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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2004+)



  • In a discussion in the forum section, I read that a fuse or jumper can be added in a fuse box on the 2004 Sienna. As a result, the day time running lights will be activated. Please let me know, and is it advisable with regard to the circuitry? What amp fuse?? Thanx robairto.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    A 2004 has automatic daytime running lights. They should activate themselves as soon as you turn the key. As for jumping anything this would probably be most unwise. 1, it could start a fire - 2, it would void your warranty -and 3, a 2004 is probably still under warranty and the problem can be proffesionally fixed for free.
  • mcase2mcase2 Posts: 160
    When you say "pushed down for passing gear", what do you mean? Did you shift the transmission into a different gear?? You should not have to shift to pass. Sienna's are all automatic the only reason to shift is for engine braking or for rare instances of hill climbing. If you down shift for any reason with cruise control on I believe that it is over ridden by the control. At the least the manual states that engine braking will not engage, which, I would assume, means that the cruise control will automatically seek over drive. As for the engine revving with the control off its hard to imagine that stepping on the gas would disengage the drive. Did you simply step on the gas and the engine revved or did you shift the transmission?
  • It appears that all 2004 and 2005 Sienna's are in fact wired for DRL but on the CE and LE a jumper/fuse is omitted so that they are disabled. Seems petty of Toyota but that's marketing for you.

    Apparently, all you need to do to enable DRLs is open the hood, stand on the driver side, and open the fusebox. Put a jumper or fuse in the "empty" fuse slot in the fuse box immediately adjacent to the battery. When the car is started and the parking brake is off, the lights will come on just as they do with the XLE Siennas. I can get you a picture of where to put the fuse/jumper via e-mail if you wish. I'm ednovak on Hotmail.
    Remember to start the van and take the brake off when testing it though or they won't activate.
  • Thanx for the replies on the drl and lack of acceleration. On the drl, I located the fuse holder but do not have an idea as to what amp fuse to use. Toyota service reps are not sharing information regarding the addition of the fuse. However they are willing to make a service appt. As for the van's hesitation problem, when I wrote "I pushed down" I should have written, pushed with my foot, as in using passing gear. I still have both problems. The acceleration problem bothers me as I do not know when it will be ok or when its going to fail again. I am reluctant to address this with a dealer. The van performs well except for the intermintent problem, I do not want them to use it as a testing model. If this problem was constant, I would have it back in a heartbeat. I have !9,500 mi, The first time I had this problem was around 17k. Robairto
  • I bought what was represented to me as a demo 2004 Sienna with only 2,330 miles on it. Almost immediately we started to notice a funny smell in the van. At first we thought something had been spilled on the carpet. Finally we discovered the flood of water that was splashing underneath the van, which completely soaked the carpet mat. The previous owners had the van for 10 months and put only 2,330 miles because they obviously could not drive the van because of the disgusting moldy smell. Instead of taking care of the problem, they had someone from their family who worked at the Toyota dealership trade in the van for a Sequoia and then the dealership in turn sold the van as a demo. Unfortunately, I did not look at the contract carefully and demo was not checked off - it was checked off as a used van.

    The dealership was not able to fix the problem the first time and after having the van for another three weeks at the dealership, the van still has the same disgusting smell. Of course, the dealership and Toyota will not admit to anything. How does Toyota do their quality control for such a major manufacturing defect to occur? Now I have to deal with a mold problem. I explained everything to a Toyota representative. His response was to offer to replace the interior of the van. In addition, he said Toyota has no control of the dealerships. I guess the opinion of Toyota and the Toyota dealership is buy at your own risk.

    I am definitely not happy with this van and have absolutely no faith in Toyota. Toyota is just like any other manufacturer - if you get lucky you get a good product. In addition, make sure you check out a vehicle completely and ask questions about when it was manufactured, how the dealership came to own the vehicle and ask to see the proof. Also, check over every part of the contract, not just the figures. If you have questions about the contract, take the contract home so that you can completely look it over, because once you drive out with the vehicle, it's too late. The dealership and the manufacturer do not care about the customer - they just want to sell you the vehicle and whatever problems there are with the vehicle are your problems. Toyota is no better than any other car manufacturer.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    Sounds to me as if the van was wrecked and repaired by it's first owner.

    Offering to replace the entire interior doesn't exactly sound like a the dealer is blowing you off. I'd accept the offer, but only after you have another dealer or bodyshop check for the cause of the water leak, and fix it permanently.
  • I would insist that before the interior is replaced, that the source of the water be eliminated. You might want to suggest to whoever that they strip the interior trim out (headliner and all) and sprinkle talc power over everything. the source of the leak should become visible or at least point to a hidden area. It could be anywhere from a crack in the floor with water spraying up from the road to the roof leaking and running down the side. A leak in my wife's sunroof soaked the visor when water ran down the edge. Luckily the visor was down and we felt the problem immediately. Good luck.
  • Re DRL jumper. Did a bit more investigation. The jumper in my Limited (next to fuse 21) is slightly larger than the standard "mini fuses" and has NO rating on it (which leads me to believe it's just a jumper and not a fuse). There is another one in my fuse box located between fuse 11 and 12 and I have no idea what that one does. Since fuse 4 (for the DRLs) is 20A you should be safe using a 20A in that slot (if you can find one that fits, again it is slightly larger than the standard "mini" fuses in the rest of the box. Otherwise if you have Toyota parts bring up the picture of the fuse panel for the XLE and point out the slot next to fuse 21 ((RH Headlight) and tell them you need the jumper for that slot, I'll bet they can get the part number from the diagram.
  • carzzzcarzzz Posts: 282
    sorry to hear that! Hope you get it fix soon! Be sure the problem is FIXed before they replace the interior!

    were you able to check the insurance profile from the previous owner?
    my guess:(might crashed it and then repair, after repair the bad/funny smell occur and could not *yet* be fixed, so they re-sell it since one of the family members works at toyota)
  • Something happened to me I'd like to share. A member of the "other" forum said this could help and I'm backing him up.

    Recently, I killed the battery in my Sienna (my fault) and everything was drained. In doing so, I think the Car's ECU was completely erased. The car was jump started and everything was fine.

    Now, beginning, my throttle was mush. You press the first area of the pedal = nothing. Now, after the battery was drained and everything reset, I can now tap the pedal ever so slightly and the engine responds immediately. I don't need to press it down more for it to start but now just tapping it makes it move.

    This happened out of an accident and the hesitation was not much of a problem but now the throttle feel is fantastic. I feel like I can manage it now.

    The other member didn't drain the battery but disconnected it via negative terminal and let it like that for about 5 mins (I was stuck with no battery for about an hour). He then reconnected it and started the car but strongly noted that you don't touch the throttle at all. DO NOT TOUCH IT WHILE YOU START THE CAR.

    Go for a regular drive. See if everything is better. Curiously enough, like I mentioned, my throttle is very responsive and not dead like before.

    And I'd like to note that the tranny itself is perfectly fine. It's the poorly done throttle causing a problem.
  • I do not believe the van was wrecked. This was a complete manufacturing defect. The van was not sealed properly underneath. This is a van that can be compared to a vehicle standing in flood waters repeatedly and just left to stand with the windows closed, including the summer months. Once the weather cooled, the previous owners aired the van out enough and placed a house air-freshner under the seats and then traded it in for another vehicle and the dealership passed the problem off on to a consumer - me (and lied that the van was a demo and had only been driven by managers of a dealership). The dealer never offered to replace the interior. The van was in the dealership for almost two months. Toyota only offered to replace the interior (and this is not for sure) only after the dealership was served with a letter from my attorney. This is a long story and the dealership is totally unreliable. Someone knew exactly what they were doing at this dealership, but I do not think they realized the extent of the problem with the van and that it would come right back at them so fast.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    Obviously, I haven't seen the car. But I think something is suspicious--and a good possibility the car was wrecked/repaired in some way. Have an independent body shop look for evidence of a repair.

    Also, try putting the van through an automatic car wash. Better yet, find a (big) Toyota dealer that has one on site, and have the tech sit in the van while it's going through. It may take several attempts before the water source is apparent.
  • The folks in Engine Hesitation (All makes/models) might be interested in this solution.

    Karen-Edmunds Community Manager

  • going back down . my kids opened it and now it just stays up when i go to put it back down it just lies there it wont retract back into the holder. Also the "FIX" for the power rear hatch is NOT a fix it has started happening again. I may try to get there just to show them again today but will have to see how the storm comes in. Any help with the window shade would be appricated. Thanks
  • jillwjillw Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Sienna with 26,000 miles. The dealer recommended I get a tire alignment at 16,000 miles. At 23,000 I was getting a tire replaced (nails in the tire) at a tire company and they said my tires all need replaced and are worn unevenly. Sure enough, I looked at the tires and they were badly worn on the outside edge. I had them rotate the tires and do another alignment to get more time out of the tires. They are still wearing unevenly and I have to get new tires right away. I have gotten my tires rotated regularly and have not done any wild driving to cause a misalignment. I recently met someone else who replaced her tires in a 2004 Sienna at 25,000 miles. Has anyone else had problems with uneven wear on tires? I have never worn my tires out so quickly on a car. I usually get more miles then expected. I just don't think this is right. Please let me know if anyone else if having problems.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 839
    Toyota fits otherwise great vehicles with sub-par OEM tires (usually Toyo or Bridgestone) that have never been noted for great performance or durability. Get your van aligned, and buy a new set that's highly rated from the TireRack.
  • they are ordering new pistons for the rear power liftgate. i hope this fixes it. also they are going to order a new rear quarter panel sun shade to replace the one that no longer goes back into the side panel.
  • I have the same problem. No heat will come out the top vents in the rear. It is very aggravating. My kids are cold in the back with no heat!! If Toyota designed it this way on purpose -- HOW STUPID!! I came on this forum looking for threads on another issue, but glad I ran across this to see it is not just my Sienna that does this.
  • loremrnloremrn Posts: 2
    ts15ms7 go to This is a documented problem with the Sienna. There is a thread there that addresses resolving the problem.
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