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Chevrolet Cavalier Performance



  • I've been searching for awhile now for a decent looking supercharger kit for my 2002 2dr Z24 coupe. Anyone out there with suggestions or comments go for it. Anything welcome. Its a 2.4l with stock 150 hp.
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,694
    Have you checked Vortech at all?
  • hyde552hyde552 Posts: 3
    What are some good mods for 05 cavalier, and is a cold air intake actually worth the money? someone please this 140 horse power 4 cylinder. proud member if the U.S. military
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,694
    Well if the Cavalier stock air box and runner system has lots of kinks in it, or is mounted in such a way as to allow absorbsion of engine heat (poor insulation) ...yeah...a good cold air intake might be worth it.

    Factors in deciding whether it's worth it would be the difficulty of the particular installation, and whether they place the air intake so low as to put the engine at risk from scooping up water on the road.
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    Most all Cavalier owners take the stock air intake off and install a Cold Air Intake. It will help the car perform better since it will be less restrictive than the stock system.
  • mandm2005mandm2005 Posts: 1
    Ok, I am new to the board and am typically a big 4X4 Chevy v-8 guy; however, I bought my wife a 05 Cavalier LS auto...loaded as much as you can get a Cavalier. It is very nice looking, doesn't ride like a skateboard and gets good mileage. She does complain about, and I have noticed as well, it is rather "loathy" off the line and when passing. When you first hit the gas off the line, or when hammering down to pass, it starts off kind of slothy and then after a couple of seconds it will finally start to move...pretty decent for a 4 banger. In particular when kicking down, there seems to be quite a delay from the time you tromp the gas, until it actually shifts down. Is there anything that can be done about this delay, or the loathiness? I have always been sold on CAI for my trucks, computer programmers and such. It seems as though most people on this forum aren't sold on the usefulness of the CAI for this car. I have also done exstensive searches for computer programmers, and there aren't any. There are those darn resistor mods (garbage), that people buy for a buck and then sell on ebay for $5-20. Is there something I am missing. Programmers for my trucks really improve the shift time, and stiffness, and overall performance to include throttle response. What is the deal with this little car? I know it is capable of much more, but what is the ticket? Obviously I don't want to cram 3-5 grand into a car like this, but it needs some help. Can someone provide some real guidance? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Mark
  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,694
    You might want to investigate the gearing on this car--it could be that for economy that both transaxle and transmission ratios are for the loafer, not the speedster.

    A CAI theoretically can improve throttle response. I'm not sure if you can buy an aftermarket throttle body for this car or not, but that's a possible way to go.
  • hyde552hyde552 Posts: 3
    I found a Trans Tuner on the RK sport website but I'am not shure if it will make any differnce to my automatic cavalier or anyone elses if anyone has any input or maybe can shed some light on the suject that would be great. The only thing thats been said about mods for cavaliers is an CAI but thats up to the investor if you think it's worth it or not. Our cavalier is an automatic as you have read so my question to any good tuner is it worth wasteing my time and money on any performance parts since the trans is an automatic. The simple bolts are all available I just don't know if its worth the money. ex: (headers,exhaust,intake) and so on. If this part will help please let me know.
  • Not to get into your argument but I have a 05 cavy and I have put a simple cone k&n filter on the end of my stock intake arm, and I have noticed a massive difference in power. My next goal is to get a set of under drive pulley's and carbon fiber hood. A friend of mine that is trying despritly to have a better car than I have. Bought a 05 cavalier and has bought a cold air intake from rk sport, well before i get into this mabey i should list the other mods

    single chamber flowmaster
    k&n filter (cone)
    shocks nothing special but better than stock

    he has the same mods except magnaflow exhaust

    Well we ran them and the cold air intake didn't help him at all i barley beat him so personally I dont think it is worth it unless you want a show car with little go!
  • tmnelsontmnelson Posts: 1
    has anyone had a problem with the 2003 model accelerator stciking and causing the engine to rev up? :lemon:
  • hyde552hyde552 Posts: 3
    Could someone checkout the Trans tuner interceptor on the RKsport website for a 2005 cavalier automatic and tell me if it is a worthy investment as far as stronger/smoother shifts, the RK sport rep guy was trying to tell me it could be good for making the car a little better at takeoffs for racing.??????????
  • Yo, I bought a new 05 Cavy. I was thinking about puttin on a CAI. But from what I've been reading. He saying that its worth it, then another sayin its not. However, if I were to put one on where should I put it? and can I make a custom CAI. ANYONE PLZZZ.....
  • darestiedarestie Posts: 3
    I have a stock 05 2D cavalier with a 5spd. A while back someone mentioned putting a K&N cone air filter on the end of their stock intake arm. I've noticed how the end however is oval shaped. does anyone know if there is an adapter I can buy. or can the K&N filter fit right on. Thank's
  • Yo I noticed the same thing. I think you can put an Air Filter onto the end cap. The filter sould adjusting rubber on its back with a clamp to clamp onto. I mean I dont know, let me know if you can do it. AND THERE MIGHT BE AN ADAPTER...
  • had that problem with a 98 Z24, was told by the dealer that a "partial" tune up was needed. Which means cleaning out the throttle body. I have not cleaned it yet, but it has not stuck again. It first happened about 3 years ago.
  • gimmpygimmpy Posts: 1
    i have a cavy 01 and i am tired of the pathetic sound she makes i need to add sum growl to my girl.... so if there is any in expensive way to give her sum growl lemme kno
  • I'm not a big fan of coffee cans, but maybe a ram-air intake and a hi-flow catalytic (or just a cat-back aftermarket muffler like from Flowmaster or Ansa) shouldn't set you back too much.

    You want to be careful about noise. What sounds nice at idle or low speeds can drive you nuts hour after hour on the highway.
  • does neone know if i can put a cobalt ss engine in my cavy ?
  • or will it be cheaper to get 99 2.4 and build it up to where i can put a supercharger on that one?
  • gmoudygmoudy Posts: 67
    Cheaper getting a 2.4 and building it up. Trying to transfer a SS into a Cavalier, you will also need to change out the PCM also. Too much work and too expensive. Use the money to build up a 2.4
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