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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2004+)



  • golfinedgolfined Posts: 1
    tevans--I have a 2005 that is doing the same thing. It actually is harder to steer right than left. I suspect it is the rack or the power steering unit but we will find out I hope. I had it test driven by an industry expert and he certainly noticed it. The local dealer tells me 'the vehicle is operating as designed' which is a royal insult. What state are you in?
  • sportymonksportymonk Posts: 258
    Has a four wheel alignment been done? Also tire totation may make a difference. (If so, it indicates a tire problem)
  • jim33jim33 Posts: 10
    I have a 2005 XLE with a Smart Card. Put it up at the top of the windshield behind the mirror. No problem. If you can take the EZPASS off your old vehicle, take a test drive through a gate holding the pass up at the top of the windshield.
  • We have a 2004 Sienna LE FWD with 15000 miles on it. I went in for the power steering hose recall yesterday. At that time, I was informed of the remaining things on the list - don't remember any mails from Toyota on the other "campaigns" as the dealership put it..

    Also, I hear a constant clicking-type noise from behind the glove compartment on some days. Last Saturday, it was really loud and the sales guy at the front desk indicated that it could be one of the bearings in the heating motor fan. Turning the air vents on the front heaters to high seemed to either muffle the noise completely out or eliminate. When I brought the van in for service, the technician could not replicate it and promised to replace the heater motor unit if it happens again. I am wondering if anyone has observed anything similar.
  • allison5allison5 Posts: 130
    Originally the dealer said we were going to have to pay around another 5,000 for taxes, license and the such well somehow we didn't have to. We kept telling them we should not have to pay again, we brought the van back the next morning. All I know is that we did not pay any more money out and our payments are less on the monthly lease for the truck and for the same amount of time. I have to say I really liked the Sienna except for the seats, I am still driving this big SUV at 2.25 a gallon for gas. I drive alot with kids etc and a tank of gas is 50.00 for this yukon,and I go through 2 a week. Anyway thinking of looking into Recaro seats, wondering if anyone has heard how good these are etc. Someone told me they are very goodn, however narrow and for lightweight people (110 lbs), I am not heavy but not that light weight.
  • lghong67lghong67 Posts: 29
    I believe that Recaro seats aren't an option if you also have side airbags because the system depends on sensors built in to the seats. Can anyone verify or deny this?

    You probably covered this in an earlier post, but have you considered the Odyssey or Caravan / Town & Country? LH
  • I just bought an 8 passenger 2005 Sienna. This is my fifth new Toyota in 5 years, and I am very disapointed. The biggest problem is the second row seats. The outboard left and right seats are very hard to get out. I could't do it. I took it to the dealer and the salesman couldn't do it, and finally the service manager did it with difficulty. The center saet is worse. The van comes with a video on adjusting the center seat (tell me thats not a bad sign). I showed it to four different men who each independently tried to remove the seat and nobody could do it. I would like to return the car, but can not. As a mechanical engineer, I designed a rope mechanism to prevent the seats from locking down on the front latches. This is crazy. Any body else have these problems with the EIGHT (8) seater? Also the center seat in the forward position hits the tray table. I can't believe it.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    I'm curious as to whether you checked these issues before you bought the vehicle.
  • Anyone ever have a problem with the front overhead maplights staying on and refusing to turn off? Or even stranger, clicking the right light would turn off the left? I had to remove the light bulb to save my battery until I can have the dealer check it out. Any one else have this problem?
  • momstruck1momstruck1 Posts: 206
    I have to say these were the most comfortable seats to us the dodge with stow and go was horrible what uncomfortable seats they were. I don't have an 8 seater but I had a chevy 8 seater which made me stay away from that again in theory it is a good idea but I like to keep the kids apart now and it is easier to get to the back with the 7 seat version.
  • No I didn't try to remove the second row seats before buying it. I tumbled them forward to get to the back seat, and that was easy. Don't get me wrong, the seats are comfortable. The problem is if you want to take them in and out often, it is very difficult.
    I observed another problem with the second row seats. The outboard vinyl or plastic seal at the joint on the right seat was ripped. I then looked at the left outboard seal, and it was frayed, and ready to rip. The comes from a bad fit as the seat is tumbled forward.
    I am going to guess, that this being the first year with 8 seat configuration, that Toyota rushed it out, without adequate testing and repair. The center row seats represent a defective design.
  • After noticing an acceleration lag problem on my car I read on this website that others were having the same problem. I took my 2004 Sienna in to the dealer and asked them to fix the lag. They did under the warranty. However, to date I've not received any recall/notice about the problem from Toyota. I have received a few recalls on other parts though!
  • lillelille Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Sienna that I bought in December 2004. The hesitation was so bad I took it back in and they replaced the transmission after only owning the car 2 mos!! After the new transmission there is still a lag and I am still to this day fighting with Toyota to fix this problem. They told me this is "normal". I had several family members drive the van and they too said it feels like the transmission is slipping. I may have to go through arbitration. At this point I am looking into the Odyssey. I already know I will lose money from getting rid of the Sienna in such a short period of time owning it (3 1/2 mos) but I just can't see driving this van for 5 years while we pay it off. The Odyssey is much nicer and drives "normally". It actually accelerates when I press the gas pedal!! Gee, imagine that! Now that is how a car should drive. None of this hesitation stuff. They told me Toyota did that on purpose - yea, right. They just don't want to admit there may be a problem. I will NEVER buy Toyota again!
  • lillelille Posts: 3
    Read my recent response to soemone elses problems with the lag problem - #1372. This is NOT normal to drive this way!
  • lillelille Posts: 3
    DId you read my response (#1372) ? What did they actually do to "fix" this lag problem? The dealer says that this is normal - whatever. Let me know!
    Thanks -
  • I currently have a 2004 Sienna LE and have logged 38,000 miles on it. When I drove it recently (my wife's car, so I don't drive it often), I've noticed that there's a rattling sound when I push on the accelerator. This noise is similar to an engine knock sound, but it's slightly higher pitch and goes away once the engine is fully warmed up. I've also noticed light coating of black soot on the top of the engine. I've always used super octane gasoline, so I don't think it's engine knock.
    Can somebody shed some light on this issue?
  • allison5allison5 Posts: 130
    I am the one that has posted about front seats that are way too short and don't have thigh support. I have long legs, average height 5'8" but my back bugged me without support. Anyway I am still on a hunt to get rid of my yukon and would like to go back to a van possibly. I had a Odyessy and am not crazy about the new one, however might have to go there again. I REALLY liked the Sienna except for too short of seats and from what I looked I could not find any kind of cushion that helped that but I really wish I could. Does anyone have advice?
  • bluesiebluesie Posts: 6
    I have a 2004 Sienna Limited and the laser cruise control is broke because of "road hazard" is anyone else having this problem?
  • joyannkjoyannk Posts: 3
    WE are considering buying an XLE and have been concerned about the posts re: hesitation and transmission problems. So far we have taken 2 test drives. My husband noted hesitation on the first but not the second drive (different cars). I did not notice either time. Is this a big enough/common enough problem to give up on Sienna and go to Odyssey instead. We like both cars, but feel the interior on the Sienna is a little more to our liking. However we like the Odyssey too.
  • pilot130pilot130 Posts: 319
    It's 20 minutes after 12:00 midnight, Monday, March 28. (Really, it's Monday morning here!!)
    I'm sitting in a condo about 150km North of Sydney, Australia, getting ready for bed.
    Thought I'd try my Son's PC and see what's going on at my favourite cartalk site back in North America.
    Guess what, logging on with my username and password worked!! Wonders never cease!!

    Joyannk, here's what I think is the most honest answer you'll ever get for your question.

    The hesitation issue you ask about is a big deal to a few people, and not even on radar for most others.
    You will see posts that portray gloom and doom, saying the hesitation issue is widespread, serious, a safety hazard, and other scary stuff.
    You will see speculation about what might be the reason for it, and how it should be fixed.
    You will see talk of Lawsuit, Arbitration, Lemon Law, etc. from some.
    You will see stories of near misses on xways, extreme hesitation intervals, and other such dire experiences.
    You will see testimonials on how buyers shouldn't consider Toyota, or get rid of the ones they own.

    What you won't see are testimonials by the vast silent majority who like their vehicles, are quite satisfied with them, and have never experienced any of this hesitation.

    You know why this is, I'm sure.

    So my answer, yes, some folks say there's a problem, and others don't, because they don't have one.
    In fact, the truth lies somewhere in between.
    I submit it is indeed, very much closer to the latter scenario.

    I submit to you that the issue is getting play here because that's the nature of the players here.
    IMO, it isn't a big deal, it isn't widespread, it isn't a serious problem, and it sure as heck isn't a safety hazard!!

    Having said all that,be your own Judge Joyannk.

    Now I think it's time for my ration of Single Malt! (The Macallan-18YO if you're interested)

    G'nite All.
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