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Toyota Sienna Maintenance and Repair (2004+)



  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    The BCM remains active with any of the doors open even if the lights are off. If I remember correctly, it draws something like 200-250 mA.
    1 hour sounds pretty darn fast to drain a battery but I would recommend shutting your doors.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The right rear passenger door window in my 2001 RX300 exploded just east of the pass headed to MT from Seattle. Apparently not an unusual circumstance.
  • geneegenee Posts: 170
    I have noticed that my headlights stay on when any door is left open. Check to see if you have the headlights set on "auto" or have DRL. Turn the lights off ... then open the doors for ventilation. It just might work.
  • I know that AC Condensation is normal, but has anyone noticed that the "water" that drips down from the front and back of the van takes a really long time to evaporate from the days. It seems like there might be something more than just water - more like a petroleum based stain. Does anyone know if this might be an indication of some additional problem? Thanks.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Several of the automotive companies are coating the A/C evaporator vanes with a porus nylon film and embedding an anti-microbial fungicide into the pores to combat the breeding of mould and mildew spores.

    Could be some sort of side effect from that.
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    could be. my thinking though is that these are areas that get wet again and again because the vehicle is parked in about the same spot. therefore you are looking at an area of concrete being cycled with moisture again and again. mold/mildew is forming over time in these spots.

    however, since the drain lines exit the bottom of the vehicle, perhaps they are collecting some road oil/grease from the roadway as the vehicle is driven; as water continues to exit the vehicle for a short time after it is driven and parked, small quantities of oil/grease on the exterior/lip of the lines is taken down to the concrete in the same spot.
  • I've had the same problem. We have had our 2004 since Dec. 2003 and it has never driven well. My husband wants to trade it in, but I'll take a beating. I've now been experiencing a long pause when exclerating - This is becoming a dangerous car to drive. I pressed the gas this morning and probably waited 5 seconds before it finally took off. I'm always going in the dealership to get help, but the manager just shakes his head and says this is the worst toyota he has seen - 5 recalls! He has many unhappy people. Very upsetting to pay so much for a terrible running car! What can we do?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    very easily come up a modification that would automatically downshift the transaxle into 4th, 3rd , 2nd, or even 1st if warranted by the current roadspeed, anytime the throttle is closed if there were enough takers and the feds allowed it.

    There are no mechanical connections whatsoever between the shift lever, electrical contacts only, and the transaxle.
  • Madmom1...

    Report your problem to the NHTSA and file a complaint. This sounds like a very important safety problem and they could force a recall you vehicle.
  • The "hesitation" is a problem that many sienna owners have described. There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) that has been issued by Toyota that is a transmission software upgrade. It is named TC007-03 and was mostly recently revised on June 1, 2005 (revision #2). Many people have reported that this upgrade greatly reduces the hesitation issue and also helps with smoother gear shifting.

    If the manager at your dealership is not aware of this, then you should make him aware - or find a new dealer who will be more helpful

  • ord62ord62 Posts: 26
    Can somebody help me check if the power sliding door has an automatic closing assist even after pushing the power slide off button (power sliding door disable button)? My 3 year old Daughter and Brother-In-Law's fingers got caught on the doors on separate occasions because we never knew that the door still has an automatic closure assist. It happens when it is almost at the close position on which you don't really need to use force to close the door.

    The manual said if the button is pushed the power sliding door suppose to work like a non-powered door where you need force to close the door. But I found it to still power when almost at the closing position. I don't know if this is as designed or a defect that need to be reported to the transportation safety board.
  • Thanks - I've had the 1st transmission software upgrade (it helped slightly until recently), but I will ask about the 2nd. I'm taking it in this week. When I made the appointment they blamed it on bad gas. Funny that my other two cars do not have the same problem and we fill up at the same station!
  • At 16,000 miles I replaced my Dunlop runflats with a set of non-runflat Goodyear all season tires dues to excessive wear; as well had a alignment. Since then have had tires rotated every 5000 miles and balanced twice. Vehicle now has 32,000 miles and the same uneven wear is occurring with these tires. Seems like this issue is AWD/suspension related NOT due to poor owner maintenance. Anyone else on their 2nd set of tires and experiencing same?
  • I am planning to replace the runflats with non-runflat like what you did, do you have a spare? Is it full size? Did you install the "kit" to mount the spare (dealer install)?
  • Which kit is that?

    Where is the spare stored?
  • I purchased a tire repair/inflator kit from TireRack (Conti Kit). I tried to get the dealer and Toyota Corporate to buy the spare kit for me; but they both refused.
  • There is a dealer installed compact spare tire kit that retails for about $700 that is installed behind the right hand side 3rd seat. However, this eliminates the ability to fold flat the right side 3rd seat.
  • Team,

    Bought a toyota sienna LE pkg#6 last month.
    Basic features are missing in 2005 toyota sienna compared from 99 toyota LE
    1, Once we turn the defogger... A/C is not turned on automatically.
    2, There is no automatic sensors that turns ON the head lights automatically in the dark.

    These features that are available in 99 toyota corolla for the price of 15000$ when we bought in 1998.
    So, people think before buying sienna and ask these questions to the sales person.

  • typesixtypesix Posts: 314
    I want my AC not to turn on automatically with the defrost. It's a stupid idea copied from American car makers. Most of the time it's not needed, especially in cool weather when a little heat is needed anyway. My 2004 Highlander with manual climate controls has this unmentioned feature and am planning to disable it once I download the service manual.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    For the 2001 and later RX you can have the dealer set two c-best options. One of those unlinks the A/C from defrost/demist/defog mode, and the other allows you to disable it completely through multiple restarts by simply turning it off manually ONCE.

    Before the C-best become available I simply disconnected the A/C compressor clutch wiring during the winter months.

    And you are correct, the US manufacturers did this first but also had the good sense to realize that it could be more detrimental than good in cold weather so the A/C was typcially completely disabled below about 47F.

    It was the fools, idiots, in Japan, NipponDenso, Denso US, that thought, think, the A/C could still be used efficiently in the wintertime to defog the windshield.
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