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Dodge Charger 2006+



  • gsemikegsemike Long Island, NYPosts: 1,743
    You always have to take the HP claims of mods with a grain of salt. Everything add 50 HP and improves fuel economy. If that were so, everybody would be driving around in 500 hp cars that get 50 mpg!!! It would be the perfect blend between a Z06 and a Prius.
  • Hi all. I'm interested in the RT with the RT performance package but I can't find any near me so I have done test drives in the regular RT and the Daytona. I love the seats and handling in the Daytona but I don't really like the exhaust noise (or all the graphics). I think it sounds cheap and tinny and it drones most of the time. Also it makes you think your in a sports car and then you notice how heavy the car is instead of enjoying the luxury big car feel :) Does anyone know if the RT performance package sounds closer to the Daytona or to the regular RT? I'm hoping its closer to the regular RT. I think I'll order one if it is!
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    I just bought the Charger SXT.I'm very impressed with this car.It's one of the best riding car I owned.I traded in A 2002 Intrepid Sxt and I thought that car was great.
    This charger blows away the Intrepid in ride looks.This V-6 is the same one I had in my Intrepid and it was good to me for 3years.The more I drive it the more I like It.
    Mine has the sunroof which I like and thought I wouldn't.
  • mm2097mm2097 Posts: 6
    I'm actually looking for information on a better exhaust for my Daytona. Anyone have any info for me? I know that I can lose some HP by changing this. Any info would be greatly appreciated!! :shades:
  • tonygxptonygxp Posts: 56
    Refering to the DRIVER,You can say that again, I went to Atco Raceway last Thurs. (Wed. at Raceway Park) and after meeting another Grand prix owner, he showed me how to launch my car and i ran a 13.905 @100.57 & 13.811 @100.96, from a best of 14.1 @98 from the night before,100% Stock!!! dropped my 60's to 2.067 from 2.2..One thing FWD isn't is easy to launch, easier to launch my old Mustang GT (and that was stick).
    Has anyone run their Chargers yet??
  • Does anyone have any experience yet driving a charger in adverse conditions (like snow)? I've been wanting one of these since before they came out, but now I live where snow is going to be an issue (uphill and downhill) and now I'm thinking I may have to sacrifice the charger for a jeep...
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,886
    FWD automatics are definitely a real pain to get just right. You should try it with a turbo! My S70 T5 can vary as much as 1.5 secs!

    I'm surprised we haven't heard some Charger numbers yet.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • taz2taz2 Posts: 1
    :) I bought my Dodge Charger Rt on Sept 3. I love it. The tire feature workes as we found out when we were in Bakersfield, CA. A light suddenly appeared and I did not know what it was, when my husband saw it he said that it was telling me that I had low tire pressure. So we looked for the red valve stem and found it. We put air in the tires and as a precaution we went to a tire store and had them look at the tire. They found a nail in the tire. We were over 200 miles from home. I am so glad of this feature :) I also love my sunroof. The only complaint I have is that I seem to have more cabin noise than my last car (96 Grand Marquis) and when I put my sunroof in the V position I hear a rattle. But overall, I LOVE MY CAR :) Love my color too, Mag. Pearl kinda like a teal green.

    Lakewood, CA
  • Hi everyone Im new here. After a lemon Dakota pick-up I never thought I would drive a Mopar again but my new Hemi-Charger has made up for the past.

    Is there anyone who can say what exactly is the relationship to Mercedes-Benz E-Class on the LH body? The Charger salesman made it sound like the car is a Mercedes and others have said its the old FWD LH converted to RWD with some old 96-03 Mercedes-Benz E-Class suspension and steering parts.

    Whatever the case I LOVE THIS CAR! I have made it my goal to evangelize the LH and most of all the re-born Charger !
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    It has NOTHING to do with the last gen, FWD LH-series cars at all. In truth, it's a completely new, from the ground up that uses the design of a lot of Mercedes parts, but not necessarily the exact parts themselves. For instance, the rear suspension is virtually identical to the design of that on the E-class, but where MB used aluminum, they used steel for lower costs.

    There are also things like the steering column, seat frames, and some electronics, such as the stability control, that are almost directly lifted straight from MB.

    Basically, the design behind the new RWD LX-series cars goes like this: when Chrysler first started planning for the redesign, they knew they were going RWD and started the process of developing an appropriate platform, etc., something that ended up being made a lot easier after the merger with Mercedes, since they could now look at, replicate, and even use various components MB had already done the design and testing for, saving them time, money, and resulting in things like a rear suspension that was better from the start than anything they could have come up with for the engineering time and money allotted to them. Same with the MB-design 5-speed auto transmission.

    So yeah, LOTS of MB design-based stuff, and next to nothing, except for the 2.7L and 3.5L engines, from the last gen FWD cars.
  • jrnyacejrnyace Posts: 21
    Has anyone else had any problems when turning on the blower-Hot air blows out for the first 5 seconds before switching over to cold. Another problem I have is with the tire pressure monitoring alert. The ( ! ) lit up on the dash-but checking the air pressure- I found only 2 tires 5 lbs. lower the the other 2. Would this cause the alert to pop up?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 16,886
    If i'm understanding your description correctly, that is pretty much normal for any car. Fact is, the AC compressor is not engaged until you turn on the switch, so the air CAN'T come out cold immediately. The compressor needs to kick in and the cold air needs to then circulate its way to the cabin.

    '13 Stang GT; '86 Benz 300E; '98 Volvo S70; '12 Leaf; '08 Town&Country

  • hayneldanhayneldan Posts: 657
    They are designed to signal if a pressure is 5 lbs under the recomended presssure.
  • ..."Has anyone else had any problems when turning on the blower-Hot air blows out for the first 5 seconds before switching over to cold"...

    I believe there is a TSB for this particular AC problem. It's fixed by a computer update if I recall correctly from my reading one of the other Charger forums.
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    congratulations on your Charger R/T.To bad you had to find out about the tire feature so fast, but it saved you some headaches.I have the Charger SXT with R/T wheels and tires so it looks like yours without the HEMI.I have the sunroof also that I love,but did not have the noise you mentioned.Good luck and welcome to the Charger board.
  • Has anyone experienced a loud water trickling sound in the passengers side dash when its raining? And is there a fix for it?
  • I am looking for advice on some kind of coating that dealer wants to apply, he says that my red Charger RT will have brush marks from car washing if I dont get the coating to protect the paint finish. I didnt want to get it so in the end they gave it to me for free but I know of an 89 Taurus that looked very bad after a few years after getting some kind of coating. Any one have an opinion on this??

    THANKX - Jim
  • xtecxtec Posts: 354
    The coating that the dealer has will not stop brush marks.Its suppose to stop your paint from fading.If you wax your car with a high grade Wax you will be doing the same thing.I would not use a brush on your car from the car wash.Thats the worse thing to do,as it will cause scratch marks.The clear coat on these cars are easy to scratch.You should use the softest material to wash and clean as well as wax.I hope this helps.
  • Gosh- I couldn't think of anything worse for a new car than a car wash. Those brushes are full of cinders, rocks, and numerous other debris that will scratch the crap out of any car. Why people insist on using them is beyond me. Like the previous message states-washing your car intelligently is the best way to do it. Spray all the heavy mud, bird poo and other debris off first. It's even a good idea to go through with a rag soaked in kerosene and wipe down the lower panels that may have flecks of tar on them before your washing. Soft cloth and sponges are the best to use. Stay away from those "dip in the bucket" scrubbing brushes on a stick-like the ones at the ready-washes. Those spray on coatings that promise to eliminate waxing are a farce. I used MOTHERS liquid wax on my RT and it's absolutely stunning. I learned my lesson when I bought a new $2000.00 sofa with the fabric protector-only to peek in the back warehouse to see a couple of morons spraying it down with cans of protectant that I could have purchased myself for $10.00. Good luck waxing.
  • Rob,
    I read about your $100 over invoice deal with interest and excitement. I am confused, however, because I did the math and came up with a very different set of numbers.

    For the V6 at $100 over invoice, I get $23482, $2602 less than your quote of $26084. I was hoping you could explain this discrepancy, because it looks to me that you are paying at least $1000 OVER MSRP, not $100 over invoice. From Edmunds:

    Invoice MSRP
    20758 22320 Base price V6
    2944 3200 SXT package
    138 150 18" wheels
    179 195 Sirius
    24019 25685 Subtotal
    100 100 add $100 over invoice
    613 613 (add Fees you mentioned
    24732 26398 Subtotal
    1250 1250 subtract rebates ($500 + $750)
    23482 25148 Total after adding fees and deducting Invoice MSRP rebates

    You may reply to me via private email if you prefer.
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