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3rd Generation Toyota 4Runners 1996 to 2002



  • dorfer81dorfer81 Posts: 2
    Can the OEM 15" steel wheels on a '96 4Runner be easily replaced with the OEM 16" alloy/steel wheels, or would any other modifications need to be made before doing so?

  • The ETC button is the Electronic Transmission Control, when you push it, it changes the shift points for your truck so that they shift at a higher RPM point. I have found it helpful to use this button when i'm in need of more power to pass someone; when I pull a trailer and i'm going up a hill, sometimes the O/D is on and my truck feels sluggish and by turning it off it moves the RPM's higher so that i have more power to pass someone or keep the same speed without flooring it. Although yes running the ETC on or O/D off all the time it will use more gas in the long run, but then again it all depends on your driving style (highway/city or grandpa/speed racer). Hope this helps!

    Greg :)
  • rzkibiz,

    I had the same problem with my truck. It's what happens when someone takes it to a place that isn't Toyota certified cause somketimes they use tools that work on other cars/trucks but not on Toyota's; resulting in stripped nuts. A good toyota dealership can air impact the old one out and put a new one in. You may have to order the part as i had to, it was a few bucks at the time and then add labor. But it's worth it to not worry about losing your transfer case. Hope this helps!

    Greg :)
  • Hi all!
    Yesterday, after a 35 mile drive, I parked my 2000 4runner facing down on a steep hill and turned the engine off. About 15 minutes later I restarted the engine and backed up the hill (about 30 feet) and reparked on level ground.
    I noticed a significant spill of fresh transmission oil spill where the car had just been, and crawled under the car to see what was going on (the car was now turned off again, and parked on a flat surface).
    There was transmission oil literally pouring down both sides of the transmission - not leaking from the cooler lines or from seals at the end of the transmission, but apparently from the top of the transmission (I couldn't see back far enough under the firewall to see exactly where it was coming from - but it was pouring down BOTH sides, apparently from the top of the trans - I'm guessing maybe a quart or so.
    When the car cooled off, I started it again, and drove it to my home 1/4 mile away with no problems and no leaks. This morning I drove it a half mile, and again performance was normal and there were no leaks.
    Anyone know what's going on? Thanks!
  • point65point65 Posts: 5
    I have a 97 4Runner SR5 2WD Automatic. Loved it since day one (I'm the original owner), and it has over 144K miles on it. Here's my situation: I'm getting new tires. Can I replace the 15" tires it came with with 16" tires? What would I have to do to the car to make the speedometer work correctly, if I can change them?

    Also, about 6 or 7 years ago the CD decided not to work (it looks like a separate unit below the tape player). It takes in the disk, but doesn't play it, and sometimes doesn't spit it out. Is there a fuse I should be looking for to replace someplace?

    Let me know.
  • In case you didn't get an answer, here are my findings;

    2003 4Runner and 2005 Tacoma or later 16x7 wheels backspace at 135 mm is different and portrude inwards about half inch giving it a less robust stance, and that is not what the 4Runner is all about.

    The correct factory original 16" x 7" oem styled steel wheel for 1996-2002 Toyota 4runner is part# 42601 35740 at your local Toyota dealer, suggested dealer price is suposetly over $200 bucks but if you tell them that you can get the same wheel at an independent Toyota parts store at $130 ea. they'll probably reach an agreement with you. Said rims are exactly the same stock design as the 15 inchers and are rare.

    These “nice looking“ rims will lift the vehicle a little with out going to suspension mods and powder coated in black will give you a nice stealth factory look, i shod them with “expedition size” Dunlop 235/75 16 tires. Getting better gas mileage on the highway too.

    You could also opt for the standard steel wheel instead of the styled steel wheel.

    Cheers! JU alias WorldTour
  • Similar to answer above, going from a 225/75-15 to a 225/75-16 for example is adding 1 inch of additional wheel and tire diameter for a total difference of 3.5% in circumference, that means that when youre going 60 mph, you're actually going 62.1 mph which is insignificant, much less than the “5%“ police allowment for a ticket, ...the fix, just go a tad slower than what the speedo says.

    JU alias WorldTour
  • I went with just replacing with the same size I had already. The next tire purchase I'll go bigger.

    Any ideas on the CD player problem?
  • Hi all
    My CD Player looks like a separate unit from the tape player above it, although it occupies the same space. It takes in a CD, spins around a little, then nothing happens. Sometimes it ejects the CD, other times it won't. Is there a fuse I could be looking for to replace, or should I just replace the whole system?

    Also, I broke the the drink holder that slides out of the front console above the radio, and the kids broke the drink holder that flips down from the back of the center console. Are these easy replacements should I find a donor 4Runner, or should I just get them from the dealership parts department?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  • From what I know of stock cd players and age, I would say that your problem lies within the head unit itself. There is only one fuse that connects to your radio and it would not turn on at all if that was compromised. Id say go find yourself an aftermarket head unit of your liking. is pretty decent. There are a few others just like this with similar pricing. Find one that is based close to you for quicker shipping. If youre looking for cheap and longevity, get one that has direct input for the cd, as opposed to a motorized face.
  • Check my post above, the exact same applies to you.

    As for the cup holders, check out a local junk yard. Call and see if they have your part, theyll probably even pull it out and ship it to you, but if not, pick it up. Unless that drive would cost more than the part at a local dealer. Or try online or may work.
  • Just bought an 02 Limited 4WD w/102k. I replaced the timing belt, water pump, thermostat, hoses, tranny and all gear box fluids, seems good to go
    3 probs: The clock no work so I pulled the trim to find NO CONNECTOR anywhere, the clock was not connected and none to be found anywhere!
    The trans kicks into D fairly hard, from say R, and it sure rides "bouncy"
    my 48 year old wife no likey ride (we went from a minivan ouch). also wierd. The 4wd selector and trans gear selector "move" as I hit bumps.............
    Please advise!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks guys
    U. S. Navy Chief Petty Officer, Retired
    22 years service to my country
  • Greetings all. Can't believe it took me so long to find this forum. I have a 1997 4runner that I purchased new. I'm the only owner and I've put all the miles on it, which currently is 340,000 miles and running strong. No engine or transmission work and just had the rear brake drums replaced this past weekend for the first time. I live in Ohio and the Winters are tough on cars, but this vehicle just keeps on trucking. Best I've ever owned. I'm hoping to keep it for another couple of years and then pass it on to my son who is currently in college. He wants it for hauling his kayak around the country. Anyone currently have a higher mileage 4runner on this forum? Thanks. J
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    340,000 miles and running strong

    Wow! That works out to about 26,000 miles per year which is twice the average mileage of personal vehicles. You must have a long commute. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • You shoulda bought a 97. Can't go wrong. Ever.

    ...Sheesh, Navy guys...
  • Yeah, I got 340,001 miles on mine! Nah, just kiddin'. I only have 153K and counting. But now I have an idea how far I can go. I bought it because we had a baby coming, and last week I told her it'd be the car she takes to college with her since it's running so great and I don't need to get her anything new as long as this one was still going. How cool is that?

    Keep on pressing yours on down the road.
  • Your right, I do have a long commute, about 72 miles a day. I've also taken it across the country twice - from Ohio to Taos New Mexico, South Dakota, Colorado, etc., Been the most reliable car I've ever owned. I just had a tune-up and all the fluids changed, rear brake drums replaced (first time) and emergency brake (all parts replaced). A small section of brake line and that's about it. Never had the engine or transmission cracked open, replaced two starter motors, two lifetime batteries, I'm on my 6th set of tires though, even though I've kept alignment up, it seems to chew tires up, I still have plenty of thread, but they cup badly. Oh well, small price to pay. I plan on keeping it until my youngest graduates college - in two years and then give it to him.
  • I have a 97 4Runner and when sitting overnite when it is cold the front breaks seem to stick in the morning when I put the vehicle in drive. If I back up the system seems to release and I can then go forward but the colder it is the harder it is to go forward. Any idea what the problem may be?
  • I have 1998 4-runner and noticed the other morning that it sounded like I had a hole in my mullfer. I went under the truck and discoverd that it was the o2 sensor was not tighten to the exaust pipe because the 2 bolts were missing. I found this odd and when I looked closer the one bolt looks like it had melted and I would not be able to put a new nut on because there are no threads. In the meantime I used a wire hanger and tighted it around the sensor and the sensor is secure to the pipe and the noise is no more. What do I have to do to replace the unthreaded screw so I can install new nuts and tighten correctly ? And what size bolt threads and nut should be used? Thank You
  • pleeppleep Posts: 1
    I was considering buying a 1997 SR5 4WD 4runner soon. I have heard that this year has had lots of problems with the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor and also the TPS (Throttle position sensor). Has anyone else experienced this problem too, or is it something I should not be very worried about? Thanks friends.
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