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2nd Generation Toyota 4Runners (90-95)



  • So are you having an issue with your truck not engauging in 4whigh or is the light just not coming on? The light could be out in your dash. I have a 95 runner and I have a light that comes on.
  • Sorry, I should have been more clear. The 4WD is not working and it seems like it might be an electrical problem because the light on the dash does not come on when I try to engage it.
  • gramps43gramps43 Posts: 1
    For the sluggishness have the fault codes read, any good repair shop can do it, and go from there. As for the droop it sounds like the rear spring have settled. You can do two things to solve it if it has leaf springs, replace the springs or install longer shackles to lift the rear up to proper height.
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