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HHR Future Powertrains?



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    put the same turbo that the Pontiac Solstice GXP is getting this fall....the HHR is about 300 or so pounds heavier I beleive than our base solstice......GXP turbo to take it to approx 245 HP from 177HP in the base solstice.......would work for me...
  • yatsyats Posts: 2
    Why are there 31 technical bulletins listed under the HHR? It dates back to 2001. Is it a tried and tested engine that may have been used on another chevy car? I love the looks of it and I want the car, but the tech bulletins has given me pause. Should I wait for the 2007?
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    I have a 2003 Alero with the 2.2L ecotec engine which is the base HHR engine ...60,000 miles....ZERO defects so far. I also have an HHR with the 2.4L ecotec engine...7,300 miles....ZERO defects so far. Neither vehicle has EVER been back to the shop for anything. As compared to the last Toyota (RAV4) I owned which required >$6K of warranty work & + approx $1K out of warranty work during the 99K miles I owned it.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 245
    I was at the Chevy dealer last week looking at the HHR when I was approached by someone (not a salesperson) who wanted my opinion of the HHR. I told him that I liked the car but with the high price of gas it would be nice if there was a diesel option. He told me to look for a diesel option starting in the 2008 MY. After I was done with him I asked the salesperson who came over "who that guy was". He indicated that he was from GM corporate and they were getting peoples opinion of their cars.

    If GM puts a good clean diesel in the HHR I will put the HHR in my driveway.
  • basiliskstbasiliskst Posts: 55
    One of HHR's great strengths is 5 star crash safety ratings in a relatively small car. The weight was put to good use in a strong and rigid chassis. (It also shows up in the smooth, well controlled ride.) I wouldn't trade the safety for lighter weight. The HHR is not under-powered in every day driving. The balance struck on multiple design objectives is pretty reasonable. I would like a 5-speed automatic transmission with autostick shifting, independent rear suspension, and four wheel disc breaks, but looking at the price Chevy did a pretty good job. The HHR is as good or better than any of its competitors for my tastes. (Other people may balance priorities differently and thus choose another favorite 5-door hatch.)
  • gasa765gasa765 Posts: 6
    Was reading in I think it was Motor Trend Magazine that the 2.2L and the 2.4L engines would get an additional 3HP each.
    Not much but may help some.
    Was also reading there's a rumor going around that in early 2007 there would be an HHR with a 260HP engine like the one in the Saturn Sky! What a little rocket that would be!!
  • dancermandancerman Posts: 220
    3 HP? That's within the measurement error! And usually at near maximum RPM. Never used by most drivers. I vote for the diesel option.
  • thegrotthegrot Posts: 2
    until the diesel engine is fitted to the HHR you will always be unhappy with either LOW power or fit a larger petrol engine and complain of LOW MPG.

    this happened with the PT cruiser
    it started with a 1600cc petrol then a 2litre petrol then a 2.4 petrol then a 2.4 turbo petrol all of which had low MPG.
    THEN they fitted a 2.2 diesel Turbo (European version) and low and behold it had POWER and gave an average of 38mpg, such was the difference the stayhard petrol heads started to buy the new DIESEL version, or importing the 2.4 turbo petrol high output LHD.

    The diesels of today DONT smell, are NOT as noisy as they used to be, yet give GOOD power for less fuel against the petrol engine.
    But there again good old USA want BIG BIG BIG engines YET want BIG MPG as well (oil/fuel price crisis)
    Fit a diesel engine , a GOOD diesel engine, dont spend millions of $$$$$ developing a suitable engine or makkle up an old existing diesel engine.

    GRIT your teeth, save your money and buy in a GOOD well known engine that delivers what the HHR needs POWER and ECONOMY (Mercedes, Honda, GM ) to name a few.

    are you really LISTENING or are you going to carry on making STUPID mistakes for the sake of "THE COMPANIES " name and continue manufacturing a vehicle that CANNOT compete within the motoring market place.

    There are two types of people those that "say what they mean"
    and those that "MEAN what they say"
    CHEVROLET which are YOU??????????????
  • thegrotthegrot Posts: 2
    GM Diesel engines in the UK are

    Vauxhall Frontera 2.2 Diesel Turbo
    Signum 1.9 " "
    signum 3.0 v6 Diesel turbo
    Vectra 2.0 diesel turbo
    vectra 1.7 " "

    all these engines are real fliers

    General Motors owns:
    -Daewoo (GM owns 44%)
    -Fiat (GM has decided to divorce itself from Fiat as of Feb '05, but will retain 10% ownership.)
    -Oldsmobile (brand discontinued)
    -Suzuki (2.5%, from 20%)

    so WHERE is the problem getting a GOOD diesel engine for the HHR?????????

    maybe GM think you Americans are ALL stupid and wont take the initative and buy a quick diesel HHR
    BMW have diesel engines now , the same as Jaguar or Saab so why NOT an HHR (makes sense to me.
    We are unlucky in the UK you cant buy an HHR for love nor money (unless you import) and the diesel HHR I think would sell well over here.
  • i have a harley i take to daytona from pittsburgh,pa. put that diesel in there with 4 wheel disc. brakes, I'LL BUY IT, i'm going to wait for 2009 model its going to get a face lift that year,i know about the 1,000lb trailer wt.limit, the bike is about 620lb and the custom trl is 290lb, trailer is from PORTACHOPPER.COM
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