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Lexus RX 400h Audio & Entertainment Questions

higginshiggins Posts: 4
I was told by my dealer that a new Sirius was available to replace my standard radio. But found out from the parts department that a new radio is available but not for 440h because they are not wired for it.
I am a Sirius subscriber would like to know what others have done to add it to their system. I know I can have it installed with a "hanging" changer but I do not like to 'mess up" my dash.



  • I have tremendous difficulty with Nextel-605 and the Rx400h, operation wise. The car just would not let me answer calls unless I am at a red light. And when the phone rings, I just can't stop quickly enough to answer it before it goes to voice mail.

    Does anyone know of a way to override this restriction????

    Oddly enough, it lets me make calls while the vehicle is rolling, provided that I store the number in 1-touch mode.
  • All 17 one touch numbers can be dialed at any time after they are stored in the system. The only other way to dial out while driving is through your cell phone touchpad.
  • Do you otherwise enjoy the Nextel bluetooth technology? I am considering upgrading my Nextel phone and would like the input.
  • nighnigh Posts: 16
    I have tried to upload the contacts on my cell phone to the Lexus 400h telephone directory with no results... I contacted Motorola and they told me it could be done...Hummmm. Any comments?
  • hendjazhendjaz Posts: 155
    Its a VZW issue with the v710, not Motorola. VZW does not allow data transfer via bluetooth as it monetizes this through some of the features it offers for $$.
  • I think BlueTooth is a great technology in vehicles. It's just that the Nextel ring is not long enough to stop the car and answer the call. By the time I stop, it'd stop ringing. RX400h software prevents me to answer (even one touch answer) while driving.

    Downloading your phone book is great.

    You may want to thorough check out the phone's functionality with bluetooth BEFORE you commit to it. Is there a way to do that??
  • I don't have the V710, rather the Nextel i605 but I would guess the method is the same: You don't send the whole phone book. You send one entry at a time.

    Also, most phones allow several numbers per person name (cell, home, work, etc.) However, the 400h only take ONE number per name. Bummer!
  • eabueabu Posts: 2
    What is the current navigation DVD version? I have version 4.2 and we bought our car in August 2005. We live in an area with new developments and the dvd info is almost useless here.
  • Your kidding right. What good is a hands free bluetooth telephone, if you can't use it while driving. If i have to pull over to use it, it would be easier to just put the phone up to my ear. Seems like Lexus is creating more danger instead of less.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 28,680
    If i have to pull over to use it, it would be easier to just put the phone up to my ear.

    Hopefully all the states will make it illegal to use your cell phone while driving, period. Where I work if British Petroleum security catch you driving and talking on your cell phone you lose your right to drive on oil field roads. If you have a phone call you pull to the side of the road and talk. Cell phone caused accidents have surpassed driving while intoxicated accidents.
  • You can use the phone while you are driving you just can't dial numbers unless you are going under about 2 MPH or stopped. You can, however, enter up to 17 numbers as 1-touch numbers and dial those while driving. One of these numbers is always the last number you dialed. You can certainly answer calls while driving and since all you have to do is push a button on the steering wheel to do this, it is quite easy. I love the blue tooth feature of this car. I find the sound quite good and no one has complained about it on the other end.

    It would be even better if you could voice dial through the car, but if you can, I haven't figured out how.

    I do think driving while holding the phone up to your ear is quite dangerous, but I can't see how using the speaker is anymore dangerous than talking to a passenger, especially if you are the kind of driver who looks at the passenger when you talk.
  • sdk43sdk43 Posts: 4
    Does anyone have an update on whether Verizon Blue Tooth phones work with the 400h and, if so, any tips on particular Verizon phones, techniques, etc.?

    Also, FYI, our 400h is now at about 5000 miles and recent mileage, as indicated by the dashboard, is around 27.2 at 65 mph, on regular gas.
  • dadcatdadcat Posts: 29
    Regarding the NAV/Phone, I read that a Bluetooth phone can be dialed while moving via the NAV screen by cutting a wire behind the NAV screen. Warning: It may void your warranty. I have not tried this yet, but others have done this 20 minute procedure successfully.
    If you do a Google search for "zube dial phone nav screen" you should find a reference to a poster named zube. He has done this mod to several different Lexus vehicles.
  • navguy1navguy1 Posts: 181
    The new areas take up to a year to get added to the map database. Once the area has been added they usually test drive the roads to verify the geometry, turn restrictions, etc. Getting turn-by-turn and voice directions is no easy task, and requires lots of resources to create a system that is safe to use. ;)
  • I set up my bosses bluetooth phone(motorola model V600 from cingular)to his Rx400h. He's a physician and has a huge phone book, so transfering one number one at a time isn't an option, plus you can't dial it while driving. I told him to just place the call from his phone. He has no problems receiving calls, but when he makes them from his phone there's a delay in the transfer and people are hanging up during this delay of a couple of seconds. Anyone have any solutions for this? Anyone not having that problem? Could it be the V600, I just don't want to tell him to buy a different phone and it doesn't solve the problem.

    I have an Acura RL and the bluetooth setup and phone seem better thought out. Plus the voice dialing is great. However I have a Treo 650, and haven't been able to transfer the phone book either.
  • I forgot to mention I talked him into this truck! He actually loves it, except for this problem :)
  • katzjamrkatzjamr Posts: 146
    I also have a treo 650 with my 400h, i tried to beam my phone book into it and noticed that there is a lock on that info in my phone. The customer service at Palm for the treo said it cannot be unlocked to beam the information. There could be a way to unlock this info in the phone by transfering the format it is in. Im working on it.
  • : Re Bluetooth...I just purchased the 400h and already had the Motorola razor phone from Cingular in preparation for Bluetooth . When the Lexus salesman tried inputing my address book the first 2numbers worked then an entry kept coming in wrong time after time. It was a name entry with the number entry from another name entry. After deleting THAT number from the phonebook it just entered the number from another name again. The salesman said he would check with others to find out if it was the car or my phone. He called me and of course blamed my phone and said to go to Cingular and ask for a replacement. I will find out this week what Cingular says. If you know anything about Bluetooth and can help me please do. Thanks
  • I have a RAZr from Cingular, too and it works fine. However, the numbers must be stored on the phone (not card) and for whatever reason when you put transfer the number into the car, it duplicates in the phone's phonebook. Otherwise, the phone works great with the Nav. system.
  • Thank you. I will go to Cingular this week and have them exchange my phone for a new one, it's obviously defective Bluetooth wise.
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