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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    I feel for you...a week after I bought my CTS my wife backed into a shopping cart in the Costco parking lot. Fortunately the damage to the rear bumper was minor. I decided to keep the wife but am considering trading my CTS on either the larger V6 or the V-Series when they arrive.

    Does anyone know how the CTS is holding its resale value? I would guess quite well since I've only seen one used CTS for sale locally and it had a "carriage top" installed...YUCK!
  • ctsjerryctsjerry Posts: 94
    I have been away from this site for a few days, and haven't kept up with all the great comments you folks have been posting. I wanted to agree with batmancts's comment: "My advice to anyone considering a CTS is to find one you like and buy it! I haven't heard anyone who owns one make a serious complaint about the car. If I found a 2003 that I really liked, I wouldn't wait on a 2004 that might not be exactly what I want and might also be considerably more expensive." Yes, my Luxury Sport 2003 model is just fine for my needs. Plenty powerful and rides great. The prices will be going up, I can see the handwriting on the wall.

    I'm surprised to hear the 0% interest doesn't apply to the current CTSs on the lot. Guess I was lucky to buy mine in November of 2002 at 0% for 36 months (Do the math. As you can figure, the monthly payment is pretty steep! Yikes!) But as you guys say, it bodes well for the overall success of the car.

    Dropped by the Dealership today to pickup some CTS brochures for our SoCal CTS Gathering June 21st. My dealer has about 35 CTSs in stock (20 had just came in and weren't prepped yet). All CTSs I saw had the new Temp Gauge we've all lusted for. I saw a black Luxo Sport CTS, with the Ebony interior. That is what I really would have liked, but my Dark Pewter is pretty nice too. The all Ebony dash and interior is a new option. Also saw some of the California Editions with the Machined 17" wheels. A new Dealer option was Dealer CHROMED factory 17" Aluminum wheels with neat chromed caps. Very nice touch!

    One of the salesmen remarked that the CTS was their best seller by far, with Escalades trailing behind. The CTSs are definitely catching on here in Los Angeles. The L.A. crowd is very jaded towards BMWs and Japanese makes, so it's rare to get them to comment at all. But lately I get a lot more looks and nice comments. I notice women seem to really like the car. They comment the most.

    About the ride, I agree the Luxury Sport is a bit firmer than the Luxury or Base Model ride. I test drove both. Probably a good idea for anyone considering one, to try both & compare. But I feel the extras included in the Luxo Sport Option are worth it and I love the "driving on rails" feeling in the curves. That car really hauls! I briefly had her up to 110 mph a few weeks ago. I was on a short section of Freeway and the end was looming up so I backed off. It was still pulling when I backed off. What a car!

    By the way, thanks for all the posts on the tires. I still think my car has the V rated tires, but I think the newer ones have W rated tires as you stated. I saw it in a write-up somewhere.

    Hope you folks are taking advantage of the 24 hour Test Drive. My wife & I RENTED a loaded CTS last October, to see how it fit into our lives. That 24 hour "test drive" sold us on the car, but we PAID to find that out (about $160). A FREE Test Drive would have been VERY nice!

    Glad b4z finally test drove the CTS! Really makes you a believer, doesn't it? He'll have one soon. He has the fever too!
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    Thanks for the laugh. I really needed that one. My wife enjoyed that one too!

    Yeah, my wife is due to deliver our first child in about 3 weeks (July 4th), so she's very hormonally challenged at this point. I can't get too mad at her. :-)
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Whatever happened to it? A year ago we were talking about it and it has simply disappeared off the radar screen.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Spent last night and this morning going thru the archived CTS discussion.
    Still have a long way to.
    30-40 posts a day and sometimes 70 posts was the norm. 9 out of 10 posts had NOTHING to do with the CTS.
    here is a gem some of you might remember:

    Posted by me on February 26, 2002
    "We are now almost 2 months into the intro of the CTS and I don't think anyone on this thread has bought one yet.

    That has got to be some kind of record."

    Some of you may remember that it took 2.5 months for an edmund's member to purchase a CTS.

    After wading through about 1800 posts (most off topic)I am feeling a little nauseated.
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    They were offering the 0-60 (Zero % financing up to 60 months) on the CTS a couple of months back. It ended on (I believe) April 30th. Bought mine on 4/27 so got in just under the wire. When the new plans came out on May 1st, the CTS had dropped off the "zero" list while other Cad models (not all of them) stayed on it. Since it seems Cadillac was straining to keep up with the CTS demand, maybe this was "designed" (odd as that may be) to try to slow demand a little so they could catch up. On the other hand, since they were selling hot 'n fast, GMAC probably saw the "cash cow" they were missing by offering 0%.
    July "Consumer Reports" magazine rates the CTS #7 out of 15 tested and gave it an overall mid "very good" rating. Their issue seems to be lack of reliability info (since it's still a new model) so they "can't recommend it."
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    35 CTSs in stock, that must be a big dealer. BTW, how many Devilles do they have in stock, 100? The most CTSs I have seen in stock at the local dealer here is about 8 or 9. They don't seem to stay too long and any that are in really sharp colors like black, blue, or red are gone within a couple of days of appearing. Also, where did you rent a CTS from? I have yet to see any of the rental companies renting them.

    0% financing, the CTS has been eligible for a couple of the 0% financing promos, but interestingly it has not been included in all of them.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    Edmunds new car pricing now has the 04 CTS listed. Make mine Blue Chip with the 3.6 and required slushbox and XM radio. While I still wish a few other options were available without the packages, I am generally pleased with the pricing structure of the 04 CTS. I am VERY glad Cadillac didn't significantly raise the price of the car.
  • batmansctsbatmanscts Posts: 63
    b4z: The owners manual says that traction control automatically comes on whenever you start the car. The manual suggest that you always leave it on unless you are stuck in sand, mud, or snow and rocking the vehicle is necessary.
    I'm sure the auto-on is a safety feature so that people don't forget that they have turned it off. I tested mine a few times when I first got the car and found that it does automatically come on when I start the engine after having turned traction control off (both with the button in the glove box and with the radio control).

    sevenfeet0: A wife who's a "keeper" and a baby due on the 4th of July. Doesn't get any better than that! Makes all the discussion about cars seem very insignificant. Congrats to you and your wife.
  • necrosnecros Posts: 127
    Yeah, I know how to turn the traction control off by other means, but I was at the starting line, and otherwise occupied. :)
  • jpnmassjpnmass Posts: 45
    Thanks for the reply about GMS. I work for a large telecom company as well. I didn't think about the connection with all the trucks we buy from the big 3. My company website said it is in effect until the end of this year. Maybe it will be renewed next year, but I guess that depends. I'm not in the market for awhile, so lets hope it's extended.
  • jpnmassjpnmass Posts: 45
    Thanks for the response, I appreciate it.
  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    In post #3429, you wrote, "The all Ebony dash and interior is a new option". I purchased in Nov of 02, and I have all ebony. What do you mean? Has something been added, or changed?

    Further, you mentioned a SoCal CTS gathering on 21 June, please elaborate.

  • thebugthebug Posts: 294
    While in Cleveland, Ohio, in April this year, I made a visit to a Cadillac Dealer, and they must have had at least 35-40 on the back lot. Most of them were base models, and none with a stick. Even then, the salesman said they were moving pretty good. The CTS is a lot more sucessful than many thought it would be.

  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    CTS sold 37,979 cars in the calendar year 2002.
    Considering that sales started Jan. 2, 2002 that is excellent. We forget that there weren't any cars in the pipeline and the cars that were on dealer's lots were strictly demos and not for sale.
    They were also only producing about 400 cars a week in January 2002.
    Production started in November 2001.
    It looks like about 25-27K 2003 CTSs have been produced YTD for 2003.
    So there will be about 55-60,000(maybe more?) 2003 CTS's on the road.
    Not too shabby.
  • mcgreenxmcgreenx Posts: 179
    I don't know what the "critical mass" is, that is, how many cars need to be on the road before they begin to lose their rarity, but I now commonly see CTSs on Chicago area roads, and in the parking lot where I work. It gives me a feeling of pride that I was one of the earlier "adopters," who saw what the car offered, and with over 15K I'm more and more delighted with the car every day. Now all I've go to do is get the leaky rear license plate surround replaced. But that doesn't affect the car's performance.

    And 7ft., next year this time you will be a Father's Day honoree. A great feeling, and even better when you qualify because of being both a father and a GRANDfather. Do you know yet whether you are going to be a father or a mother?
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    just went to the edmunds pricing for the 04 CTS... how can an option package be nearly 10K is this a mistake or reality... I'm gonna go talk to dealors about getting an 04 or seeing about the pricing of it... I'm shootin for a new 03, though so I can get some discounts on the price since the 04s are comming out....
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    There is a really sweet blue CTS on ebay right now. Only 800 miles. Looks like there are selling in the 22-24K range.
    That might be an option for a lot of us.
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Not applicable to CTS or Cadillac up here either. Cadillac doesn't seem to need it these days. Cadillac seems to be back in vogue.
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