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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Not to make you guys feel bad, but we have a $300 maximum sales tax in South Carolina.

    However, we do have property taxes on automobiles.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Well folks I guess you've got to pay for government one way or another.
  • jemillerjemiller Posts: 183
    The problem is when you end up paying for government in one way, AND another, AND another, AND another...
  • dindakdindak Posts: 6,632
    Property tax on automobiles? Sounds so European.

    Don't feel bad guys, we pay 15% sales tax up here on new cars, 8% prov tax and 7% federal.
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    I would avoid the single wipe use wax products for your car unless it's just to augment a previously applied wax (not a car wash wax job).

    For your scratches and swirles, use Mequire's ScratchX. It does a good job on most minor scratches and can be found at most auto parts supply stores like Pet Boys or Autozone. It won't get everything out (sometimes professional care is needed), but it does a good job.

    For long term care, I'd recommend that you wax the car yourself or find a detailer that you trust that will do it right. Most automatic car washers will damage your vehicle's finish over time. My CTS has never seen a wash machine and probably never will while I own it. I just take it down to the coin op place and do it myself.
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    I agree with what sevenfeet0 had to say.

    NEVER take your black car through an automated car wash! The dealer gave my black CTS the "courtesy wash" (I didn't realize beforehand they were going to wash it) and it took me over an hour to buff out the surface scratches.

    I've tried almost ALL the auto care products and like Mother's the best. They have a cleaner pre-wax that will remove surface scratches which should be followed up by their pure carnuba wax w/or w/out cleaner. Mcguire's is also decent stuff as is Zymol...and for inexpensive wax I actually like Turtle Wax. The best shine can be obtained by using Zaino products but they are so non-abrasive they won't take out surface scratches and provide almost no protection against rain and dirt.

    As for cleaning the crazy as it may seem all you need to do is use a mild soap (even hand soap works) and water then dry with a towel. The 3M microfiber cloths work good to pick up dust and there's a non-amonia glass cleaner that you can get at Costco that works well. Avoid using ArmourAll...I've never seen it ruin anything (like people claim it does) but it adds a shine that's hard to get rid of and there's really no reason to use anything other than soap and water.

    Lastly, don't let ANYTHING with synthetic fibers (wash mitts, brushes, etc.) to touch the finish of your car. Costco also has real sheepskin wash mitts and chamios that work great to wash/dry your car.
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    Searched the topic and found a few comments from a while back about LED tail lights and such. (Did "we" ever decide if the 3rd brake light was LED or neon???) Anyway, has anyone found any LED bulbs (if that's what you call them) that can be installed aftermarket for the brake lights and turn signals? Thoughts and/or comments on this!
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    A guy at another site named logandiagnostics in Nashville has the answers.

    This guy rebuilds LED brake light bars and taillights for most newer Caddies. I am sure he will have a fix for the CTS soon.....

    E-mail me for contact (Won't post here cuz it will anger the host) I have shot him a e-mail so he might stop by!

    Note the applications on his web site are NOT updated tho. with all his new goodies ...
    So its best to call direct!..........geo
  • eaton53eaton53 Posts: 356
    His prices are reasonable, too.
    Definitely the guy to contact if your LED's take a dump.
  • oldsman01oldsman01 Posts: 1,203
    The CTS's third brake light looks to be neon, much like the Ford Explorer and Lincoln Mark VIII's was neon in the late 90s. The taillights do not appear to be LEDs but typical incandescent bulbs. While it looks okay, I do think that LED taillights(like the Deville has) would make the CTS look even better. They certainly would be fitting with the car's ultra modern styling approach.
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    I looked briefly at that site...didn't see what I was after (which doesn't mean he doesn't have them). Anyway, I did find a site (but now can't find it again...I'll keep looking) that had LED cluster "bulbs" that appeared to be designed to put in place of a regular incandescent bulb. They were colored though (amber or red) and I'm not sure how that'd work behind a colored lens. Nor do I know if "the fix" would be as easy as simply replacing the current brake/turn signal bulb with an LED. Ultimately, that's kinda what I'm looking for if anyone knows of such a thing or if it's even doable.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    Thanks for the cleaning tips. I might try to pick up some wax/etc this weekend and go at it. I can see why you might want to avoid synthetics at the final stage when applying/removing the wax, but before that when you're washing and prep'ing and possibly using something with mild abbrasives, such as ScratchX, I'd think you could get away with a gentle synthetic material (e.g., Clorox makes a disposable cleaning cloth; I haven't handled one yet to see if it feels gentle, but something like that seems acceptable at the cleaning stage.)
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    Trust me on this one...don't use synthetics on a black car. Sheepskin and/or 100% real cotton is the only way to be safe...I KNOW from experience!
  • Trust automole!!!... and the rest of us who have owned several black vehicles. You can't undo damage once you've done it (or once someone else has done it).

    Part of the price you have to pay for having a beautiful black car is taking special care of the finish.
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    -I finally found wheels I liked (I've been looking for almost a year) and bought them...hopefully this link will work:

    batmanscts: You can see my other black car in the background...and my last car was black...and the one before that was black........something tells me the next one will be black too! I guess if I get a CTS-v in a couple of years (like I hope to) I'll have a 50% chance of getting black again.

    berrycherry: Congrat's on the new CTS. Hopefully the CTS won't follow the lead of the Escalade and you won't need LoJack OR Onstar! I just read an article that said the Escalade topped Acura for the most stolen car.

    sonjaab: Thanks for trying to get the coupons. FWIW I probably wouldn't have been able to use one anyway since the local dealers haven't gotten in any 2004's that I'd be interested in (and most likely won't before Sept2). Now that I've got the new wheels and refinanced at a lower rate I'll probably just drive my 'old' 2003 for a couple of years before trading it in on a new one.
  • 04ctsv04ctsv Posts: 13
    I got to say, I think I saw your previous post about how you couldn't find any wheels you liked, I thought you were going to pick some really ugly wheels, but I have to admit it you made a good selection they really fit the car, what size are they 18"?
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    Thanks for the LED website. I've found a few others too. Have you tried these at all? Will they retro-fit ok (I'm thinking just for the rear signals/brake lights) on the CTS? Are they bright enough? Work okay as turn signals? Etc..etc...or does anyone else know.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    what kind and what are the spec's on the wheels you bought ? They look good
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    rsteph: I don't really know anything about the LEDs. I found the website through a link on the website...people are using them to replace the 12v bulbs on arcade machine emulator coin doors. I haven't tried or purchased any of the LEDs...yet.

    04ctsv/wwhite2: I thought I was going to pick some really ugly wheels too since that seemed to be my only I said in my previous post(s) they all looked too plain and 'musclecar' (like something you'd see on a Mustang or Camaro) or too 'pimped-out'. I had to look for a LONG time to find something I liked that was 8" wide...most were 7.5" in width. I also kind of wanted to stay with the '7 spoke' Cadillac wheel theme and would have been OK with either painted or chrome...the wheels I found ended up being available in chrome only.

    Anyway, they are "TSW Heaven7" wheels and are 18"x8". The 8" width was important because all of the 245/40/18 tires I found require an 8" rim as the minimum width. I was a bit scared after ordering the rims because I saw a picture of a Mercedes on the TSW website with the same wheels and they didn't look too good on the MB IMO. I was relieved after seeing them on my CTS because they look 'right' the car should have come that way from the factory. They also look better in person than in the picture. I was also worried that the 18" rims would compromise ride quality but was surprised to find that the car actually seems to ride smoother (especially at higher speeds) and the steering has a much lighter feel. The Continental Extreme Contact tires also seem to grip much better than the stock Goodyears and don't seem to be any noisier on harsh pavement. The Contis also have a better all-season tread pattern, 400 treadwear rating, and were relatively $cheap$!!. The car does take hard bumps more harshly (like potholes for instance) but that can probably be expected since I have 2" less of tire sidewall to cushion the blow.
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