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Scion xB: Problems & Solutions



  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617 works for me.

    Most xBs are pre-sold. People pay a $500 (usually) deposit to reserve a car in the pipeline. If you dont pay the deposit, the dealer may take a deposit from someone else who will have the right to that car.

    As I understand it, dealers are allocated a certain number of cars, once or twice a month, and the dealers then state which cars they prefer, based on their needs and customer orders. This preferencing of allocated cars occurs after a ship full of cars has left Japan. At this time it is certain which cars are on the ship, and they can be assigned to dealers.

    It then takes 4-6 weeks for those cars to reach port and depending on destinations, be transported on trains and then on trucks to the dealers. Dealers in the same area can trade cars that are enroute to their area, while the cars are on the boat or train, or can trade for cars that are already on their lots. I you want your car to have only 1-5 miles, it must come off the boat and you wait longer. If you don't mind a few hundred miles on your new car, your dealer may find one at a dealer in another city and have it driven to you in a day.
  • cscmnavretcscmnavret Posts: 2
    We purchased our xb the end of January in Athens, GA. The dealer was getting three or four cars a week with no problem. We drove ours out of the showroom with 47 miles on it. Color is Black Cherry with a few extras, Spoiler, power mirrors, overdrive.
    Just for info to those thinking of buying an xb
    We took the car to Corpus Christi,TX in April. People talk of the engine being too small. Ran most of the trip at seventy mph, still had plenty of pickup to pass another vehicle if need be. Averaged 32mpg for the round trip. We sure do like the car. The only complaint I had with the drive was a sore butt going out. The seats are fairly firm. A stop in WalMart for a four dollar soft pillow resolved that on the trip home We downsized from a 1990 GMC Conversion Van and also a 1977 Chrysler Cordoba, which we are keeping but not driving too much now.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    When I purchased my Scion xB in 2-05, I bascially told them the color and options. My options were put on at the distibutor and I had the car in two and a half weeks. Having said that, I did purchase the car from a high volume dealer.
  • bprendersonbprenderson Posts: 99
    We live in central Texas and are thinking about an xB. Is the A/C strong enough to cool both the front and rear seats on a 94 degree day?

    Bubba :)
  • carfanatic007carfanatic007 Posts: 267
    I test drove both. No comparison. The fit drives like a little sports car, the XB drove like a mini van. Interior quality is similar, but the driving drove me to the fit.
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Front seats: yes
    Rear seats: unknown (no one ever sits back in mine)
  • parr8headparr8head Posts: 1
    I'm in Phoenix and there doesn't seem to be a problem in the back seat, the A/C blows great! The interior gets really hot when parked though so I recommend a sun shade for the windshield.

  • miamaxmiamax Posts: 5
    Hi there,
    I just purchased a used 2005 xb and had a question regarding the dash lights. Unfortunately I didn't receive a manual with my purchase, but have ordered one from Toyota..I noticed this evening that when I started the car the maintenance required light blinked about a half a dozen times before turning off like the this normal? I bought the car at carmax and they do recondition before resale and I have 5 days to change my mind if theres a the car though, it's a fun drive!
    anybody have any thoughts on this one?
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "... when I started the car the maintenance required light blinked about a half a dozen times before turning off like the this normal?"

    That sounds like the car's reminder that an oil change is due. It flashes on start up for 500 miles, then will stay one. The oil change interval comes set at 5000 miles, but can be reset for 4000 or 3000.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "... The fit drives like a little sports car, the XB drove like a mini van."

    I drove some minivans, and the xB that I ended up getting drives like a sports car to me, not a minivan. It may feel like a minivan getting in the doors without bending down, and having lots of legroom and headroom. The xB and the Fit do have appproximately the same engines, suspensions and weights.
  • miamaxmiamax Posts: 5
    Thanks aatherton,
    I had a feeling that might be it, but they changed the oil right before I purchased the car and I've checked it myself and it is all good. Is there a way to stop the light from flashing?`
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I have copied these from somewhere, but it is in the owners manual and you should find it and verify it there:

    Reset and/or specify the interval for the “Maintenance Required” light using the trip meter button:

    The ECU (engine control unit or computer) records the distance your car has traveled. Scion recommends that you change your oil every 5,000 miles. When your car exceeds 4,500 miles, the ECU will flash the Maintenance Required light for 12 seconds after turning the key to 'on'. If it exceeds 5,000 miles, then the ECU keeps the “Maintenance Required” light on until it is reset. To reset, follow this procedure listed in the owner's manual:

    * Step 1 - Turn the key to the 'on' position. Using the trip meter button, toggle the LCD display until 'ODO' is displayed.
    * Step 2 - Turn the key off. Now, push and hold the trip meter button. While holding the trip meter button, turn the key to 'on'.
    * Step 3 - While you continue to hold the trip meter button, you will see on the LCD display 5 small dashes and they will begin to 'count down' rather quickly.
    *Step 4 - Continue holding the trip meter button and once all the dashes have been cleared, the LCD will display six zeros (000000) - release the trip meter button now - and then the LCD will display 'ODO' and your current mileage. At this time, your “Maintenance Required” light has been reset.

    *Note* each dash represents 1,000 miles. If you like to change your oil every 3,000 miles for example, release the trip meter button when only 2 dashes remain. That way, you will get the reminder light at the next 3,000-mile mark instead of 5,000.

    Clear the “Maintenance Required” light using the trip meter button:

    If at the time you changed your oil, you or the person changing your oil did not reset the “Maintenance Required” light, or if you would just rather turn it off instead of setting the interval (aka- the lazy way to turn off that annoying light), follow these steps:

    * Step 1 - Turn the key to the 'on' position.
    * Step 2 - Reset both trip meters to zero. You can reset the trip meters to zero by selecting Trip A or Trip B and holding in the trip meter button for five (5) seconds.
    * Step 3 - After both trip meters are reset, select any trip meter and hold in the trip meter button and start the car.
    * Step 4 - Continue holding the trip meter button until the “Maintenance Required” light disappears.
  • miamaxmiamax Posts: 5
    Thanks aatherton for the wonderful directions! got the light reset without a problem now :-)
  • I think I saw a writeup for a new XB in 2006, other writeups say 2008. It's supposed to be 10 inches longer and have a more powerfull 2.4L engine (too bad). Some interesting features of the concept car were rear doors that open towards the rear (suicide), and a flat front floor with not much console (great for stretching your leg), Has anyone researched the new XB?
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    There are two sets of photos around.
    One set is polished photos of the new bB concept car which might be the next xB - disturbingly ugly in my opinion. This could make it here in 2007.
    The other set is spy shots of a present boxy xB that has been stretched and disguised - called a mule. This looks like it would be 2008.
    One rumor is that the next xB will be on the larger platform of the next Corolla, which probably means a larger engine.
    Whichever, it is likely that the next xB will be larger, more powerful, more expensive and less fuel-efficient.
  • Thanks. Also, I heard Toyota was introducing a new XB for Japan only, so I guess this is a third set of photos (although I haven't seen any of these yet). I hate to see Toyota going to a larger engine for any new XB, because it has to lower gas mileage 10 mpg to the mid 20s vrs mid 30s. Instead they should have offered a choice of a larger engine for those who insist on it.

    The elimination of a center console is a great idea in my opinion. I remember how roomy an ancient Peugeot 304 was with its flat floor. The extra lenght is great also because it probably would allow using the XB as a camper/sleeper, which you can do in cramped style with the present model but it's always great to have more room.
  • whirleydvwhirleydv Posts: 3
    Has anyone heard about the 2006 XB steering locking up?
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I have read about the steering rack going bad on a couple of xBs.
    And I think there was a recall on steering racks on the tC in 2005.
  • whirleydvwhirleydv Posts: 3
    Could this cause the steering to Freeze? My son is 19 was turning right at about 20 mph.... Steering froze hit a curb... $7500.00 worth of damage. Toyota sent a factory rep out... said it was driver error... so we paid. Took them 6 weeks to fix... gave us back the car.... Had it for 3 days and it happened again.... this time he shut the car down... however it's back in the shop again...With the entire axel replaced.. and with them knowing we had said the steering had locked would this have been replaced?
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I would think if the power steering rack failed in a certain way, it could jam the steering. I don't know if this would happen suddenly or would have some symptoms before freezing. If the rack had a fluid leak or began to wear or gall somewhere, it would give notice, make noise, steer stiffly maybe. If something snapped, there would be sudden loss of steering, either a freeze or free wheels.

    When you say it happened again after the first $7,500 in damage, do you mean the steering froze a second time? Or that he hit a curb a second time? Or both?

    After the car being inspected by the factory rep, and being twice in the shop, if the steering was not working right, I think the dealer would have requested your authorization to repair it. If the rep and dealer found no problem to be repaired with the steering, then they can only say that hitting the curb looks like driver error.
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