered a 4Runner several months back from a dealer in Davis California. How long did it take in terms of months to get your 4runner? Were you satisfied with your experience at the dealership and how do you like your new 4runner?

    Regarding extended warranties, I have never purchased one myself; however, I have always heard that they are highly negotiable.
  • jamonrobjamonrob Posts: 11
    You memory serves you correctly.
    I placed the order 3/12/04 in Davis. (Picked Davis since it is my home county and after some research, it was clear I'd have to preference order it. And their price was as good as I could get, although Florin was jsut a cuople hundered more and probably would have come down.)
    Was told by sales mgr it would be 8-12 weeks (after I closed the deal-so it wasn't necesarily a selling tactic). I had seen on the web at that time that the ave length was 3-4 mos. It arrived 8/20/04 or 5+ mos later. I accepted it 8/27/04. Was built in July.
    I can understand the wait to a degree. 4runners are not pushed much by toyota during the past year. Not selling near as many as Sequoias of Highlanders.
    It had the plastic still on it when I saw it on the lot. When I picked it up, had 4 miles on it. Full tank of gas and seemed to be prepped well.
    I liked the idea of it being "new" when you pay 30K for something. And when I was looking at various lots early this year, some on the "new" ones seemed a little trashed.
    Actual exchange - just DMV paperwork and stuff - no price haggleing -- still took way too long -- 2 hrs +.
    Only had it two days. Love it so far.
  • beanctrbeanctr Posts: 99
    Jamonrob, Wow! Didn't realize it took 5+ months. Looks like your patience paid off though. I am getting close to looking at purchasing a SUV, most likely in the next few months. My first choice is the 4Runner; however, I am disappointed to see that for 2005 Toyota still isn't equipping the SR5 model with side curtain airbags in California. I am probably going to wait for October and take a look at the new 2005 Pathfinder and compare it against the 4runner. I want to see if Nissan will do a better job at equipping the their Pathfinder with the side curtain airbag option. At least at this point if I end up with the 4runner, I know that I will have to preference order it.

    Enjoy your 4runner and good luck with your extended warranty purchase!
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    As an advocate of side air bags and side air curtains, I think you are really wise, Beanctr. I hope you will tell every dealer in your area that you will ONLY buy a vehicle with side air bags AND air curtains. I hope you have looked at the Insurance Institute's crash results on their website. Another interesting piece at
    on the crash test of a RAV4 with and without side air bags and air curtains. After these results, it is absurd that Toyota does not equip at least one third or their vehicles with this option. Better yet if they were standard and one could order without them for a reduced amount since so few people don't want them. The idiotic distributor in the Gulf States area also apparently refuses to send any 4-Runners with side air bags to the Gulf States area (except for Limited models). I raise hell with the dealers every chance I get. Keep up the good demand.

    Oh, and as far as Nissan goes, get this. Although I live in New Orleans, a Pensacola, FL dealer was trying to help me find an Xterra with side air bags. Guess how many he found equipped with the side air bag and air curtain option IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY? NINE !!! Do you think there is some kind of conspiracy or what?
  • I call 1-800-go-toyota this morning to voice my complaint about the lack of availability of side-impact air bags/curtains on the SR5.

    The customer services representative transfered me to 1-800-331-4331 x-314 to log a customer complaint. They seemed very interested in my concerns.
  • jcliffrojcliffro Posts: 108
    I did that a while back, too. I hope everyone who reads your post will do the same. It will only take a minute.
  • Beanctr, the 2005 SR5 offers the side curtain airbags as an option. Reference:
  • I called Toyota of El Cajon, down here in Southern California, after about 10 minutes on the phone, they very nice salesperson gave me the same MPG as the 2004, even though the engine has been modified for 2005. Those ratings were 17/21 (4WD) and 18/21 (2WD). I find it hard to believe that they have not been improved, but the salesman said Toyota is very secretive about product changes that impact competitive positions.
  • Does anyone know if the 2005's have changed that terrible plastic fake granite/marble that was in the 2004's. I love the 4runner but I can't drive a vehicle that looks that cheap. Did they really think that that would look like granite?
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    I think you guys put WAY to much emphasis on Side Impact Airbags! The 4Runner is NOT a 3000 lb., unibody, plastic- bumpered RAV4! In THAT size and design of vehicle, side curtains make a major impact on safety.

        Since the 4Runner is well over two tons, with much more of a heavy-duty ladder-on-frame steel construction, plus a significant ground clearance and ride heignt advantage, it would take a pretty large SUV (only) to put a hurt on passengers in any type of collision. 4Runner/GX470 crash tests scores are exemplary anyway!

        Running to the Pathfinder is a severe overreaction! Worlds better than the '04, it has a flimsy, Exploder-like 3rd-seat, lacs 2nd-row legroom, has a cheap dash design, and no optional V8. And it looks like 3 different teams designed the exterior. And the Edmunds editors weren't exactly doing cartwheels over the ride/handling of the new truck. It has a ways to go before it an be a quality 4Runner competitor. It is a Pilot competitor.

  • Let's wait until the Insurance Institute performs its standard side crash test on a 4-Runner without side air bags and air curtains to make the comment that Beanctr places too much emphasis on side air bags. Until the Institute performs that crash, I think side air bags are a much more critical choice than some stupid double decker cargo system and "Extra Mile Package" and that anyone who has any sense of caution would refuse to buy ANY vehicle without side air bags and air curtains.
  • markjennmarkjenn Posts: 1,142
    Wow, how did the human race manage to drive cars for the past seventy-or-so years without side-curtain air bags? If we had any "sense of caution" we should have refused to drive these things until they were invented.


    - Mark
  • ppaterson,

    Yes, Toyota does state that the side curtain airbag option is available on the SR5 model; however, the fine print states that it may not be available in all areas (as is the case in California). You can only get it on the Limited model here which is several thousand dollars more than the SR5 model.
  • For what it's worth, I test drove a 2005 SR5 V6 yesterday, and it had side airbags.

    I'm in Phoenix, which is in the "Denver region".


    -- Jim
  • Jim,

    Thanks for the info!! I was beginning to wonder where Toyota was really sending the SR5 models built with side curtain airbags. After reading your post, I went to the website and put in a Phoenix zipcode to see what option packages are offered on the SR5 in Phoenix. Well, apparently they offer exactly the options I want (curtain airbags, third row seating, etc.). Perhaps somehow a 4Runner with the option package I want can be diverted from Phoenix to a California dealership thereby avoiding having to do a special order... Anyways, something for me to look into. Thanks again for information.
  • Beanctr,
    I'm pleased I could help. :-)

    Actually, after reading your post I decided to search to see if I could find a 4Runner equipped the way I want. Well, I discovered that requires me to enter my name, e-mail address, and telephone number. My concern is that I'll be getting e-mail and phone calls from local dealers - which I definitely do NOT want!

    Can anyone describe your experiences with this web site?


    -- Jim
  • You only have to enter in your name, etc if you want a dealership to send you a quote. If you are just looking to see what's available, ignore the fields where you type in personal information and instead go up and click on the "Build Your Toyota" link in the upper left corner next to "Home".
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