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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • mnunesmnunes Posts: 11
    I read a post on Friday 5/6/05 (it's been removed since then) apparently by a dealer indicating that he had received a single Charger RT and was offering it for sale (that's why it got removed).

    Is it possible that a dealership actually received a Charger already when every dealer I've talked to doesn't even know what month they'll be getting cars, how many they're getting, etc.? Or is it more likely that someone made up the story to see what the interest would be?

    Has anyone heard a firm date (or approximation) about when Chargers will be on dealer lots? One of my local dealers thinks they're getting some this week (5/8/05-5/14/05) but they're still not sure.
  • johnbirdmanjohnbirdman Posts: 14
    I saw 2 white 6 cylinder Chargers at a Dodge dealer here in Maryland yesterday. I like the styling better than the 300's, not quite so bulky looking.
  • ahoneymanahoneyman Posts: 1
    I bought a '66 yellow Charger, the original fastback with a lot of help from my parents, (I was in college at the time.) It cost $3,220 dollars and had everything I wanted. Now here's the deal guys. That car absolutely sucked in the winter snow and it was a total pain in the butt to get into the rear seat. I always used to shake my head about that. Full-size car, great rear seat and damn near impossible to get into. I just checked out a 2005 mustang and they have a great retro car. If I want to go back to cheesy rear seats, cheap materials and a claustrophobic interior, well, by golly I will just go out and get one of them thar cars!

    It was never about two doors or four doors. It was about full power, good looks and the ability to use the vehicle for something other than to impress. The other car that was out there that we all salivated over was the Road Runner. Nothing more than a Plymouth Satellite with a 440 and a sick pack or a hemi, (or a 383 for the pansies). I don't want to go back to a 2 door because of the name having "icon" status. I want a car with great handling, modern electronics, (read ESP here), modern steering, great brakes and GO! (This astonishing car will go 0-60 in 6 seconds, and even more important from 60-0 in only 110 feet. The new Mustang takes 135 feet to do the same thing!) The new charger has all this and gives an astonishing 25 mpg on the highway. (Chargers of my era could only coax out about 9-11 mpg if you had a light foot.)

    I've got to assume all the crybabies out there who are bemoaning the Dukes car never actually drove one. In everything that evokes what the Charger meant to us, the actual owners of these cars, this Charger IS a Charger!
  • jimhemijimhemi Posts: 223
    Sorry you feel that way.
  • johnbirdmanjohnbirdman Posts: 14
    Well said, ahoneyman. Some people are disapointed that the new Charger isn't a 2 door, and I would have liked it to be a slightly smaller coupe myself. That said, I test drove an RT today and it was a hell of a nice car. Very solid feeling. I could feel every one of those 340 horses. It reminded me more of a modern version of an old Olds 98 with a 455 rocket V8 than an old Charger. That can be good or bad depending on your perspective. It's a little larger than I need, but I loved it. If they knock a few thousand off MSRP in the next few months, which is likely, I'll be buying one and driving it for the next 15 years.
  • The Dodge dealer here in Middle Georgia has a black Charger RT on his showroom floor (May 10) and it looks great. This is a big car and has a very open feel inside. The quality of the interior is impressive also.I may go back later and ask for a test drive if it is still around.
  • cfazzaricfazzari Posts: 77
    Glad to hear about the interior. The interiors of the NY Auto Show Charger models was absolutely terrible - hard molded plastic doors that didn't fit well together and dashboards that looked like chalkboards.. Hopefully they've addresses this somewhat in production.
  • mnunesmnunes Posts: 11
    A dealer in Tustin, CA got a Charger RT in last week and I took it out for a test drive. Very responsive throttle! I can see getting a few tickets with this one! It's as fast as my old Z28 (if not faster) and as smooth and quiet as my Acura. The front seats and dash seem to be nearly identical to the Magnum (from the few quick peeks I've done in a Magnum); I didn't notice a particularly cheap feel to the doors and dash; not fancy but not cheap. Seeing the interior in person rather than pictures, I much prefer the dark interior vs. the lighter one in most of the pics.

    They had just unloaded it from the truck and hadn't even washed it yet. When I went back the next day it was inside the showroom, not available for test drives. I guess I lucked out. I placed an order for one this weekend to get the right color and equipment. The dealer expects (or told me he expects) about 5-6 weeks for delivery. I'm not holding my breath, but the dealers in this area seem to be getting more in pretty regularly. I've counted 4 or 5 dealers in the area showing Charger RT inventory. Anyone have an idea of a realistic lead time these days? Dealer says that customer orders get priority over dealer stocking orders.
  • mnunesmnunes Posts: 11
    I just read that Dodge/Chrysler has decided to do away with the 7/70 powertrain warranty starting with the Charger. Instead, the powertrain will be covered by the bumper-to-bumper 3/36 warranty. They cite quality improvements over the last 13 years that have made the long warranty less of a selling point and will offer it as an option.

    Any experience with whether it would be a good idea to buy an extended warranty? I know that in general they're just a cash cow for the dealership that sells them but I haven't purchased a Dodge in over 15 years.
  • enygma6enygma6 Posts: 35
    Glad you like the Charger, and best of luck with it.
    It was almost exactly a year ago when I got the first test drive in on the Magnum RT at my local Dodge dealer and promptly placed an order (as you did, for specific color/equipment). At that time I was quoted 6-8 weeks delivery time, and my RT arrived at 8 weeks. I'm not sure how the production capacity will be this year, the Magnum and 300 are still in production at the same facilities as the Charger, but only the Charger is being introduced as new, so orders for the other two may have dropped after the initial rush allowing them to focus on getting some new Chargers out there.

    As for the interior of the Charger, I'm assuming it hasn't changed much since the Detroit Auto Show where I was able to sit in one and give it a look over. The only differences I noted from the Magnum interior was the Charger has an aluminum trim on the center console stack around the stereo/climate controls (like the 300), whereas the Magnum is textured black plastic.
    Everything else was the same as the Magnum. This means lots of heavy plastic, rubber where it's likely to contact the occupants (arm rests), and many pockets for holding things.
    I have the light interior in my car, and while I like the lighter look than having it all be dark inside, it does tend to show more when it is in need of cleaning
    (I chose the Mineral Grey Metallic exterior paint, so I like the contrast with the light interior)
  • hemiphilehemiphile Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the Charger will be offered with a stick? The 300 and Magnum are not but those concepts appeal more to the auto only or auto stick crowd. If Dodge wants it to compete with the Mustang and the GTO they're going to need to pony up (no pun intended). And you could get a stick on just about anything offered from Daimler's "other" division.
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    Its sad to see the charger name again on a car thats not what the charger name requires..I remember the 80's remember those chargers ,this is no different its only a name your buying..

    I own a magnum rt awd and love it the magnum is literally a charger wagon ..
    The charger is going to have a tough time competeing with the mustang it is not close to the Mustang in any way ..
    I feel it will fill the rental lots well ...........Thats about it ......Nothing real special ,I really dont like the look of the Charger it looks slapped together ,and is a comdo of a 300,Magnum..... I prefer the magnum for versitilty ..I love the looks of the magnum ..
    I feel Dodge has lost touch quickly this car is an indicator ..
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    They should have ran the Challenger again and made it mean this new charger is only being brought out there to follow the new Dukes of Hazzard Movie!
    Im not sold at all ..
    They just slapped this cat together its obvious..
  • johnbirdmanjohnbirdman Posts: 14
    This is the first Charger review I have seen
  • slavoslavo Posts: 1
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I drove the Charger RT yesterday and it is impressive. The car is fast, handles well, no rattles and the interior is accommodating and comfortable. The car was very controllable and the suspension was taut. However when we drove up the lot the car was parked right in the front and I failed to see it, my brother who was with me saw it first. I parked my 73 Charger about 10 feet away and we closely looked at the car. The interior, drivability and Hemi are wonderful. Where the car fails to appeal is in the appearance. The car simply does not have the Charger instinct, graceful lines or muscle associated with true Chargers. The salesman said the same, he expected real muscle car lines but we did not get it. He did sell me on the interior, ride, power and after driving it he was absolutely correct. Now for the amusing part that proves my point. After the test drive I parked my 73 Charger about 10 feet away again. While we were discussing looks, price, etc., a middle aged lady (who was with another salesman) actually came by and asked if my Charger was for sale. I am NOT making this up. She looked at my 73 Charger and wanted to know if it was for sale. My brother and I and our salesman looked at each other chuckled and then we had to tell her it was my car. Needles to say when a 32 year old car gets more attention than a new Charger please understand what most of the public I’m sure is saying. This new "Charger" is nice in so many ways but it does NOT look like a true Charger. It seems the styling department stretched the Dodge Neon, put a meaner face on it and called it "Charger." Perhaps what the salesman said is true, he said that this car will appeal to a different market. The outside did not appeal to me. Why should I pay $38,000.00 for a car that is not appealing? Please redesign this car, it needs to look like a true Charger. Longer front end, read end like a 68 through 74, muscle and curves that extend from the A and C pillars to entire car. All you have to change is the outside.

    Please answer this: why four doors?
    If a customer wanted GREAT looking cars with four doors could he not purchase the Dodge Magnum or 300?

    Ford is coming out with their Shelby Mustang 500 and the Chevy Camaro is also making a comeback. The Camaro is retro from the late 60’s and looks incredible. Reminds me of the Cuda. Please do not let Chevy’s camaro look like the Cuda. If you do redesign the Cuda please make it look like the real Cuda, four doors not necessary.
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    Hello, I agree with you 100% what where they thingking its an ugly car plain and simple..I had a 1973 challenger and a 1970 charger glad to see you stilll own yours ..Id go with the mustang any day .....
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    I wonder what market the salesman was refering too.
    The Blind??????LOL
    Man that is one ugly car .....
  • 2000rt12000rt1 Posts: 8
    I got the Charger R/T I ordered back in April and I love it. I think it has a great look.
    If it were a two door I would not have bought it. I would have bought this car if it were called an Intrepid, Coronet or Sparrow. I just dont understand the hang up some people have on a four door Charger or its styling. It is what it is and I like it.
    All the moaning and groaning will not cause DCX to change the car. If you dont like something else.
  • kowalskikowalski Posts: 94
    Please know if you like it thats all that counts....
    I had just seen the Charger up close at Gingerman speed way .
    I saw a mustang an an older one eat the Charger on the track..
    I owned these cars back in the 70,s I just dont like the manner on which they use the name or a name plate to insite a buyer to make a purchase..
    I actaully commend Dodge for trying and Im sure youll love the car .

    4 doors is what blows it for me I wish they would have made it a 2 door.
    I did I bought a magnum RT AWD and I love it I just have little faith in dodge and its gonna take time to adjust to thier tactics...
    Soory it just a preference not to be taken personally..

    Id buy the charger if they would have made it a bit more an idviduals car.
    It seems dodge is marketing Hemi watering down the real hemis.
    Im not a fan of tags a stickers that are meaningless.
    Ford brought out the new mustang as it pays homage to the real deal ,unlike dodge whos just slapping names on cars to generate sales.
    The GTO was a bomb for pontiac I feel the charger will follow suit.
    But you know it may work out to be a plus having a car thats not so main stream.
    Thats why I bought the magnum over the 300c .There are 300's everywhere i hardly ever see a magnum on the road in my area..

    Im trying to instill faith with dodge again and Ill keep an open mind..
    I just know what they are capabile of and its not good usually....
    Well see in a few years if the Dodge is still in my stable of cars or if itys replaced..
    Time will tell.
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