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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    This has been discussed many times in the forum.The dealers are aware of it.Search the forum.
  • fshifshi Posts: 57
    this is something I could not believe. People complain this for 3-4yrs, still no solution?
    I saw in a post that this is fixed in the 2005 model year. I must be wrong. Thanks arby1.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    I just got a recall notice on this problem from Cadillac. It appears its a software problem and there is a fix coming in April. Until that time, do not let the gage read less than 1/4 tank.
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    It is just three year and two weeks, my 2003 CTS dies on side of street. After park on the side of street for a few hours, the car refuse to start. Jumps started the car and try to look for a replacement battery. Any recommendation about where to get the replacement? Costco? Thanks
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    My 2003 CTS analog was repaired ( replace the whole instrument by dealer here in SD). YOu might want to do the same thing. One reason your clock repaied itself might related to the electricity system in your car.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    If you have less than 50K miles your dealer should replace it under warranttee, otherwise take it to Sears.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Has better prices that Sears.
  • bingomanbingoman Posts: 373
    If you happen to be a member! :(
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    Thanks. Went to dealer and have the battery changed, there is a bad cell in the battery.
  • tester1tester1 Posts: 33
    Hi wwhite2,

    How do address the tight place for the drian plug? The wench won't fit? Did you get a special tool from dealer?

    Advice appreciate!
  • Been enjoying reading your different submitals about your Cadillacs. Just wanted to say Hi, and let everyone know that at 56 yrs old, GM got me to leave my Euro Cars for a new CTS. Had it now for 2 days and really am enjoying the Caddy.

    After reading the messages, it seems I'm in big trouble. I'm going to have to buy new tires every other week. I won't be able to hear the radio over the rear end noise. The entire interior is going to come lose. The shocks will wear out causing me to lose control while trying to get the DIC screen to work...etc.

    Oh well, on my way home tonight I'll be looking again to whip some Euro or Asian car's butt and will be enjoying the short time I have left before my motor vibrates too much at the stop light. Oh well, until then, I LOVE MY CADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    Congrats on your CTS!

    You should know that my CTS will be 4 years old in May and I'm really disappointed. ;) It's my wife's daily driver and we've had this same set of tires for over 25K miles without problems. They should last another 20 to 25K. They were replacements for the originals (Goodyear recall) at 18K.

    The only time I hear noise is when I drive over grooved concrete roads and the Goodyears tires sing and the only interior problem was a seat back retaining clip that broke.

    I feel bad that the only time I go in for service is when the oil life indicator tells me it's time. I must have gotten a lemon since I don't have any problems.

    Still, I do get pleasure blowing the doors off German and Asian cars ...... when my wife lets me have the CTS. Now if only I had the 3.6L engine instead of the 3.2.

    Seriously, our CTS has been super and it will be replaced with another CTS in the future.
  • I read through most of the post also. Not that many when you consider it spans from July 2002 to the present. I guess I also am not a big believer in the tire problems, rear end whining and constant alignment problems. I too bought one on Monday. An ’06 with luxury package, sun roof, Bose stereo, in Silversmoke. I had looked for a replacement for my ’03 Yukon which I was tiring of putting gas into and really had no need for. I had several prospects as replacements before I got to the CTS. I tried an HHR, too small and underpowered for my needs, an ’07 Tahoe, just because they were there and I wanted to see the difference the new model made. Not bad, but the mileage didn’t increase enough for me to justify buying one of them. an ’06 GTO, I loved that LS2, but that was about all, no heated seats, no XM radio, something didn’t feel right about it. I didn’t want a FWD with the 5.3L, since wife has a GXP grand prix and that doesn’t get the mileage it should (great car, just lacks mileage). Buick lucernes looked great, I couldn’t find a V8 and the 3800 was doggie in it. If I could have found a CXS, I might have bought that, but with none to drive, I couldn’t decide. The last one I drove was the CTS. I had driven one when they first came out, but they seemed underpowered with the engine in them at the time. You will notice this list contains all GM products, that is because that is all I will buy. I have strayed twice and each time regretted it.

    I guess I saved the best for last. A short test drive sold me on the CTS. It handled great, surprisingly much better than I expected it to. There was plenty of motor with the 3.6, not as quick as the wife’s GXP, but still plenty of power for everyday driving. The interior looked great, leather soft, seats comfortable. It rides exceptionally smooth on my everyday drive to work, a 25 mile drive across I-40 each day, it absorbs the bumps and they are almost unnoticeable. I didn’t think it would ride would be that good. It surpassed the Yukon and the GXP is not even compareable. The fuel economy on this first tank is hovering around the 22mpg mark, which is a large improvement over the Yukon. I anticipate it should easily get 25mpg in the near future on a regular basis.

    A couple of things I noticed which I would change if I could, the console setup needs an overhaul. I don’t like the small console glove box and the hinged setup to get to the tray underneath. The small door at the front which holds the accessory plug and ashtray could be eliminated all together and replaced with just an open pocket which things could be stored in, like a cell phone, etc. My cell phone will fit in the ashtray, just not well. It is a absolutely terrible vehicle, all I can find to complain about is the center console!

    So I guess I will look forward to joining the rest of you in buying tires every six months and spending all my free moments at the dealership getting all my mechanical issues taken care of. I can hardly wait for the fun to begin! I sure hope it isn’t like the rest of the GM products I have purchased, or I am going to be greatly disappointed also when I only visit for an oil change and a tire rotation! What fun is that!!

    Mike :)
  • Dear Cadillac Manager

    I’m a new to Cadillac owner (been a BMW owner in the past). I would like to congratulate your organization for finally providing a quality vehicle that is well on it’s way to competing with the best the world has to offer. I have grown tired of driving foreign vehicles (wanting to be proud to own an American car again), and had been looking for a new vehicle for several months. In reading reviews in Autoweek, Motor Trend, Car and Driver, etc I couldn’t help but notice that Cadillac was finally getting good press. I compared many vehicles and found Cadillac finally making a package that completes well with BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Jaguar, etc.
    Since my purchase of a CTS (I have received more positive comments about it from friends, co-workers than I ever received about my other vehicles) last Monday, I have visited two Cadillac Dealerships in the area where I live (Richmond, Va.), to enquire about the purchase of several accessories (a simple set of sever weather floor mats and exhaust tips) for my new Caddy. I offer a few impressions about my visits to these dealerships.
    As I drove into the first dealership, the first thing I noticed was there is no large signage directing me to the parts department and customer parking. As I drove around the dealership looking for parking, the first thing I noticed was several older Cadillac vehicles parked across from the service department entrance with flat tires, damaged grills etc (not a great conveyer of Cadillac quality upon entry to the dealership). These vehicles should be parked in the rear of the dealership out of view until they are repaired.
    Once I located a parking space, I entered the showroom and was directed to the parts department in the rear of the dealership. As I passed through the showroom I noticed a large amount of the showroom had empty sales cubicles which could have been better utilized either for car, accessory, or demonstration space. I also passed by the service waiting area, and found the area to be lacking good comfortable furniture, no framed pictures depicting future Cadillac cars, etc.
    At the parts department, I was very surprised to discover that I could not see or direct purchase the aforementioned items without ordering and waiting 5-7 days for delivery, but I could direct purchase a hat, license plate frame or a Dub scale model.
    I then went to the second dealership and found they had signage that could easily direct me to the different areas of the dealership. The dealership was well designed, the vehicles awaiting service were not seen as I drove to the parts department, parking was ample, and the dealership was cleaner and cheerful. This dealership provided a better experience when service or parts were needed, but I was again disappointed to discover that I could not direct purchase the accessory items that I desired.
    I’m sure that Cadillac has a benchmark design or attempts to get dealerships to comply with a minimum remodeling standard when expanding or remodeling. I would offer a few suggestions to improve your customer experience such as:
    a. Make sure there are parking spaces in front of the parts department for customers instead of vehicles awaiting service or employee parking.
    b. Improve the signage both on the storefronts and entry’s for visitors.
    c. Locate vehicles like the new XLR inside the showroom and not outside in the weather.
    d. Provide better seating, displays such as framed pictures, sales brochures, free telephone, cable TV with a good quality TV, snack and beverage dispensers for people who are waiting for service.
    e. Provide display items for interior vehicle accessories (exhaust tips, floor mats, vehicle history books, and other popular accessories along with the hats, models, license plate frames) that can purchased while at the dealership. Why should customers have to order general items that are at all other manufactures dealerships?
    f. Owning a Cadillac is special. Make the customers feel special. Make all the dealerships clean up the entire (outside/inside) facility. Cadillac is top of the line for GM, so don’t let it look like another Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, dealer. MAKE IT SPECIAL!
    I really want to stay in the Cadillac line. The Cadillac motor division is really starting to make a statement again. Don’t let the ball drop. Many people like me want you to succeed. Continue to improve both your vehicles and your entire ownership experience. Don’t let dealerships that don’t understand there’s only one chance to make an impression remain in their present operations. You can become the standard of the world again!
  • Does anyone know if "parking sensors" front and or rear aftermarket are sold by anyone?

    If so, who.

    My new salesrep just bought a 2006 CTS and she wanted "park distance control" and to get it she would have had to have purchased another " "TS, an "S"TS -- she thought it wasn't worth the upcharge :surprise: but I thought this forum might know where to get such an add-on that would not appear to be aftermarket.


  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America: I70 & I75Posts: 18,045
    The posters in Avalon are talking about aftermarket sensors they installed in their vehicles. Try reading through there and see what company they are getting them from.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Some dealers get the message and some don't. I think mine got the message after a messy encounter with the State over sketchy business practices. Competition will help sort this out. The CTS and STS are substantial automobiles and a lot of fun to drive. I've never had or driven a car that had such a perfect balance of handling and ride. I see why the car appeals to a BMW owner that is not pleased with the new direction of BMW's styling and the I-Drive nonsense.

    By the way, the CTS rubber mats are really nice, much nicer than the WeatherTech ones. Although my dealer had a set in stock when I stopped by to get them, the parts guy was shocked to find them on the shelves. This amazes me too. You would think they would sell the hell out of them and have it as a constant stock item, at least in Colorado. I know this dealer moved at least 30 CTS' in the month of July 2005.

    Note to dealer in Richmond. If he wants to make a lasting impression on the customer, how about if he has a lot boy drop the mats off at your office or home when they come in.
  • bagsbags Posts: 12
    Mine does it too. I have a 2004 with 19,000 miles. It has done it from day 1. Either go to Cadillac and complain and go through who knows how much time and wasted energy while they fool around with it, or learn to ignore it. No damage is done, nothing is "wrong" with the car.
  • Have you guys who have posted comments about the whine noise checked the bulletins (Preliminary Information) on the CTS/CTS-V site at It might be worth bringing to the attention of your service dealers.
  • Taken from the Richmond Times Dispatch yesterday-"The news came the same day that The Associated Press reported that Moody's Investors Service lowered GM's debt rating further into "junk" territory. Moody's cited uncertainty that the company can establish competitive wages and benefits without filing for bankruptcy protection.

    Moody's lowered GM's $30 billion in debt one level to B2 from B1, five rungs below investment grade. It also assigned the company a negative outlook, actions that will make it harder for the world's largest automaker to borrow money. Moody's had placed GM under review for a possible downgrade Jan. 26."

    Will GM be owned by Toyota next?
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