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Cadillac CTS/CTS-V



  • herc76herc76 Posts: 52
    I am trying to pick a nice color to buy for the cts. Whick color do you think the cts looks good as.. Siliver, blue, black, or white?
  • herc76herc76 Posts: 52
    Disregard the last post.
  • herc76herc76 Posts: 52
    We have a pre-approved loan for $30,000. I was thinking about just selling the 02 TL to carmax, so you think it's better to just trade it in to the dealership? The car is going to be for the wife. I have my own vehicle I'm just want to weigh my options.
  • teach76teach76 Posts: 9
    This is our experience... We have dealt with the same dealer for nearly 30 years. They've sold us cars, serviced the cars, they know the cars, they are reputable, and , when it comes time to trade, they have always given us a great trade-up price. My car is the CTS, too; My husband drives a truck, and dislikes my CTS ( doesn't appreciate the edgy look ). Again, this is a decision you'll need to make, but I'd sure look for the best deal and the most reputable service in your area. And color? Black is by far the best color to showcase the CTS. :D
  • Here is just one example of CTS deals on E-Bay. Another option is check dealers for a "Certified" used CTS. It comes with a 6yr/100K Bumper to Bumper. Either way you'll get whats left on the manufacturer or extended warranty. Also always go with the lowest time you can afford on any loan. 4626715002QQcategoryZ43903QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
  • Did you have this replaced with an after market system?
  • In the Speed GT class the CTS V is leading in the points to date. Next race is scheduled at Long Beach CA, Sunday the 9th of April. The race can be seen on Speed Channel Sunday the 16th at 2:00 p.m. EST.









    Here are the Cadillac team drivers. Pilgrim is second in Driver's Points.


    Andy Pilgrim
    Boca Raton, FL
    Team Cadillac
    Cadillac CTS-V
    6.0L V8
    XM/Mobil 1/Motorola/On Star


    Ron Fellows
    Missisauga, ON
    Team Cadillac
    Cadillac CTS-V
    6.0L V8
    XM/Mobil 1/Motorola/On Star
  • Yes I did, a passive system.
    Do not have a way yet to disable the code on a 94
    Thank you.
  • The ride is a stiffer, but handles better and is acceptable.
    I can let you know what the name and telephone number is of the mechanic in Dallas if you need. Appears to be a lot on how to switch but no joy on the issue of disabling the message.
  • xpyxpyxpyxpy Posts: 1
    Other than a junk yard anyone know where the best place (lowest price) to get a rear spoiler to fit a Cadillac Eldorado "1994". Don't care if it has a light or not. Would prefer in White Diamond Pearl Tri-coat color(93/WA8933) but doesn't matter.
  • hciihcii Posts: 3
    Does anyone have the short directions on changing a marker lamp? The one I need to change is the small triangular one at the bottom of the headlamp assembly. I have the HID headlamp option with the washers.

    What and how is the method to change one of these, and what is the bulb number? (The manual does not list it)

  • Henry,

    It is a difficult replacement that I wouldn't recommend you try yourself. The whole front bumper fascia assembly has to come off to remove the headlamp assembly to gain access to this bulb. Are you still under warranty? I had one go on my 2003 CTS out of warranty and I think it was 1.5 shop hours. The bulb is a standard GM clear bulb, I believe.

    Good luck.
  • rstephrsteph Posts: 109
    Traded in our 2003 CTS yesterday for a new 2006 Model. We were initially interested in the V6 STS and drove one and weren't terribly impressed with it over the CTS and the price difference. So, got a 2006 CTS with luxury pkg and 18" wheel sport package, moon roof, etc. Is a bummer that I gave up my '03 0% interest for the current 4.9% on 60 months, but I did it willingly. My payment went up a whole $71. Anyway, dealer quote me a price of $650 for the "V" style upper mesh grill, installed. I have found I can get the same grill including the lower insert for a couple hundred less at least. I'm curious if anyone has installed one of these on their CTS themselves and how easy a/o problem free the install was? Thanks.

    The Good
    It looks like leather in the doors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    More powerful V6
    Still pretty sharp

    The Bad
    It looks like thick rear pillers for this car,
    so rear visability might be a problem
    There is going to be LESS rear seat space?!

    The Ugly
    We still have to wait. :P
  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    I realize there is no way of knowing from the spy shots, but does anyone have an idea of whether the 2008 CTS will be offered in AWD. As stated in a previous post, my local Caddy dealer said they were having difficulty engineering an AWD unit for the RWD platform. Someone must know at this point.
  • richw5richw5 Posts: 152
    Let me see ...... The SRX, built on the RWD "sigma" platform, can be ordered with AWD. The STS, which is built on the RWD "sigma" platform, can be ordered with AWD.

    Since the CTS was the original RWD "sigma" based vehicle, I believe the next gen CTS could be AWD.

    Your dealer was blowing smoke. If there was a problem, it was cost or production related, not RWD.
  • evokevok Posts: 14
    Last time I checked it will have awd. There is a reason why the NG CTS will be 2 inces wider. Those wheel flares are hiding something!
  • jpennjpenn Posts: 68
    EVOK, you sly dog, once again you've come up with the right answer at the right time. I'm back on the CTS bandwagon. Of course, I realize that I have no way of knowing whether you have any real inside knowledge this subject or not. But if you do, thanks.

    P.S. Based on your previous posts which have all been quite accurate, I'll assume you have a good source of information.
  • evokevok Posts: 14
    The CTS should/will share the same track width as the STS for the shared drivetrain and awd system. Those wheel bulges accomodate for that.
  • lash92sseilash92ssei Posts: 35
    Watching Car Crazy last night and they mentioned that Bondurant driving school now is using CTS vehicles. Believe this is the first time I can recall hearing that Cadillac was used in driving schools. Says something about how well the CTS is!!!
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