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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    If I were you I would demand a Field Engineer be brought in on the problem. Call Cadillac Customer service and tell them that you want a field engineer to come to the dealership.
    I believe that the Lemon Law is different in various states but in PA there must be three visits for the same problem with no resolve or before 12,000 miles.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    Get an attorney to start writing a few letters, maybe that will light a fire under somebody. An attorney could guide you through the process. In most states if you win your attorney fees are paid by the defendant.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I cant believe the leaks you have . One would think GM would replace the car and never look back.
       I would not worry about trading it to a GM dealer . They will look up the vin see the repair history and not want to give you anything for it . So , you would not be hoodwinking them .

    I need to make an appointment to have by bezel replaced . Grey one wasn't available look like I will be getting a body color replacement
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    FYI: Automobile Magazine has a one page preview of sorts of the STS with a photo. The STS is also one of the vehicles on the cover. The preview doesn't have a whole lot of specifics, but does say that the STS will be rear wheel drive available in both V6 (the 3.6 in the CTS) and Northstar V8, as well as all wheel drive (N'star only).
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Lindsey, be sure to check our Cadillac CTS: Prices Paid & Buying Experience discussion as well. That's a great resource for dealer referrals and the like.
  • lindseylindsey Posts: 41
    Thanks, I'll do that.

  • cox10cox10 Posts: 3
    I am in Orangeburg and the car has only been to Fairey Motor Co. where it was purchased. I am asking GM for the 3rd time to buy it back. I will have their decision on Tues. Maybe this time they will buy it back. I did have a field representative come down last Aug. I thought the problem was surely fixed but there it was again this May! My patience with GM and the dealership has worn very thin. It has been at the dealership 3 weeks for this repair!
  • cox10cox10 Posts: 3
    I had a field engineer from GM come last Aug. after 3 attempts by the dealership to repair the same ac leak. In good faith I assumed it was fixed since GM was involved. The leak showed up again this May. This is at least the 4th time the dealership has attempted to fix it. GM will have a decision for me on Tues. as to whether they will buy it back. I am exhausted by GM and the dealership but I am persuing this until I get a satisfactory result that is fair!!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    When I was trying to buy my SRX I also called Parks in Beaufort and Fairey in Orangeburg.
    Fairey never called me back.
    So I didn't even try to do business with them.

    If GM doesn't buy it back I would try a dealership in Columbia or try Miller Cadillac here in Mt. Pleasant.

    I am still surprised that Fairey or Cadillac haven't stepped up to the plate for you.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    While on the net I saw a list of edmunds top 10. under 45 K. No CTS ? What gives ?
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    Saw it also and when I checked it out there was no CTS??????????
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Top 10 Luxury Vehicles Under $45,000 for 2004.

    Offer feedback via the "Help" link at the very bottom of that page.
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    THANKS! PatHOST I just did.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I picked up my CTS this afternoon . The new bezel looks nice . It looks like they did a clean R&R. This was not the dealer I bought the car from ,they didnt want to do a thing with the leak .....I think I found a new dealer. I do like the body colored bezel better. The dealership first said they ordered the grey bezel then they found out it has been replaced with body colored bezel.
    Saleman said the 05 CTS-V are on the way
  • mannytrannymannytranny Posts: 175
    That's great news. When I tried to get mine replaced my dealer that sold me the car balked about doing it. I have since traded the car on a CTS-V. I wonder if the new owner of the CTS will find a better dealer to get the bezel replaced. I understand that where I traded it, they sold the CTS to a guy who isn't from the area.
    Well, you said the '05 CTS-Vs are on their way. Are you going to trade soon?
  • scurvyscurvy Posts: 7
    I went to a friend's scheduled XLR test drive. It was awesome. But, that's another story altogether. This dealer had installed mesh grillesk, chrome wheels and exhaust tips, and spoilers on so many of the CTSs it was sickening. Same with the SRXs. I hope when I'm finally ready to buy I will be able to find a simple 3.6 with the sport package and no add on garbage. Also, it doesn't look like a lot of cars are being built or ordered iwth the sport package in my area. Seems like a real necessity, but for some odd reason dealers aren't stocking them.
  • scott1scott1 Posts: 50
    "This dealer had installed mesh grillesk, chrome wheels and exhaust tips, and spoilers on so many of the CTSs it was sickening."

      Oh yes...the "stick the customer for everything you can syndrum". It is WAY too prominent at most Cadillac dealers. I special ordered my CTS in January...configured exactly the way I wanted it. It came in about March 1st, and my dealer had $9,000.00 worth of dealer add on junk slapped onto my car without even telling me it had come in. I finally spotted it on the showroom floor on March 30th.. and found out it WAS the one I had ordered...the factory shipping invoice clearly stated "Retail Sold" on it.

      I almost walked away from the deal, but agreed to accept the car as long as they took off the pimp wheels and tires they had added and put back the factory mirror polished wheels and Good year Eagles. I didn't pay one extra penny for the rest of the dealer added junk they left on, but that was what it was worth.
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I saw a photo of a CTS with a coach roof . It was disgusting

    MannyTranny I am thinking about an 05V . Also thinking why I didnt pick up an 04 ..would have bypassed a $1300 gas guzzler tax . I dislike throwing away money like that . What good would spending that $1300 extra do for me
  • automoleautomole Posts: 154
    I had mine replaced 2 weeks ago. I thought I liked the original bezel but after seeing my car returned with the body color bezel I've changed my mind. The new bezel looks much more 'upscale' and I love the way the big bright backup lights look.

    One thing I noticed is that there doesn't appear to be any kind of seal underneath the new bezel. Has anyone else taken a close look at their replacement and noticed the same thing? As I recall, the old bezel DID have a rubber seal.

    On another note, my CD player has started to skip occasionally so I forsee an additional trip to the dealership for warranty repairs in my near future (or at least before my warranty expires).
  • wwhite2wwhite2 Posts: 535
    I didnt notice the lck of a seal ? Mabye they now leave it wide open so it dries out quickly ( I hope not).
    The CTS is a car I never get tired driving ! Went to the GM Autoshow in Motion drove a CTS 3.6,SRX. Corvette, H2, SSR (nice but had MANY body creaks and rattles, GTO , Deville , Escalade, Escalade ESV , Yukon Denali ( nice SUV !) , Surburban, + many "regular" cars. Then took the long way home.
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