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BMW Z4 Coupe



  • scottie123scottie123 Posts: 2
    Why are sales so slow on this beautiful car?

    There were decent numbers produced for '07, but it took some pretty big manufacturer to dealer incentives before they were sold off.

    Now in '08 it doesn't appear that the dealers are ordering any.

    Yes, the new 1 series is a great car with more practicality and outward visibility, but it is nothing to look at.
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Posts: 3,118
    When I examined the Z4 on the showroom floor, I was appalled at the interior materials quality. The plastic panels were cheap in appearance and feel, and ill-fitting. A $15,000 Honda Civic appears to have superior build quality.

    The exterior "flame surface" styling is also very polarizing.

    I'd choose an S2000 over the Z4 for it's more sporting character, better expected reliability, better build quality, and better value.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    With the current "Canadian Dollar Adjustments" on many BMW models, the (Canadian) base prices of a 335i Coupe and M Coupe are not that far apart. As good as the 335i is dynamically, I've always found it's styling to be handsome, but somewhat bland. It has a bit too much Infiniti G20, or even certain vintage Honda Civic Coupe in its rear end, IMHO. The M Coupe, on the other hand, while perhaps more controversial and polarizing in its styling, definitely screams "sport" in a way that the 335i can never do. It just looks more like a car that costs as much as it does. However, the M Coupe does have some practicality issues, such as the lack of a back seat, plus poor outward visibility (both front and back).

    Just wondering if anyone has cross-shopped these 2 models and has any comments.
  • I actually had an '04 S2000 and traded it in for my Z4 3.0si Coupe. The S2000 is fine with the top down, but with it up you need to be of below average height to see street lights. With the top up it's much noisier than the coupe as well.

    I haven't done it yet, but I'm confident that on comparative non-run flat tires, the Z4 Coupe would have a superior ride as well. It's funny how the press has criticized the Z4 3.0si for it's ride, especially with the Sport package, but now all those same reviewers seem to be criticizing the 135i for being too soft. Basically, if you give a car a sporty suspension and then add run-flats, you'll get choppy ride. If you tune a suspension to give a decent ride with run-flats, then it won't be very sporting. The 3.0si's suspension is fine, it's the run-flats holding it back, both performance and ride.

    Yes, as a pure track car the S2000 has the edge, but I don't go to the track, and the Z4 Coupe is the superior GT car. It's broad creamy torque curve make it a pleasure to drive on a daily basis without drawing unwanted attention like an S2000 does on boil (VTEC). However, the S2000's gearbox and ratios are so nicely done it's not so bad in "Stop and Go" traffic. Far superior to the "on-off" nature my WRX, but just a notch or two below the Z4 3.0si and it's abundance of low end torque (comparatively speaking that is).

    My S2000 had plenty of fit and finish items that left something to be desired. The Z4's is easily on par with the S2000 in that regard. And it's cabin is a far better place to be when the weather is less than perfect (i.e. warm, dry, and sunny).

    I have had my Z4 3.0si Coupe for a couple of months now and the feeling that I ripped off my dealer and got this car for a steal has only grown. With the discounted prices these have been selling for over the last eight months, these are one the best sports car deals out there.
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