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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,824
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  • mnunesmnunes Posts: 11
    It looks like pricing, including options, is available on the Dodge website.
    then click "Build and Price"
    At R/T fully loaded (including rear seat DVD for the kids) comes in just over $36k.

    Kelly Blue Book also lists pricing now including Dealer Invoice.
    go to the New Cars tab.
  • mnunesmnunes Posts: 11
    Edit to previous post:

    It looks like the Edmunds site also has pricing now.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 17,150
    wow. 2 seconds on edmunds pricing and i'm already confused.

    2 different prices for Navigation. Plus, the cheaper navigation option says "requires ATL. not available with RAK" (atl is upgraded stereo and rak is 6-cd changer). But then you look at ATL and it says it includes RAK. Ummmm... so the navi is not available with RAK, but the required ATL includes RAK .... doesn't that mean the universe will implode or something? ;)

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '14 Town&Country

  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    That's GREAT! Try finding a dealer that will negotiate the price of this car and let me know. :surprise: From what I have been seeing, how much over sticker do you have to go is what they are taking. Wait a year when demand dies down and you'll have a better shot at your price, although the Hemi 300C goes out as fast as it comes into the dealer show rooms and that's been out for a bit.
  • 2000rt12000rt1 Posts: 8
    I ordered an R/T with Navigation System,Rear Seat Video, Convenience Group II, Electronics Convenience Group and Power Sunroof with a MSRP of $35,575 for $34,575. Its $1000 under MSRP not much but at least less than sticker
  • mnunesmnunes Posts: 11

    Did they give you an idea of when you'll take delivery? Dealers in my area (Southern California) seem to have no idea when they'll arrive. Depending on who I ask I've heard anywhere from mid-May to sometime in July.

    BTW - where did you order yours?
  • 2000rt12000rt1 Posts: 8
    No, I contacted Chrysler directly with my VON (vehicle order number) and my Cool Vanilla Charger is a status BX which means its OK to manufacturer...the dealer thinks it should be in late May or early June. I ordered mine from AURORA Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Aurora Ohio Telephone 330-562-2600 My salesman is John Bralek. He new alot about the vehicle and was willing to sell below MSRP.

  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    Robin: 2006 Charger is (IMHO) the most exciting new car announced so far. Even my pal JIMHEMI went and got prices for it, and he isn't exactly carrying pictures of it in his wallet :)

    As I've stated here and in other boards, I won't be able to live with myself if I have a RWD car and get stuck in a snowbank. I will wait for an AWD Hemi (which is already made, under the skin of a 300C). Meanwhile my FWD 1999 Intrepid continues running like new, even with 148,000 miles on it's drivetrain.

    Long Live Dodge!!
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    I didn't order one, nor will I buy one. It's simply not a Charger despite what Dodge glues to the side of the fender.
    I have friends in a few dealership that I stay in contact with from my previous days of a salesman. I almost wish I was still working for the Dodge dealership that I once worked at. The sales people there are making a very very comfortable salary with the Magnum, Hemi Rams/Durango and most of all the people ordering the Charger. The amount of markup, even a $1,000 off of sticker is silly. The tip I would give is you don't buy the hottest and "must have" car/truck. Wait till they're plentiful on the lots and buy from what is available. I know many people want it just to have it. Better off waiting till Dec. when no one buys because of the holidays and the dealers run end of year, last model year sales. Helps buying on a weekend when it's the end of the month and salesmen run around to make dealer/manufacturer bonuses. If you need a Hemi rear drive then more power to you, love that Hemi, hate that Charger. Go with the 300C in Sept. or Oct. when end of the year models and the competing with their cousin the Charger forces dealers to negotiate the prices for lack of demand.
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    No, I know friends from the old days of selling so the prices they're getting in New Jersey are unreal. For the record, the Charger SRT is not as bad as the plain R/T. I saw it up close at the NYC autoshow and the car drew a crowd. Don't know if it was the eye popping candy red pearl coat or the hood scoop. The car didn't look bad, but again, ROBIN T. , what is with that ugly rear spoiler on the trunk of the SRT? Does your design team know what they are doing?
    CFAZZARI, what's with the AWD obsession? Buy a Jeep already. ;) The Charger will have a 2.82 rear gear ratio, hardly anything that will be peeling the rubber off of the rims. Did you see the AWD test that ran with the 300/Magnum?
    Give me snow tires and away I go.
  • mnunesmnunes Posts: 11

    Sorry I misread the person posting the message.

  • The car that Daimler is parading around as the 2006 Dodge Charger is a travesty.
    It's a squat, stubby Ford Maverick look-alike with a Dodge Dakota truck snub-nosed grill. It's about as aerodynamic as a carboard box. It looks hideous as far as I'm concerned and its a slap in the face to the Charger legacy.

    Hee Haw's Lu Lu has more in common with Pamela Sue Anderson than Daimler's abortion of automotive engineering has to the sleek and agressive Chargers of the sixties and seventies.

    The aggressively designed '99 Charger concept was the true heir to the Charger legacy. Instead Daimler dumbed down its heritage to grocery getter with a ridiculous "Bait & Switch" routine, substituting the attractive '99 concept with Yugo's answer to the muscle car.

    Daimler can continue to pay exhorbitant sums of money to spin-doctors, race car drivers and commentators to push what they are serving, but I'll never goose-step to their rhetoric. Instead this former lifelong MOPAR enthusiast will take his business elsewhere.

    Left unchecked, it is apparent that the Daimlerization of Chrysler will soon result in a complete line of squat, snub nosed Mercedes-like vehicles. The result will be the complete purging of any sheet metal DNA from Dodge's true muscle car legacy.

    When this happens there will only be two U.S. automakers to carry on the American muscle car heritage. It's time for the De-Daimlerization of Chrysler.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Thats one impressively bitter and anachronistic post! Personally, I think the new Charger is awesome, I could care less about its heritage or the name that is affixed to this muscle car.

    If I had the means or desire for a muscle car right now, I happily take this one over the hip-hop mafia 300C or the incredible but not so versatile two door Mustang GT.

    "Hee Haw's Lu Lu has more in common with Pamela Sue Anderson than Daimler's abortion of automotive engineering has to the sleek and agressive Chargers of the sixties and seventies."

    FYI: There are a lot of us who have money but dont remember or care about Hee Haw or the sleek, agressive, and completely irrelevant Chargers of the 60s and 70s. This is the one we've got now, and by all initial indications, Chrysler is going to sell them in spades.

    And this probably isnt the best place, but the Daimlerization of Chrysler is FINALLY starting to pay off, and NOW you're calling for less integration. Yes, lets please go back to the wildly successful fleet sales of the most recent Intrepids and Concordes, and the incredibly dynamic Stratus R/T and refined and classy Neons.

  • What would it be like if Daimler took over Ferrari? Would it be like this?

    Daimler CEO, "We're going to design a new Ferrari 308 GTB."

    Token Ferrari Exec, "Fantastic, it's a Ferrari classic that was known for an appealing aerodynamic body and aggresive stance. With wind tunnel tests we can decrease its drag and improve its performance even more."

    Chief Daimler Designer & CEO golf buddy, "Hold on, that's too costly. We just want the name for sales, we don't want this car to draw upon the 308's sex appeal or racing legacy. I want it to look as if it has mutated into a completely different vehicle."

    Daimler CEO, "That's a great Idea, we can save money by putting it on our shorter, stubby Mercedes frames."

    Chief Daimler Designer, "Yes, by chopping off that sleek Ferrari nose and replacing it with a grill from a delivery van we can do this. Also, by putting disproportionately huge rear wheel wells on the car, we can maintain the look of a toad that's about to leap upon its prey.

    Token Ferrari exec, "What are you talking about? You're completely ignoring the Ferrari mistique and design cues. What seasoned Ferrari enthusiast is going to buy one of your cardboard boxes?

    Daimler CEO, "We just want the Ferrari logo on the car for name recognition. If those, Stuck in the Past" Ferrari owners don't like it they can take their business elsewhere. I just hope the door doesn't hit them in the butt on the way out.

    Daimler Marketing Department, "Yeah, and to promote the vehicle we can get some paroled rap artist to fawn all over the car to pump up the youth sales. Then, we could turn around and sell it to the police. That way we can get sales from both sides of the law. Also, if we pay off a few race car drivers, they'll give the trophy for the cutest baby to the ugliest kid on the stage.

    Daimler CEO, "How about a movie with the new Ferrari 308 GTB based on the Magnum P.I. TV show? Instead of driving up in the older and sleeker version we can have him drive up in our new delivery van Ferrari 308 GTB.

    Daimler Chief Designer, "Yes, yes and I can put a stripe on the car to make it look exciting. Those kids are so gullible, you know.

    Token Ferrari Exec, "You're destroying the Ferrari name. Ferrari stands for class & distinction, you can't show them a steak dinner and then give them an Egg-McMuffin.

    Daimler Chief Designer, "You're a lunatic. No one wants that old reworked aerodynamic design, they just want the name. We could sell a swaybacked mule as a thorougbred racehorse and as long as we still had that two percent of the population that believes anything, we can get our sales.

    Daimler CEO, "And once we've erradicated any semblance of the original Ferrari's from the earth, we can drop the Ferrari name altogether.

    Have a nice day.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Your last two posts belong in discussions on our News & Views board, not here in a dedicated sedan discussion.

    You created itsnotacharger, "Daimler's abuse of the Dodge Charger legacy." #1, 16 Oct 2004 8:57 pm - that's where your first post (#320) belongs. And I'm sure you can find a place for this one as well.

  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Itsnotacharger!!! So good to see you back buddy. Thought the people at Edmunds/Daimler had you whacked. I don't know why your posting has to be moved to the other board. This is a discussion and there should be NEGATIVES as well as positives. Has it been moved because the people at Daimler are now reading what the true gear heads are talking about?? Come on Pat, let the people post the negatives as well as the positives.
    I like companies that play on the proud heritage of a name. The current Dodge Monaco that Daimler is calling Charger is a laughing stock amongst the people that know about the history of the car. How is it that Ford consults with Mustang affecianodos before radically re doing the Mustang? Why does GM hire focus groups that are made up of Vette owners before re doing a major American icon? They at least get the idea. The head lamps on the new Vette this year were the first major break through on that car since the redesign of the current generation from that of the mid 90's.
    Daimler will sell this Rat called a Charger. People like Alpha and others willl buy it because of the size, options and available V8 power which none of the competitors offer. This car would sell if it was painted **** Brown and called the Dodge Colt. Itsnotacharger is right, Deiter took over and ruined the Charger dreams of the 99 concept car we all had in mind. The arguement that the propane engine and the cost are LAME and unacceptable excuses for pedaling a bulky, truck nosed, reskinned 300C on people. The reason that Daimler did not build the concept was because Deiter didn't want the old school Dodge thinking in his current company. As I have said before and I'll say it again, this link proves that with some "Creative Thinking" The current Charger :lemon: could have been made more appealing to everyone while still keeping 4 doors for functionality and a HEMI.
    Arguements made by the spokespeople at Chrysler are the same PR spin that Burke Brown read from during the moderated disccuison that took place several months ago. Side curtain airbags, 50/50 weight distribution, "BETTER Handling" are all the reason for this current Charger. Come on, give us a break! The 99 concept would not have been a good handling car? Any car now with radial tires, some modern suspension and ABS brakes, combined with traction control will out handle any cars from the 60's and 70's, even the cars of the 80's and 90's. Just a weak excuse from Daimler. Robin T. and the group need to rework the press release spin that your Public Relations depart is putting out. Just say that the reason the Charger looks the way it does is because the bean counters got their wishes. It's easier to build 3 cars on 1 platform.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    People may certainly post negatives about the car. But this is the Sedans board and it isn't the place to get into an extended debate about the corporate issues of any manufacturer. We have the News & Views board for that and itsnotacharger himself created the right discussion.

    We need to keep this discussion focused on the 06 Charger itself and take the philosophical debates to where they belong. Thanks.
  • 2000rt12000rt1 Posts: 8
    Can anyone explain to me the Dealer Allocation process...does that mean that even if I have ordered a car and put a deposit down on one and the dealer is only allocated one R/T for the month of May I may not get the car I have ordered???
  • hardhawkhardhawk Posts: 702
    Allocation can cause delays, and in certain cases, such as the end of the model year build out, the loss of the order. My experience has been more of a delay issue than an issue of not ever getting the car. Allocation is based on sales so larger dealers in the cities usually get more of the hotter selling models faster than the lower volume dealers. My Magnum RT was ordered in early May of 2004 and not delivered until mid-October. It was worth the wait.
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