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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Transmission Problems



  • I have a 2003 CTS with 65,000 miles. I was initially very pleased with the car...until I had a problem. The car always hesitated when shifting from reverse to drive. Two weeks ago, the car would not move in reverse. I had to be pushed out of a parking space by three people. I took it to the dealer Curry Cadillac in NY. They told me that they could not recreate my complaint. So they drove it around the parking lot and let the car sit for 3 days. They did nothing. All of a sudden the car must have fixed itself. I know the transmission is on the verge of a breakdown. But, the Cadillac dealer didn't want to acknowledge a problem nor did the corporate office. When I called they refused to put a supervisor on the phone. It appears Cadillac doesn't stand by its cars, warranty or service. Has anyone else experienced this...because I'm going to tell everyone in my church, job and sorority to bypass Cadillac.
  • star27star27 Posts: 1
    I have an 05 CTS with the same problem along with a rough idle when I'm at a stop. Duplessis Cadillac here in Baton Rouge,LA gave me the runaround and after four trips, I gave up. It's hard being a female trying to get some honest service. Its been over a year and I still havent had anyone who can tell me exactly whats the cause and most who dont want to tackle a cadillac because of the risks involved. The service was so horrible at the dealer here I just decided I would try one more time at the next Cadillac dealer (that's60+ miles away in Metaire) and if they cant fix the issue or at least determine what the issue is, I'm trading this car in for an Acura. I love my car, but not the problems and not being able to go to you local dealer and get HONEST service.
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    It's stories like this that makes me think that GM still has some problems with their dealer network which they need to shake out, which is why they want to purge a lot of the low performers. My dealer in Nashville (Andrews Cadillac) treats me like gold. A problem like yours would not would have never been allowed to let stand.

    Just for some perspective, somebody locally in Nashville has a 1928 Cadillac Sport Phaeton. They recently brought it into Andrews as it needed service since the thing kept dying on the road (and overheating). Nobody outside of specialty shops deal in carburated L-head engines anymore. Parts? Ha! It took awhile (weeks) but the car is back in running shape. They even hired a detailer to clean it up (squirrels were using it to store nuts...literally). That's service.
  • mity2mity2 Posts: 1
    My 06 CT-S with 51000miles just starts to develop this exact same issue. were you able to get it fixed?
    its almost like when it shift in to 2nd or 3rd, shakes/bucks the whole car. Its intimitten probrem, hense dealer have been unable to pinpoint the issue.
    I love the car, but this is getting on my nurve, enough to make me consider trading it in for something else..
  • gm_bigotgm_bigot Posts: 19
    The dreaded "chuggle at 40-45 MPH at light load" has finally manifested itself in my 2007 CTS with 23500 miles on it. Hopefully the software patch described in one of the TSMs will fix the problem. If not, looks like a new torque converter for me. Going into the shop on Thursday (8/27). Disappointing. Anyone know why GM decided to put a French transmission in these vehicles from 2002 thru 2007?
  • gm_bigotgm_bigot Posts: 19
    Just got the bad news. They are replacing the torque converter. The mechanic at the dealership applied the software patch from the TSM, but the car was still not running correctly. He's done converters for the earlier models, but thought they had the issue straightened out by the 2007 model year. Apparently not.
  • Was your converter replaced under warranty ?

    If not, how much did you have to pay ?
  • It was replaced under warranty (24K miles). They have to drop the transmission to replace the torque converter. I believe it's a $3K job. If you are experiencing problems, the first step would be to take it in and have them flash the transmission control module with the new software. If that doesn't fix it, you are looking at a new torque converter. If it is out of warranty, I would negotiate the price. This problem is not that uncommon.
  • Hello there, well I' m having a problem with my Cadillac cts 03. It started when my brother in law change my front deferential. My car started to loose power it wouldn't accelerate and it would go only 5 miles per hour, Then I would shut it off and it will start but it would give a push on first gear and second gear and it would start to shake• it will give me a noise on my shifter when I press the gas to go up hill. I change the throttle body and the sensor pedal cause it will give me the codes about the throttle body so when I changed it when away but the problem is still there. So I wait for a few minutes and then it will start it up again but it will shake and give me a big push on first gear and second gear• can some one please let me know if they had a problem similar to this?

    Thank you
    :( :cry: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • can some one email me direct at thank you
  • ok so im 19 and i got this 2003 cts cash 9000...i had it for about 4 mounths i love it im in love with this car ...but 1 day i took it out to the store and came back home wen it came time to park it i shift into R and it will not move... i was in shock that it will not move from R it will not ,ove at all as if it was in i mest around with the gears i put in in D1 good...D2 good...D3 good...D good...N not so good...wen i shift to N is drives a little but then wen i pik up it go to normal N...then like i said i have no R at all as if R was just for P ... havnt had the money to take it in cuz before all this i had to get tires and new batery is this the transmition going bad or the computer? :sick:
  • It sounds like an internal malfunction. The no reverse could be a damaged reverse clutch assembly or maybe a valve body malfunction (which would be the lesser problem for you). "Creeping" in neutral could by some check ball being stuck or again, damage to clutch packs.

    You might have the car's computer scanned for trouble codes and see if any clues are there.
  • so around how much is that to fix...i know to get a knew tranny and all is about 3000 with a 3 year 100,000... its a 03 v6 auto...70,000 miles...i think its a know im sad this is my 1st car got it with my money 9,000 cash i wax it and all every week and its just sad looking at it parkd
  • Well maybe a good shop can fix it without a rebuild. Maybe it's just a valve body issue and it could be removed and cleaned. I'm just making an educated guess you know. i could be wrong.
  • yeah i took it to sum shops around here and they all say they wont work on it cuz they dnt have the tools to work on or look at the french the only place i know is GM dealer around town but i know they gunna pick my pockets clean
  • dkm72dkm72 Posts: 3
    It is just a 5L40E, I can not believe that you can not find a trans shop to work on it. That trans does not take any speciality tools that a normal trans shop should not have.
  • I agree --- LAME excuse for a transmission shop.
  • wll i took it in the other day...told me they checkd it all out and looks like i need it re built or a all new tranny...but my new question is cuz i dnt got the money right now for a re built or a new 1 imma buy a used 1 for my cts is a 2003 and seems like almost all 2003 years are 3.2L ...but mine is a 3.6L from wat year to wat year can i buy the tranny for my car....03 to 07?
  • If you buy a used transmission from a reputable wrecking yard, they have an Exchange Database that they purchase to tell them what years will interchange. Be sure to get a warranty of some kind. YOu know you're dealing with a good salvage yard when the unit they show you is very clean, and all bagged up on the shelf.

    If they pull some dirty hunk of metal out of some wreck, don't even bother.
  • K9WillK9Will Posts: 26
    i have 2 2004 cts 3.6 w/auto trans. that when they sit for a week you put them in reverse and then back in drive they sometime slip or don't go in foward motion right away but after they start moving they seem to work properly, shift fine & don't give a minutes trouble, both cars have just over 90000 miles has anyone found what the problem is THANKS
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