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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    Did you happen to pick up on what is build date range that the service bulletin applies to? I have a Jan '03 build date and am wondering if I need to make a visit to my dealer about this. Thanks.
  • I'll ask the date range when I pick it up. Hopefully today (10/22).
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    Dropping the forward end of a driveshaft is very catastrophic (severe damage) and a safety problem .Drag racing requires driveshaft loops to retain broken driveshafts or u joints . This sounds like it should be a recall . .
  • jemillerjemiller Posts: 183
    The damage that results from the front of a driveshaft dropping depends on (a) the speed of the vehicle and rotational speed of the shaft (b) the length and mass of the shaft.

    Best-case, you're barely moving and there's something under it to restrain it, it goes 'thumpthump' and puts a dent in your (a) floorpan or (b) exhaust system.

    Worst-case, you're zipping down the highway at 100mph and it drops free and no crossmember or exhaust system catches it, it snags on the pavement, tears loose from the final drive and makes like a javelin through the car's rear structure.
  • got the new tires and wheels put on today and the problem is fixed. it is still hard to belive that all four goodyears went bad.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I cant believe they also scratched all 4 wheels . But then again there is nothing like starting out new !
  • Although I am practically committed in my mind to buy a CTS I have been glancing at the Infinity G35. On that post I find that the brakes require replacement at as little as 7500 miles or less. My Saab front brakes lasted 90000 miles and the rears are still original at 111000 miles. Can any of you owners tell me how your brakes are lasting? I would think there is someone out there with a bit of mileage on his car.
  • necrosnecros Posts: 127
    My brakes are about halfway gone after 20K miles. But I also drive my car VERY aggressively, and track it. My experience is most likely not typical
  • Just to clarify (don't want people freakin out out there)... my drive shaft did not drop out. Only one bolt came out. There are six bolts on the coupler. Just got off the phone with the dealer. The kit arrived missing the bolts so they need to keep it one more day until the bolts arrive. They promise to burn me copy of the tech bulletin when I p/u the car. I'll share the contents.
  • So 35000 miles or so and tracking it. They will probably last me at least 50000 miles. Certainly acceptable.
  • I'm just about 24k miles (39,000 km)and the last brake inspection had me at 6mm left on the front pads and 8mm on the rears. Should be good for another 10k or so. I do quite a bit of rush hour highway, but drive fairly aggressively on the local roads and the country twisties. Brakes are still strong, no fade, and stop me in a straight line with no vibration.
  • From your message and that of Necros I think that I can put my anxiety about brake life to rest. If I buy a CTS, that is. I still can't quite believe what I read on the Infinity G35 posting about 7500 mile brake jobs. Also re the complaints here about the interior finish of the CTS. I'd much rather have the production dollars go into mechanicals than the interior and have less maintenance down the road. And by the way, I have no complaint about the CTS interior.
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    Has got to be the afterthought of a gearshift console.
    Its like they designed the stack. Then said, "we have to put something around the gearshift."
    The two are not connected visually in any way.
    I am not saying it has to be one piece. It just has to have 1 design theme.
    It can be two different parts and even have a seam or gap whee the 2 meet meet.
    As long as they look integrated.
    I have never seen this before in any car.

    As far as adding wood and aluminum trim bits that is fine too. I guess we will only have to wait 8 more months to see the 2005 interior redesign.
  • jemillerjemiller Posts: 183
    Some Detroit traditions are hard to break, once upon a time used to be that everything was designed for three-across bench seating and every center console was an afterthought. Now they just design them to *look* that way.
  • cjs2002cjs2002 Posts: 341
    I've considered both the CTS and the G as well as the Jag X type... and find all three to be exceptional cars... as for the brakeproblems of the G I really can't say, I know it has a lot to do with peoples driving habbits, along with the fact that the G can shall we say "stop on a dime" power has much to say about the break wear, yet they are right, they shouldn't be wearing out at 10K miles and most certainly the rotors should not be warping at these points. unfortunatly something turned me off about the CTS, I like the car but there is something about the X type that I love, I also like the G alot. Considering the fact that I'll be leaseing I'm not totaly worried about the cars future relieability after 3 yrs considering that I'm not going to have it after then... frankly I don't know which of the three I like better, I have to decide by the end of november, cause thats when I've set up my finances to get one. oh well thought I'd share my thoughts.
  • Got my baby back today. Big props to the Wayne Stead service dept. The best. Lots of data here so pardon length. OK first that drive shaft coupler bolt thing. The bulletin that covered my AWOL bolt is #02-07-30-026-(06/05/2002). It's title, "Launch Shudder Felt on Hard Acceleration (Replace Transmission Output Shaft Flange)". It covers prior to VIN breakpoint 30108959. To quote, "Condition - Some customers may comment on a shudder felt in the vehicle on acceleration. / Cause - This condition may be caused by insufficient clearance between the transmission output shaft flange and the propshaft attaching bolts." Then follows six pages of instructions of R&R. Back to direct quote here "Parts Information - P/N-96042440 - Desc-Flange Kit - Qty-1 - Limited parts available from GMSPO. Do not order for stock. This condition will only be experienced by a limited number of customers."

    Needless to say I didn't come in complaining of "launch shudder" but Wayne Stead always does their research, they found this related bulletin and gave me the upgraded assembly. Oh jemiller... drive assured, the CTS has a "floor panel tunnel brace" to catch a wayward driveshaft in the worst-case scenario. In the tech bulletin instructions it's the first thing removed when doing this work. Cool, huh?

    I'm serious when I say they do they research. Here's the first - missouri2 you out there? - This just came out this last Monday... "Product update 03019 is a product update for tires... We have inspected the tires and noted DOT codes.. Customer will call for an appointment to replace 4 tires... This update will expire on 10/31/04". So I guess my tires fell in the range. (Sorry kids the range is not listed on the work order, just what I typed above.) They inspected my tires, found no signs of the defect (which is not safety related), and told me I could make arrangements at my convenience to get the replacements.

    Second, they found "Perform 11276 Malfunction Indicator Light Recall per bulletin 02-06-01-013". This is apparently a software bug that causes spurious Check Engine Light illumination with no codes. I never experienced this fault.

    And finally, they installed the new C-pillar air bag covers (properly referred to as "Rear Sail Panels"). The part numbers for these new better fitting parts are 25758095 and 25758096.

    All the above was done under warranty. So I got my flanges bolted, software debugged, sails set and new rubber in the pipeline. Can we say "Road trip!"?
  • now i know why all four goodyears were bad. thank you. the problem with my tires was the sidewalls were bulged
  • jhl4jhl4 Posts: 18
    I'm considering a CTS. Test drove and liked it very much. LOVE the look, however, when I opened the trunk for a look, my jaw dropped. Can you get two full sized suitcases in there? This could be a deal breaker. (sad)
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