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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    A correction....the new STS according to its literature does not have Magnasteer.
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    If I am calculating this correctly the price increase is somewhat deceiving. The final 04 base price for a CTS was $31345 and the beginning price for an 05 is $32395 - which is about 3.4% increase. The 04 came with the 3.2 and the 05 comes standard with the 3.6. Without going into to much explaining the price of an 05 with the 3.6 and auto increased by $550. That really is not much. Also, around October there will be a new base CTS with a 2.8 V6 and fake leather that is supposed to start at around $29k.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 17,711
    When does the new STS show up at Cadillac dealers?

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  • bagsbags Posts: 12
    I'm an owner of an 04 CTS with the 3.8 engine. I love the car, but it worries me when I see that they are introducing a new engine in the 05's. Does this mean they have found something in the 3.8 that they don't like? Are they hurrying to have a different engine in place in case the other one has problems? What do you all think?
  • bigdaddycoatsbigdaddycoats Posts: 1,058
    You most likely have the 3.6. The new 2.8 is basically the same as the 3.6 just a smaller displacement. The base CTS with the 2.8 will compete with the low end BMW 3s and start under $30k. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your engine.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I just saw a brand new Candy Apple red CTS-v on the road here in SFV. I was surprised as I thought the -v was only available in Black or Silver.
  • pecclespeccles Posts: 52
    The 2.8L has 210HP/194 ft-lbs. Interestingly it
    has a higher HP/L than the 3.6L and it 87 octane
    is still the recommended fuel. I wonder how much
    better the EPA MPG rating will be.
  • scurvyscurvy Posts: 7
    There is a CTSv appearance package that is dealer installed, I believe. It's CTSv tires, wheels, exhaust, grill, etc. But, it's the standard package under the hood. In fact, I have seen one without the sports package.
  • cu95cu95 Posts: 96
    A little late with this response, but add me to the list of people who have had good service with their OnStar phone (on my '03 CTS). I use it infrequently, but when I have needed it it has worked without a hitch. (I was living in central NJ when I bought the CTS and now I'm in Orange County NY and it has worked great in both areas.)
  • The 04 V's were available in only the Black and Platinum. The 05's are available in Red, Gray, Platinum and Black. I have the 04 Platinum.
  • pmcppmcp Posts: 8
    Have a 03 and my Offff Star stinks !!! Live near Chicago with good pick up points. Machine does not understand 2 all the time. My other car, a 04 GMC Envoy works great. Have called operator many, many time and some times they feeeel sorry and dial for me. Called service and they state no, NO, NO updates. I feeeeel that they FIXED the 04 and will not admit, sooooo won't FIX 03s!!!
  • After a month of my dealer calling OnStar it is finally working in my 04 CTS. And they have given me 200 extra minutes and an extra 3 months of service.
    The first problem was that the wrong number had been programed into the vehicle and thus nothing worked. Every now and then pressing the blue button would connect but OnStar could only hear me. They could not locate the vehicle or see who I was. Finally my dealer told me to come in and working with OnStar they reprogramed the number and gave me back the car. Now OnStar could see me and I could call out but no one could call me. The dealer got after them again and OnStar began calling me direct. Finally they did something by remote control and finally I could receive calls in the car.
    A final twist to make life more interrrresting. When I call home, even from my driveway, I have to use the full number as if I were calling long distance. But when my wife calls me from home she must call as if it were a local call. Also the speaker button on the steering wheel does some things and not others. As I can't remember what the hell it does and doesn't do I have given up on that feature and always use the white button on the mirror.
    With this experience I am happy to have bought locally even if it cost a few bucks more. (But I don't think it did)!
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    I have had similar problems on my 2004 CTS I bought last Aug.Had a similar problem with my car number.
    They gave me 200 minutes for a year which is up soon. Not going to renew. I spent HOURS talking to them and had to have the car running.

    I got to service last week and they started a new record, they told me to put a 1 in front of local numbers as the people I called from my drive way came in busy,

    Did not work and I can see the Sprint tower from my house and I am on the top of a hill.

    The ON Star cell phone is once again, not worth the powder to blow it to hell.

    I can call with my analog/digital phone from the car and it works great.

    THEY PROMISED AN Analog/Digital phone in the 2004 cts AND IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RECALLED last Dec according to service.

    Everybody call them and force a recall!!!!
  • monte44monte44 Posts: 1
    My husband and I are considering buying the CTS, but we are concerned about the RWD in the snow (we live in Mass, travel to Maine frequently). For anyone living in a cold weather area, what has your experience been with the RWD? If you've had a bad experience, would you recommend any other vehicle over the CTS and why?

  • bagsbags Posts: 12
    The CTS has traction control standard and also has a button on the console that puts the car into "winter driving mode". It starts in 3rd gear, I think. You really should have no problem.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Buy good snow tires, get traction control and/or stability control and you'll be fine.
  • It sounds as if we have two different systems in our cars as mine works great now that my dealer has all the bugs taken out. By the way I bought the car in Vero Beach FL where I am now. I have all my calls entered as long distance starting with 1 and they all go through just fine. Doesn't matter if I am calling the house from the driveway or calling CT. And, by the way, OnStar tells me that my phone IS analog digital. It seems to me your dealer should get this taken care of for you rather than you having to try and take care of it yourself. Aside from OnStar calling me a couple of times I didn't have to do anything to get the phone fixed. Dealer did it all.
  • Call from dealer this morning. There is a recall to install a washer on a lower control arm. Going in Monday to have it taken care of.
  • richerryricherry Posts: 19
    There are several ways to tell what type of equipment comes on an OnStar-equipped vehicle:

    a. Look for the label on GM vehicles

    Most OnStar-equipped GM vehicles have an OnStar window label that indicates which of three different systems is integrated into the vehicle. Refer to question #4 for additional information.

    b. Refer to this chart

    What you do... If the system responds... Then the vehicle's equipment is...
    Step #1: Press the white-dot or phone button button

    (If there is no white-dot or phone button, the vehicle has an analog-only system.) "Ready" Analog-Only
    Step #1: Press the white-dot or phone button

    Step #2: Say "Help" "OnStar Ready"

    The system replies with up to 14 options, such as "Dial," "Call," "Directory," and "Virtual Advisor." Analog/Digital-Ready
    Step #1: Press the white-dot or phone button

    Step #2: Say "Help" "OnStar Ready"

    Along with other options, you hear one of these digital-specific options: "Advisor Playback," "Digit Dial" or "Digit Store." Dual-Mode (Analog/Digital)

    So which one do you have ?? They claim I have analog only. Will check mine again.

  • I'm one who has posted good opinions about my CTS's performance in snow. I agree with comments about good snow tires and traction control, but there are dissenting opinions from some. The earlier description of the snow mode is correct, but it is not intended for continued use. (So don't misunderstand that it is a substitute for 4-wheel or all-wheel drive.)
    You might want to use the search capability of this site and search for "snow" to see all the relevant postings.
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