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2005 Toyota 4Runner



  • Hmmmm. I went through the "Build Your Toyota", and that worked as expected. Unfortunately, I couldn't see any sort of list of the inventory that's available locally.

    I'd like to see such a list, because that'll help me decide on the options. For instance, I might go for my second or third choice of color if that's all that are available. Or I might pass on the 6-disc JBL system, if none are available locally.

    Does anyone know how to get this sort of list, without actually going to the dealer? (One local dealer promised to get me the list when it was updated earlier this week, but failed to do so. When I called, I got a different person, who claimed there are no new V6 4WD Limiteds on the list. Maybe so.... but I'd prefer to be able to see the list myself.


    -- Jim
  • All of the dealers in my area, southeast toyota, have an inventory search. It will tell you the color and accessories of what is on their lot or what is coming in.
  • Same here in the New Orleans area. If you go to any dealer's website, a list of all units in inventory in the entire area comes up. Some websites say "in stock" meaning it is on their lot while some say "available", which I presume means it is in the area at another dealer, but that dealer can trade for it. I sometimes type in zip codes of other towns like Baton Rouge, Jackson, MS, Gulfport, MS or Mobile, AL to see what is available a little further away. Try that and see if it works for you in your area. This is not unique to Toyota....I have done that while looking at Nissan Xterras and Infiniti G35s.
  • dhuadhua Posts: 2
    Would anyone who has driven the 05 model first hand chime in please? Does the new 5-speed tranny make the ride smoother? Toyota also upgrades the engine. Does that finally solve the reliability issue Consumer Report had with the 03 and 04 4runners? The V6 engine in particular.
  • I didn't know that there was a reliability problem with the 04 engine? The 03 had a fuel problem (consumers reports gave it a black mark in that area)that was fixed with a recall. What engine problems are you referring to?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    As far as I know, the reliability issue in CR was related to the 2003 model's recall. Reliability ratings for 2004 models have not yet been released for the 4Runner. Often, people fail to make the distinction between the CR "Predicted Reliability" rating, and the repair records that are shown in the April Auto Issue and end of year Buying Guide.

  • Yes...there is a difference in the 05 V6 5-speed. It is smoother and the engine and transmission seem... for lack of a better word, more refined. It also seems quieter and acceleration off the line seems stronger with less roaring from the engine. I test drove 2 on Friday and was impressed. Also no wheel vibrations on either. I am waiting another several months for a lease to expire and also to try the new V8. Also, as a side note, the Sales Mgr said the selling price is going for just about invoice for the 05. I believe they want to get a jump start on Sales #'s before the Pathfinder arrives.
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  • I don't understand the need for a password either. It's not like we're using credit to purchase something. IT IS A WASTE OF TIME.
    I couldn't agree more! Let's see what the host of the day says. Your are also correct that even though you check the box to remember the password, it doesn't.
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    It takes about 5 extra seconds to sign in, and if your cookie settings are not at the highest level, and/or you dont clear your browser after each usage, the check box should work... it does for me. Passwords are required to keep civility and usefulness high. Otherwise, anonymous postings could be made with the potential to be far less fact oriented, offensive to others, etc. Having a sign in name and password also allows to have internal metrics on the performance/traffic of the threads.

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  • I just wanted to chime in and agree with slarry. Although I haven't drive an 05 V8 yet, they haven't arrived. The V6's are on the lot and the dealers here are asking about $900 over invoice in arkansas.
  • I have a problem with my 2003 4Runner as the engine has a loud and annoying ticking when you accelerate. I am up to putting in 93 octane and it is not as loud but it is still there. I was wondering if the 05's v6's still have this problem. From what I understand, the V8's don't have any problems at all. Looking to trade mine it as it is too annoying. I have called Toyota and there is nothing they are doing about it.
  • slarryslarry Posts: 19
    As mentioned earlier; the 2 that I drove were perfect. No ticking, no vibration. I can tell a difference in the 05 at least from the 2 test drives.
    Aren't the 05 V-6's exactly the same as the 04's except for the 5-speed Auto? Salesman said "oh-no ... the 05's have a new improved engine". But then again when I told him I wanted to test drive 2 different 4-runners he asked "manual or automatic"?
  • lynx50lynx50 Posts: 6
    Regarding the updated 270 HP 2005 v8 engine: 1)will it require regular or premium gasoline? (2) what is the estimated highway and city mileage?
    Thanks for any documented info you may on this.
  • coranchercorancher Posts: 232
    The existing V6 version (and comparisons with the existing V8) provides some real-world guidance into what one can expect with the new V8. Maybe more relevant than EPA numbers, as well.

    The V6 uses a higher compression ratio than the old V8 and that's probably the major factor in the added horsepower of the new V8; I'll bet the new V8 has a similar compression ratio to the existing V6. Variable valve timing and intake geometry probably make the new engine a little more efficient and yield a little extra horsepower, too. The weight is probably close to the existing V8 and the same transmission and always-on AWD are used.

    Speculations: Similar to today, in real-world driving the V8 will probably get about 10% less MPG than the V6, but the gap might narrow a little. With its heavier vehicle weight and always-on AWD, 10% isn't much of a penalty. Due to the higher compression, premium fuel will be beneficial for top HP, but probably not required. The engine will probably breathe a little better at high RPMs, and acceleration at higher speeds should improve a little.

    Some things don't change, though. Both V6s and V8s are heavy and not very aerodynamic, so lots of stop/go or high highway speeds (75+ MPH) will yield poor MPG barely above the mid teens. On the other hand, highway trips cruising at 60-65 MPH can give you MPGs (in the V6 anyway) near the mid twenties.

    My thoughts, anyway. Other opinions?
  • yobow1yobow1 Posts: 29
    I just purchased a 2005 SR5 with the standard radio/CD player. At first I thought it had OK sound quality...until I started driving to work this week. I adjusted the bass and treble to where I ordinarily would listen. But, I found that I reduced the bass and wanted more treble. The system/speakers seem to geared to more bass than anything else. Awhile ago, someone made a remark that the radio/CD system sounded like it was a Wal-Mart special because of the sound quality. I kow what he meant, now. I'm not saying that the unit is horrible and I know that the unit must be good, being JBL, but does anyone have a simple fix to increase its sound quality? Any help/comments would be appreciated.
  • toycashtoycash Posts: 139
    The new 4Runner V8 does not require premium gas. There are no mileage estimates out yet.
  • eltonheltonh Posts: 3
    2005 4Runner

    Has anyone added daytime running light to a 2005. Edmunds list it as an option, the dealer tells me it's not an option.
  • I just purchased a 05 toyota 4runner 4wd and after about 1 week of having it i noticed a ticking noise coming from the left side of the engine. this noise is present whether the m/v is idle or in motion. the dealer said that the m/v is fine and it's just how the engine sounds. i don't buy that!!! can anyone offer any help. thank you
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