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Ford Focus SVT

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
Take a look at the 2002 Ford Focus SVT. What do you think?

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  • I plan on checking the SVT out when they appear at dealerships later this year. I've checked several SVT dealers locally, and no one wants to talk about taking an order now - too early, they tell me. If Ford manages to get a handle on the quality issues that plagued the launch of the Focus in this country, and dealers don't try to bend customers over a barrel on pricing, the SVT should be a sell-out. This segment of the market has been neglected for way too long, in my opinion. I'm leaning toward stretching a bit and going for the new Subaru WRX sedan, but I might wait until the SVT appears to drive it before deciding.
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    into the 5 door hatchback?

  • Not according to AutoWeek - the "ZX5" is supposed to arrive this fall with the 2.0 liter Zetec currently offered. SVT vehicles are built in relatively small numbers for a narrow audience, and are designed to be "halo" cars for the true enthusiast. SVT doesn't try to be all things to all people - which is why you won't see an SVT Focus with an automatic transmission, or SVT prepped engines finding their way into the bread and butter family cars.
  • The SVT Focus is not available yet, correct? So I am correct in assuming that the Focus I pass going to work in the morning did not leave Dearborn with an SVT logo on the back?
  • whens this car supposed to be available? if it is available for 18k and no dealer jackup, plus better quaility and reliability, id buy it (does anyone know if the focus is reliable?)

    thx (this would be cheaper and better for me so i dont have buy all those aftermarket parts)
  • fivespeedfivespeed Posts: 42
    .... " The PT Snoozer "
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Unless you live near Ford headquarters, and happened to spot a pre-production car undergoing testing, I'd say you are seeing a regular ZX3 with an SVT badge stuck on the back. I have been in discussion with the general manager of a local dealership. He knows about as much as anyone who has visited the Ford SVT web site, and read the articles in AutoWeek, Car and Driver, and Automobile magazine. The Job 1 date (when they build the first production car) has not been finalized, but current rumors say November. Ford is still juggling the list of options vs. standard equipment in an effort to bring the car in at a competitive price - early reports had the sunroof as standard, and now it has moved to the short list of options (yay! I'm not a sunroof fan). This car should be a bargain if you can snag one at the projected list price of $18K. As opposed to trying to build your own performance Focus, there's no way a casual mechanic could duplicate the SVT for the same money - the Getrag six-speed transaxle alone would cost a bundle, plus the Zetec engine has received extensive internal mods, such as forged connecting rods, higher compression pistons, and variable valve timing on the intake cam... plus the whole package is covered by a 3/36 warranty and can be financed. Such a deal.
  • I heard the Focus SVT will only be built in Germany. If this is true it will be the only sub $20k car built assembled in Germany. Not even a Golf or GTI is built in Germany anymore. I think the SVT will be the best hatchback available under 20k. Not that it has much competition.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    sentra20ser, an interview with SVT officials published recently in AutoWeek said that the SVT Focus will be built in the Hermosillo, Mexico plant alongside the regular ZX3. Ford engineers also visited engine plants in Germany, England, and Mexico, and decided to have the SVT Focus' modified Zetec engine built in Mexico as well. Despite what you might think about German vs. British vs. Mexican workmanship, it is largely the low price of labor in Mexico that will make the SVT Focus affordable.
  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    Got the April edition of Motor Trend magazine (http:www// and there is a Focus FR200 vs Corvette Z06 shootout ! Now if the FR200

    is a 5 door hatchback...

                        Rob Fruth - Houston, Tx


    1981 Raleigh for commuting, errands & fun

    1997 Trek 2300 for real fun !

    2000 DX Civic hatchback

  • wordman93wordman93 Posts: 36
    What is a Focus RS, and why can't we get any? Does this car really produce 220hp? Now I'd take that Focus over a VR6 any day. How much torque will this Focus SVT produce?
    Sentra20user, I was under the influence that all Golfs were produced in Brazil or Germany only. I also thought that all GTI VR6's were produced in Germany only. Maybe that was only the late models 95-early 99's, anyway my TDI was made in Germany though. First three characters of Vin WVW...
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    You won't see this car in the U.S. thanks to several reasons, among them:
    1. Our crazy products liability laws (i.e., too many greedy trial lawyers)
    2. A truck crazy market that wouldn't look twice at a hatchback costing upwards of $30K (projected price of the Focus RS in the U.K.)
    3. Insurance rates that no one would be willing to pay

    The tentative power and torque figures for the upcoming SVT Focus are readily available at the Ford SVT web site... 170 bhp at 6800 rpm, 145 lb-ft. at 5500 rpm.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    It doesn't make much difference, But I was surprised to see a small revision to the power specification on the SVT web site - max power is now listed as 170 bhp at 7000 rpm, not 6800. Good thing Ford modified the Zetec to include forged rods - this engine is designed to be revved past 7 grand...
  • greenguygreenguy Posts: 78
    I read that the new 2.0 Ztec is a cosworth design? Ill try to find the blurb and post where.
    I am interested in this car. I swore not another blue oval in my driveway, but in reality, my 94 escort gt has served me very well.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    A recent AutoWeek carried a brief story about Cosworth doing the reengineering of the 2.0 liter Zetec for the SVT Focus. On paper, the SVT Focus looks like it will have the "goods" - but, like you, I've said I'd never own another Ford product. My 2000 ZX3 has had all the recalls, but otherwise has been trouble-free. Of course, it has virtually no resale value, and I'm still mad about some of the cost-cutting, cheap parts, and dealer ineptitude that seem to be the hallmark of a Jac Nasser controlled Ford.
  • pks1pks1 Posts: 32
    The R will be for sale in the US according to it is going to be prices under $20000 it is supposed to have 220 hp @ 5000 rpm

    Torque 245 lb-ft @ 4500 ouit of its 2.0L engine . It is supposed to have wheeles that were originally developped for the Ferarri F50 and wholebunch of other aftermarket upgrades...Borla...Eibach springs Garrett turbocharger... go here for more info

    as for the SVT I'd pick the R even if the difference in proces will be 3-4k
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    Despite the date, this is an old story - Automobile and Car & Driver, among others, carried this story over a year ago. Notice how it says "available mid 2001"? This car is NOT going to be offered to the buying public in this country. Actually, Ford put it together largely to gauge U.S. reaction, then gave the green light to SVT (not SVE) to develop the SVT Focus for actual production later this year. The "R" would be neat, but don't count on getting this car, or even a U.S. version of the European Focus RS, anytime soon.
  • greenguygreenguy Posts: 78
    The Blue Oval needs to keep the price under 20K. I was thinking if they go over then they are going into WV GTi territory. There is NO way they can compete with the Level of not only performance, but a quality product. Fully loaded under 20K and it will be a great choice.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    I agree - the VW is ugly, but the basic design is pretty solid. Read through some of the VW forums and you quickly realize there are some pretty unhappy owners over there as well, however. Ford's strong suit is their ability to deliver bang for the buck, so pricing the SVT Focus well under a comparably equipped GTI is a must.
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