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Toyota Tacoma Stereo/Audio



  • got no real response. What I did was change out the whole sub with a replacement sub box and added an amp to pump it. The stock one was horrible and had to change it out.
  • rsandovalrsandoval Posts: 8
    Just wondering if anyone here has had experience with this website and its products.
    I have a '99 Prerunner V6 extra cab; JL stealthbox costs too much for a truck with 250K miles.
  • 2011 Tacoma with JBL audio system. How do I transfer my contacts from my iphone to the phone book.
  • Hello,
    I was looking at buying the alpine power pack mini amp,I have a 2011 Toyota tacoma double cab.I have already installed the kenwood x993 head unit which i really like,I was going to modify the plugs on the power pack to work with the kenwood.I was wanting to know if anyone has done this before and where would be a good place to put this little amp.I looked but there is very little room behind the head unit and under the dash.I wanted to keep it close to the head unit so i would not have to run extra wire.
  • ddigglerddiggler Posts: 17
    The only places I can think of are under the seats of in the center console. However there is no air flow in the center console. I have and access cab and have seen amp installs under the small jump seats in the back. The Tacoma is very limited in terms of amp locations that are stealth or hidden. Good Luck
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