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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    I have an aftermarket XM unit in my Intrigue(purchased it in 11/01) and while the sound quality with the RF modulator is pretty good, I would like a fully integrated unit. The Intrigue has a small cubby at the base of the dash ahead of the console so the XM unit fits neatly in there and it pretty much out of sight. The CTS doesn't have such a spot and thus the XM unit would need to be mounted on the console. Not a big thing, but if a Chevy Cavalier can have XM integrated with the radio without having to spend a fortune, the CTS should as well.

    hammen2, if she goes from a 91 Legend to a CTS she'll be experiencing a totally new driving experience. The second generation Legends weren't bad cars, but we're talking 1991 technology versus 2001. And also RWD v FWD. Good luck trying to get her to break the "import only" mold although if she's been satisfied with the Suburban then she should be delighted by the CTS's quality.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Thanks for the link. Yep, I think I'll just hang on to my Intrigue for a bit longer and spring for an 04 CTS. I could be wrong, but that new engine looks to be a gem. Heck, it might even make me forget the wonderful 3.5 liter DOHC V6 in my Intrigue(arguably the Intrigue's best feature).
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    The '91 Legend was a great car for its day, and like most Hondas, they don't break. Getting her to go GM will be a tough sell for her.

    Personally, I think she needs to get a few choices. I'd have her test drive an Acura TL Type-S manual, a Cadillac CTS manual, a Infiniti G35 manual, and maybe another car of her choice. It will be difficult since most dealerships don't carry manual gearbox cars, but look around your area. The Acura TL will be a strong car with a very familiar face to her. Then contrast that look and feel with the G35 and CTS and see what she likes.

    In the end, it's her call. The CTS is attractive due to the GM deal that you have, but the TL is inexpensive too begin with. Ultimately, she'll decide what's comfortable for her. I own a CTS and am very happy, but I know it's not for everyone.
  • vcjumpervcjumper Posts: 1,110
    Is due for replacement by the end of the year I think
    New TL
  • necrosnecros Posts: 127
    Worst case scenario, if no one has MTs to drive, she can drive mine. Plus it's already broken in, so she could beat on it a little. :)
  • tvdirectvdirec Posts: 22
    I must say I'm glad someone other than me likes the Cashmere color. I liked it a year ago and went with it when I bought my CTS last November. You don't see many of them around although here in Connecticut I have seen one other. Can anyone recommend a GOOD car wax. Mine is due and I'd like to have that baby shining...especially on a sunny day like today.
  • biglevbiglev Posts: 8
    I know the '04s start into production on the 5th but when will they be able to purchase from the dealer. I don't know if I am going to purchase the CTS until August and I was wondering if you think there will be along wait for one by then. I know a want a Sable Black CTS with everything minus the DVD navigation.
  • biglevbiglev Posts: 8
    To follow up on my last post, how much do you think the CTS with everything minus the DVD navigation will cost. Thanks.
  • batmansctsbatmanscts Posts: 63
    I strongly second the recommendation of Rickenbaugh Cadillac for those who live in Denver. I live in Colorado Springs and wanted to buy my CTS from my local dealer, Red Noland Cadillac. Noland didn't have the exact model with options that I wanted, but found one at Rickenbaugh. After a quick phone call, my wife and I were on a short drive to Denver to visit Rickenbaugh.

    They must have had 8 or 10 CTSs inside their show room. They knew that we intended to buy from Red Noland, but treated us with great courtesy and patiently answered all of our questions. We found a sable black/ebony Lux Sport with every option that we wanted. We probably spent an hour in the show room looking at all the CTSs and that helped us become more certain of what we really wanted.

    Noland traded another CTS to Rickenbaugh for the one the I wanted and everyone was happy... especially me. I'm a strong believer in buying from a local dealer when I can. Perhaps I'm a bit naive, but I still expect my local dealer to respond to my needs (and I want the closest drop off point when I need service). I'd recommend Rickenbaugh and Red Noland Cadillac dealerships with equal confidence in their desire and efforts to satisfy customer expectations.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    Hey thanks to who ever posted that review... I enjoyed reading all the changes in store for the 04 models... I too buyin a CTS in august provided that either A. the 04 with auto haven't shoot up out of my price range or B. a new 03 which I hope will still be available... someone has to have a black basic with just an auto... at least I hope thanx
  • calicadicalicadi Posts: 87
    Welcome jnorthstar! I too came from a Seville STS (a beautiful 95 in Carmine Red with a dove gray interior) and now have a WhtDmnd LuxSprt. My only regret is I couldn't keep 'em both. I share your opinion on the difference and merits of the two. For fun, use the message search and go to 1799. Bingoman has a WhtDmnd and had the front grill painted to match the body. Then consider other colors like flat black.

    tvdirect - For cleaning and polishing stuff, I swear by (not at) Meguiars products. Check out their website. If they don't make it you probably don't need it. You can even call the toll free, on weekends, and get a live person who can help you understand what to use where. It really helps 'cause they really do have a lot of purpose-made products.

    theBug - OK I'm sold, dual exhaust it is dyno justified or not.

    Stupid Human Trick - I was detailing the window gaskets the other day (with Meguiars handy detailing applicator - a small soda straw with foam sponge tip filled with vinyl and rubber restorer). Went to do the gasket around the moon roof and got no retraction. Yikes! Finally figured it out. Last time I used it I must've closed the interior sunshade with too much gusto. Result... the sunshade jammed the glass enough to defeat the retraction motor. Moral of the story...? Think suave class and sophistication when closing sunshade, not macho posturing.
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    Interesting how dealers work depending on where you're at. Here (Portland, Ore. area) there are 3 Caddy dealers in close proximity (under 20 miles apart). They, apparently, won't trade amongst themselves. Their philosophy seems to be "why should I give a car to a competitor so you can buy from him". When I was shopping, two of them (the closest to my home) only had one CTS on the lot and neither were what we wanted. Our minimum requirements were sterling silver, auto tranny, luxury considered but no luxury sport. One dealer tried for one day then said "sorry, can't find it." The other tried for several days, but same result. The 3rd had 8-10 CTS in stock and one of them was close enough to what we wanted that we purchased there. I was a little rushed wanting to get in on the 0% financing before it went away so probably settled on a deal that I could have made better. But, in the end, we were happy and got our CTS. The downside is the dealer I ended up buying from is almost a 100 mile roundtrip from home so I'll be using one closer (40 mile roundtrip) for any service/warranty work.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    cu95: I think you're right. The later models have a different OnStar unit, because mine doesn't have that feature.

    calicadi: Justified, you betcha. The pipes are calling you man. The custom shop (a local vogue) did an awesome job on the installation. I told them that I didn't want to see any hardware (as seen in all the advertisment photos) underneath, just the chrome pipes, and they complied. I just think it looks tacky, especially on a Cadi.

    I could have gone straight to the custom shop to have it done, but I went through the dealer to avoid any future warranty issues. As I thought prior to doing so, the price (the middle man factor) didn't change at all.

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    How long ago was sterling silver dropped?
    All of the cars on my dealers lot are light platinum.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Meguiars are great products but I use Mother's also.
    They have a 3 step process with a Cleaner Wax/Glaze/Carnuba Wax.

    The cleaner wax contains a mild polish and the glaze covers up the scratches.

    The glaze will make the metallics in the paint
    pop right out.

    It made my bronze mist intrigue look incredible and my bright blue metallic Camaro gets so shiny you can't look at it in the sunlight without sunglasses.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    This thread has been one of the Top 10 discussions for the last several days.
    lets keep it up.
  • tyler80tyler80 Posts: 20
    According to the Cadillac Website the CTS exterior color Sterling Silver was no longer availabe for ordering after December 2002, and Light Platinum had become available for order after December 2002.
  • tornado25tornado25 Posts: 279
    Actually I hadn't thought of the RF modulator until after I posted and I realize what you mean. I guess I was talking more along the lines of putting a whole new deck in (which is what I did since the OEM was crap anyway).

    Since you don't want to pay for a bunch of unwanted options to get XM, I was thinking you could do the same. However, you'd probably be ripping out a factory deck, that even in the base model, is 10x better than what my OEM was.

    That said, Pioneer makes some pretty nice stuff and if you find the right place, they can install it so it looks right. I guess it all depends on how bad you want XM!
  • ctsjerryctsjerry Posts: 94
    The bug is right when he wrote:

    "In my thinking, if they were to add the most common options into the base model, the price itself would eliminate a large portion of the market segment they are seeking, and many would have never taken a second look at the product. A lot of us would said 'I can't afford that' and moved on to another model. That's how the hook works."

    "When looking at the CTS, my thoughts were, don't let the $29,350 fool you into thinking you can get this for cheap. One has to know, you can have it loaded, but it won't be cheap, or you can have it cheap, but it won't be loaded."

    "It would be interesting to find out how many people purchased a base model BMW, MB or Lexis. As we know, many of these options are standard on the said competitors, and you have to get whether you want them or not, and it also cost more."

    I originally wanted just a base version CTS, to save costs, but after looking around and discussing the options with my BMW buddies, I decided to go for the more loaded car. I'm EXTREMELY happy I did, but 12 months ago I never would have thought that. Yes, price is one thing, but a year later you just might be kicking yourself for getting a lesser car.

    I just wanted to add, what is all the upset over the CTS wood trim? My Luxury Sport has genuine Zabrano wood on the top 1/3 of the steering wheel (like Jaguars and other luxury sedans), gear shift knob (wood knobs have been around for 80+ years) and on the four small door handles (4" long). Is that just "too ugly" for you folks to stand? Are you guys seeing the Dealer trimmed versions perhaps? I agree they look a bit ugly, with all that tacked on wood trim, but remember it certainly isn't "stock".

    I also posted a comment at that perhaps you guys should look into the "wood delete" option, that may or may not exist. Six months after I bought my Carmine Red 1991 Caddy Sedan Deville I discovered that I could have ordered my car without the white pinstripe, or gray lower body color by specifying "pinstripe delete" or "lower body color delete". Something you might want to inquire about...
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