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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,049
    If they would unbundle it, maybe. . .
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The current CTS was not intended to get AWD, so I think that a major re-engineering will need to happen. Probably that would occur around 2008-2010. The V6 STS may get AWD first.
  • Nice to see the board active again .. been away for a bit myself!

    Has anyone had a problem with the Stability System Engaged message coming on at highway speed (65-75 MPH)on flat, straight stretches of road? It started recently on my '03 CTS LuxSport(~48,000 mi)and was particularly annoying while driving down South, because when Stabilitrak kicks in, it kills the cruise control. Seems to happen in "clusters", maybe 3 or 4 times over a period of 5 minutes, then goes away for a while. Thought it might be related to the cruise control, but it happens when cruise is off as well.

    Dealer did full diagnostic, couldn't find any error codes. Best they could do is blame it on having the Blizzaks on, but they're same size as the factory Goodyears, on stock 17" rims, and are the officially recommended winter tire option according to GM's own TSB on the subject. Tires are properly and evenly inflated, and wheel alignment seems fine (no drifting, steering is centered, etc.)

    Interested in anyone's similar experience and solution.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    From what I've heard, the Blizzaks have a very soft sidewall which may tend to roll under slight variations in the road. That could possibly be fooling the computer into thinkin there is some yaw about to happen. No proof, just a thought.
  • Thanks for the input, Dan. That could be it, though I would be surprised since they are V-rated for speed and seem pretty stiff. I guess I'll see when the snows come off; hopefully they'll honour the warranty since I noted the problem before I "miled out".

    BTW, I drove through your neck of the woods in a snowstorm last week on the way down to FL with the family, and was very glad I left the Blizzaks on. It was pretty messy, and traffic on I-79 slowed from 75 to 60 during the early morning rush (around 6:30 am), but otherwise, it was moving fine. Wish it was the same on my daily commute into Toronto! Seems a heavy flurry here puts everyone's brain on hold.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Anyone here driven a 2.8L yet?

    I see them advertised all the time now.
  • bazohimbabazohimba Posts: 14
    Mark, Good to hear your comments. I, too have driven the CTS 3.6VVT all decked out, and really liked it. NOT anywhere as beautiful inside as my A6 was, but acceptable. Wife raised so much Cain about the 300C that I might never hear the end of it, and, I think, the CTS could be bought for a bigger discount since it's not the 'latest' thing on the block. It would be nice to be able to shift by hand like on the 300C that has 'autostick', (almost as good as the Audi). Did you notice or learn of a way to shift the CTS up and down without going too many gears outta the way??

    The STS is really sexy and luxurious, but too much money, and a bit too large for my tastes.

    My wife loves the SRX, but neither of us has driven it, and she has an Escalade EXT which she loves, and she doesn't want me to have another SUV. I've time to make a decision, but will quite likely exit my TT Roadster lease early... maybe waiting 'til after the summer months. I would love to get some information about what's expected for the CTS in '06. Haven't seen anything yet.

  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    Probably no real changes for 'o6 but Edmunds indicates that there will be major changes inside and out in '07.
  • cherie1cherie1 Posts: 16
    Can 1 of you CTS owners tell me if the drivers seat has leg extensions like the 05 Avalon? Thanks. C
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I am not sure what you mean by leg extensions as I am not familar with the Avalon, but if you mean an adjustable bolster on the front edge of the seat the answer is no. However the seat on the CTS is very deep (deeper than my wifes Honda)and very supportive. I would suggest that you go to a Cadillac dealer, get in the seat and try various adjustments to the seat, and especially the backrest, to find a comfortable position. Then, if you buy the car get the memory package so that you can be sure of resetting the seat to your exact comfort position. It works great after someone else, such as a valet or the guy at the car wash moves the seat.
  • fjohnsonfjohnson Posts: 3
    I was recently contacted by an individual who purchased a 2005 CTS-V. With 7000 miles on his vehicle he took it in for an unrelated issue. The dealer told him the tires needed to be replaced at a cost of $2500 and that his warranty did not cover tire wear. The dealer confessed that Cadillac put improper tires on this high performance vehicle, that this is a national problem, and that Cadillac has not agreed to cover the dealer's cost of replacing the tires. In short, they refused to cover the cost and Cadillac has refused to initiate a recall. I am investigating the claim and am trying to determine whether my client's issue is as broad-based as the dealer suggested or if it is unique to my client.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    I find this hard to believe as Cadillac did a voluntary recall on the '03 Lux Sport 17" tires when they discovered that some had sidewall cracks which did not affect their performance and appeared only on the inside sidewall. I had two tires replaced (paid for the wear on one) by the dealer before the recall was announced and then had four new tires installed under the recall with about 21K miles on the car.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    What were the original equipment tires? Replacement tires should not cost $2500, that is more than $800 each. Goodyear tires at list price are more like $300 each. This is your third post on this....
  • cherie1cherie1 Posts: 16
    Thanks for the good advice. I haven't been to a Cad. dealer to sit in a CTS yet. I have been looking at the Avalon and really like that front seat with an automatic leg/seat extender, but not real crazy about the exterior body style. I am not tall but like a beefy seat which my Civic does NOT have. I need more comfort for long trips. Any other suggestions are welcome.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It is his third post, yes, but he's in the right place now. This place is confusing for newbies, to say the least. :)
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    This is the best place for an answer. However, I did pose the question of what were the original tires as a response to the original post. There has been no response from him. I think that the dealer is trying to take advantage of his client, but we need to know some details about the original tires/wheels that the car came with.
  • fjohnsonfjohnson Posts: 3
    According to my guy, they are Goodyear run-flats. They're a Z-rated tire.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    If you had any tire issues you would be sent to the tire dealer directly.....

    I am sure with a Caddy the dealer would supply you with a loaner and they would send it there....

    UNLESS......The V owner burned the rubber off the rear tires..................LOL!
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I think that is what they should have been. They should not cost $2500 to replace. However, if your client has damaged both the tires and wheels......
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    How were the wheels damaged?
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