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3rd Generation Toyota 4Runners 1996 to 2002



  • bman01bman01 Posts: 2
    My 97 SR5 has 122,000k. No problems since buying back in 2006 with 80,000 until recently. About 6 months ago I started noticing that the car makes a loud clunking/ thud noise when I have the clutch in and I'm coming to a stop but not pressing the brakes to stop. I that it was the brakes sticking but not according to the mechanic I took it too. This problem does not occur all the time. Mainly when the car is still cold or not driven for more than a few minutes. So has anyone had this problem??? Is it the clutch, trans, rear bearings ??? Would really like some help or suggestions if anyone has experienced similar problems with a manual 3rd generation. Thanks!
  • I just purchased my 6th 4runner, which is my 3rd - 3rd Gen. It's a 99 SR5 6cyl. I got it from Ohio, it has alot of under carraige rust. I've researched some rust inhibitors...has anyone had experience with under carriage rust....thoughts?
  • hdk82hdk82 Posts: 1
    Much like the 2000 4runner has a continuous 20"+ section on the bottom inside edge of the frame completely gone. It is as much as a half inch tall as well. This is on the right side, just in front of the rear springs. As far as I can tell it is the only location on the frame where it is occurring. I stopped by a couple dealers and they said there is nothing in the way of recall for the 4runner and after filing a complaint with Toyota, they told me the frame warranty is only good for 3 yrs/36k miles....apparently nothing they can do. Unreal.

    Who else has their frame rotting on their 4runner? Have you had any success in having it remedied by toyota?
  • bmcnuttbmcnutt Posts: 2
    Did you get this resolved, I am having similar issues
  • bmcnuttbmcnutt Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 v6 auto 4runner, works great up to 3000 rpm, thens it shakes & stutters & won't go past. The exhaust is really hot, but I told the converter is ok. Its dumping raw fuel as far as I can see. Changed the MAF, o2 sensors, but to no avail. I see other posts with similar issues, but none ever give the final results. Please Help.
  • g2a79g2a79 Posts: 2
    I never got it resolved. I traded it in. The only things that I tried were new spark plugs and ignition coils.
  • We have a 2001 4runner V6 which has overall been a great vehicle. Unfortunately we didn't realize we bought one made to California emissions standards, which has dual catalytic converters :-( so it's more than twice as expensive to replace them, it was almost 2000 just for parts, maybe more now.

    We've replaced the cats along with the O2 and AF sensors 3 times already - first was expensive as heck, OEM, and went out while under a 2-year warranty, was replaced with an aftermarket set to save $ but we had to pay labor. That set went out a year and a month later. We again replaced and again, they went out a year later in late 2010. Our mechanic replaced the sensors and blew out the system and got the check engine light off long enough for us to get to emissions and pass and then believe it or not - the light came back on, on the way home.

    Meanwhile the check engine bulb must have burned out recently, it's been on so long, so even though the light's out I know we've got to address the cats again as it is annual emission time once more. We can't afford this every year, the state could care less about the financial burden, and we'd like to keep the vehicle (can't sell anyway without an emission sticker in-state). Why is the cat going out every year when we're replacing the sensors and keeping up with tuneups and maintenance? We've had a nasty sulphur smell too the last year. (I read that thread btw).
  • udiudi Posts: 1
    I misplaced my back sliding cover and went to a Toyota dealer ship to order a new one and WOW, 618 dollars? Does any one know where I might be able to buy one? I don't need the whole installation kit, just the cover. I really enjoy having it since its great for covering any expensive items, etc.
  • Some ideas here.

    We misplaced ours too -- must have left it at a carwash or campground or something.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,977
    I used to see cargo covers in the thrift stores in Boise all the time. Usually the were for Subarus, but if you're in a larger area, you might get lucky. Haven't seen one since I moved to a less populated area.
  • Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been looking for a 2nd vehicle w/awd or 4wd for winter/going to the mtns in WA State. I had wanted a 96' thru 99' 4runner but, wow the used prices for these are higher than any other like vehicles. Anyhow, after a long search I bought a 2-owner 98' SR5 w/just under 190k miles. The timing belt was replaced at 157k. The overall condition is great. The interior is leather and in excellent condition. Outside has a small dent on top of the hood about 3" in diameter. It has a moonroof, roof rack and rear air deflector, tow pkg, running boards. It has the 3.4 V6 w/auto. I also own a 93' Lexus SC400. The two compliment each other very well, LOL. I got inside the 4runner and felt immediately at home.

    -Stephen in Seattle
  • I replaced both cats in the Spring of 2011 on my 2001 4Runner with 199K miles. The independent toyota mechanic advised against the cats coming from chain auto parts stores - will only last a year to 18 months and still cost $400+ for just the parts. The Toyota OEM cats were close to $1200 - too much for an old car. I actually purchased mine directly from a cat manufacturer in New Bedford Massachusetts who had 2 versions (auto parts store quality or a better quality). I went with the better quality and have had no problems for 18 months and the car now has 220K miles. The cat manufacturer recommended replacing Oxygen sensors as they said Toyota cats only go bad because something else isn't working right.
  • hey, did you ever get anywhere with this problem. Mine is the same way in approx the same spot. any suggestions?
  • OK so the 3rd generation 4Runner is my favorite generation and I like leather seats in it. What I DON'T like is the power antenna. Now say I was getting a 4Runner from the factory. Was it possible back then to get a 3rd generation (1996–2002) 4Runner WITH leather interior but WITHOUT the stupid power antenna or is it a packaged deal?
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