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2007 Kia Amanti



  • mike777mike777 Posts: 2
    There were 2005 OPIRUS/Amanti in in South Korea with 3.8l & 2.7l with some modifications - new tail lights (more clear), rear view mirrors, VDS instead of EST, rear frame.... )

    Look at:
  • This board sure is quiet! Have we any idea when the mid model change Amantis will be available for sale? I heard something about possibly having to wait until January 2007 for the cars to arrive. I know Kia is doing a lot to improve the car for the new model year, but that is a LONG time to wait for someone in the marketplace for a new car now. Surely the Amantis will be out sooner than January, no?
  • My main concern is that the 2007 car may not be as quiet as previous models. The 250+ pound weight loss must be partly attributable to lighter suspension parts and the new aluminum block V6, but still, the weight loss seems greater than those changes would create. I hope that sound insulation has not been reduced to create cost efficiency. The road test did not comment on silence or the lack of it.
  • billh6billh6 Posts: 123
    I stay in contact with my salesman. He told me he heard that the 2007 Amantis will arrive on their lot end of Nov. I'll let you know. He will call me.
  • I check my local Kia dealer's lot every few weeks when I have the time. Hopefully, the new Amanti's will be here soon. I think they are waiting a little bit too long introducing the 2007's, which are only a mid model change (albeit with some major improvements in engine, suspension, interior, styling, etc.) All the competing models already have '07's for sale already. Hurry up, Kia!
  • You're tellin' me! The 2007 Spectra got a freshening and there's noooo word when it will arrive, either. The website is zero help, as usual. Frustrating!
  • guestguest Posts: 774
    They need to learn our car makers model year calendar.
  • kjangkjang Posts: 6
    Does anyone have any updates on its debut and price?
    Called several local KIA dealers and they actually have no idea.

    I am in DC area.
  • i actully work at a dealer in md, we should be getting our 07 amanti's within the next few weeks. they are already on the market in the southern reigon and they are slowly making there way to dealers now. it will be comparable in price to the 2006. fully loaded will run about $31,000 so its not much diffrent price wise. feature wise is where the deal gets sweeter ie larger rims heated and cooled front seats, 3.8 v6 (better mpg than outgoing 3.5) and hid headlights.
  • kia123kia123 Posts: 1
    Hey guys. I just joined this forum. I work for Kia Motors America, and they JUST published the pricing on the 2007 Amanti. The base model msrp will be $25,495...fully loaded will be $31k. The reason it took so long for the new models to reach dealerships is because the 2006MY Amantis were way overstocked at the ports and dealerships. Currently there is $4k customer cash incentives at the dealership level helping move these cars...I expect the incentives to increase even more in Feb. While only a small percentage of dealerships have the new amanti's, you'll slowly see that number increase as they get rid of the old models. THe 2007 Amantis were ready to be shipped LONG time ago, but with so many old models left, they held on as long as they could.

    From test driving it, it's a sweet ride, and an amazing deal. I'm just a little upset, KIA won't be spending any money to market this product this year on a national level...i guess there isn't enough volume to justify the costs involved..
  • pcakerpcaker Posts: 2
    I and all our family were most impressed with this vehicle which we rented in Phoenix, Az. I would guess that it was the luxury version with its leather seats and power sliding roof. It was by far the most comfortable and spacious vehicle I have ever driven. It had a great ride, was very quiet and considering the soft ride, I thought it handled well. We drove nearly 500 miles on one day, and at the end I could fairly easily have managed another 200 miles - I consider this remarquable. Usually, I am pretty tired after 300 to 400 miles. The powertrain was smooth and effortless, and the steering inspired confidence on fast curves. Brakes were ample, if very slightly noisy, but only by comparison with the totally silent function of everything else. Averaging 66mph on a nearly 500 mile long journey with 5000ft elevation changes, we got 28.3mpg - very good in my opinion. We all liked the styling very much, and I disagree with the Edmonds reviewer who apparently found it old fashioned and stodgy. I consider it to be elegant and distinctive, and I loved the view of the curved fenders either side of the hood, and the rear was great.
    I would certainly like to be in this car if I was making a long tour around north america.
  • harrier2harrier2 Posts: 32
    pcaker....I couldn't have said it better myself! :)
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