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Scion xB: Problems & Solutions



  • If you want to see a cool camo green scion go to and check mine out. here is the link let me know what you think.

    look for themastereditor my member name :shades:
  • Hi, Thank you, but I was really looking for more exact directions. Nevertheless, I will try your suggestions. Again, thanks for your response
  • Did you do a Google search for "Program Toyota Remote" ?
  • Hi Scootertrash, Again, thanks for your help-I'm going to try your suggestion-will let you know if I have joy.
  • tmaystmays Posts: 5
    a replacement hood hopefully would not have paint defects. Would you want your new Scion to have a hood with paint defects?
  • A new hood comes unpainted.
    Rather than disassembling and changing body panels on your new car why not repaint the factory hood?
  • Here are instructions for programming the lock remotes:
    Programming the xB keyless entry system
  • tmaystmays Posts: 5
    Scion is sending a factory painted replacement hood, and you scootertrash have apparently not dealt much with repainted car parts.
  • Uh-huh.
  • tmaystmays Posts: 5
    Scion and my dealership have both been very helpful and have solved all problems. Things have hopefully worked out for the best. There were multiple problems with this whole transaction too many to bother typing. I feel it has all been worked out and feel it is a great company.
  • On our 06 xB we have already had some damage to the very bottom panel of the bumpers, and the low hang is always scraping on some curb or other obstruction that "normal" car clearance allows. I understand that those lower panels may be solely cosmetic, and that removal would be easy, and wouldn't expose any unsightly or otherwise protected areas. To repair the damage may mean a new panel, and paint totaling $250-$300. I'd prefer to do without the panels, if that's a viable option. Any comments. Thanks, Bill
  • tmaystmays Posts: 5
    Does anyone have the ipod radio and if so any problems connecting? Any helpful hints?
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    I had the iPod Pioneer radio installed in my 2006 xB in August. No problem connecting; the jack where the cable plugs in is in the floor near the gear shift. It comes with a short cable (about 18") that plugs into the floor and then into the bottom of the iPod. One issue is that the cable is too short to allow the iPod to be stored in the armrest, it has to sit on the floor in the little tray next to the parking brake. I've tried for months with no success to find either a longer cable or an iPod extension cable. Connecting is easy; when you plug in the iPod and push the 'accessory' button on the radio the iPod can be controlled from the radio's knobs. If you store all of your music on your iPod like I do (about 2500 songs so far) it makes it kind of a chore to 'scroll' through all the albums to find what you want to play. I've also found the actual selector knob is a little sensitive; if you tap it to the side instead of straight in, for example, you have to start all over again; there is also a fairly short time when you are selecting before the radio defaults back to the play screen, so it's a little dicey to scroll around when you're driving...if you stop to look at where you're going for more than a few seconds, you have to start over. All in all, it's not a bad system, but not perfect.
  • Hi...I've heard the same question a few days ago at, the reply back was that the radiator will be showing if you do it, therefore, the skirt or lip should stay there IMO.

    I had to repaint my bumper due to a small accident in the snow...I've got a few scratches...$400.00. :mad:

    700 miles far so good.
  • well, worst case scenario you could cut the cord and solder an extension on it!
    you could probably either use a rca cable or a old pair of walkman headphones for the donor wire.........
    food for though.... ;)
  • mnikosmnikos Posts: 31
    Thanks, Jim, not a bad idea...if all else fails I may give this a shot.
  • Yes you cant control the ipod while using it, so if you have the video ipod, forget about playing those types of files through the stereo system.. Ron
  • Own a 2006 xB. After going to the car wash or after a hard rain, water is trapped around the upper rims of the standard tail lights and does not drain off. Do I have a gasket missing or installed wrong. My local dealer is not sure of the cause. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • Just wondering what happened to some of the other discussions. Haven't been on in a while. When I put "gas mileage" into search, it's like those other discussions never happened. What's up?
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,415
    Which discussions are you looking for? Ive just tried searching for "gas mileage" using Search Forums, and "Fuel MPG" with the Browse By Topic tool and came up with a list of discussions that appears to be OK each time.

    Is there a specific one you can't find?


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  • Okay, I am not going nuts. I was on here yesterday and I could swear that discussion was missing from the list. I even did a search same as you, and it didn't come up. That's why I had to post under "Problems and Solutions"! Was it removed and then put back. Was there a temporary problem? Or did I just have a temporary brain dysfunction!
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 6,415
    It probably wasn't you as there have been a few gremlins wandering around lately!:)


    Need some roadside assistance? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

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  • water goes in around the edges of my stock tailight covers every time i wash the car too......
  • I have an 05 scion xb standard tranny. I feel its geared too low as highway rpms @ around 3,800 doing low 70's. The car is so loud at this speed I have to double the volume of the radio to hear it. My local custom shop suggests 17" wheels will make a big diff. in bringing down RPM's. I checked on net and found with wheel size change a 70 MPH speedometer read would actually be 79.3MPH. Any advice/suggestions? appreciated. Also can I get speedo recalibrated to be accurate with new wheel size? Thanks
  • You need to work on your math.

    A larger diameter wheel would make your speedo read SLOWER than you are traveling, not faster.
    And certainly not by 9 mph. Maybe 2%.
    Also, what size tire s would you use?

    I put 17's on my xB and they fit great.
  • Thanks, I agree with your reply. Maybe the way I worded my sentence was confusing. Do you find the 17" wheels on the box to be a worthwhile improvement? Better MPG? Lower RPM's? vs. cost of wheels& tires? I'm running 15"snow tires on original steel wheels for now so I need to purchase wheel /tire package for spring. I got speedo/wheel size info off a web site which sells custom wheels. If I can dig up the site info I'll post it
  • I used larger 215/45-17's on my xB.
    They are .8 of an inch taller, but I like how they fit. That has the effect of raising the .4 of an inch and the circumference is about 3.7% larger.
    Here's a very useful link:
    tire size calculator
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Someone on ScionLife reported these speeds vs rpms:
    60 is 3000
    65 is 3250
    70 is 3500
    80 is 4000
    According to that, your 3800 rpm should be high 70s.
    Bigger 17" wheels use lower profile tires, making little change in the rolling radius. There is no practical way to change the ratio of your mph to rpms.
  • "Bigger 17" wheels use lower profile tires, making little change in the rolling radius."

    That depends on what size tires you decide to use.
  • bubba24bubba24 Posts: 1
    those lil scions are junk every time i turn around i see problems with them haha by the way its brycar the one that u said sounds like this person is not a scion fan and got lost and turned to the wrong forum..........
    get that person a map to the expensive gmc forum quick!
    perhaps there they can brag about all those ponies and great gas mileage! haha very funny i no my gmc will blow that lil pieace of crap away haha 108hp against 345hp wow thats a big difference dood!!! u need to buy u a real vehicle. NOT NO JUNK!!!!!!
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