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Ford Focus SVT



  • I am 20 years old, and recently purchased an end-of-the year '03 SVT 4door. I have owned 4 cars before this, and this is definitely the best car ever. For the price (under 20k), you get an unbelievable deal, and an amazing performance vehicle. I had been looking at many different cars, and almost bought a WRX for 26k, but decided I didn't need to spend that much. The moment I test drove the SVT, I knew I had to have it! It handles like a professional rally car, has plenty of HP for speed buffs, and by far the best part is the new age interior; 6-disc audio system w/subwoofer, heated leather trim seats, automatic moonroof/sunroof, 6-speed getrag, etc. If you're looking for a car that offers the most fun, this is definitely your car. With many mods and aftermarket products, the sky's the limit for these little speedsters. You'll look good driving it, and feel good as well. Bottom Line: An absolutely amazing vehicle; there's a reason foci have been rated 10 best cars 5 years and a row ( Car and Driver)
  • There are a few dealers in my area who still have 2003 SVT's on the lot. It looks like a 5 door with moonroof, winter package, audiophile stereo system and HID headlights can be had for about 16,000. The sticker price is $21,745. This is looking quite tempting to me. And also, what are the changes on the car for 2004? It looks like different wheels and that's about it. I took a test drive yesterday and was impressed. The only negatives I saw was it takes too long for the rpm's to drop between shifts, and it is on the noisy side at highwway speeds. All in all, it seems to be a steal at that price, what do you all think?
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    If you do not purchase the SVT 5dr email me the dealer contact details. I'm interested in it at $16K. My email is in my profile.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    that was the exact same deal available here in MN when I was casually looking 6 weeks ago.

    I was tempted too. My only reservation about the SVT is its lack of engine refinement. Please keep in mind that was compared to a back to back test drive of a new Mazda 3. The PZEV Focus is a version of the Mazda 3 motor.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    anyone care to comment on the recaro seats with the euro pkg? Are they a bit narrow for a wide butt like me? The std SVT seats are comfy.
  • the_manthe_man Posts: 15
    The standard seats sure are comfortable. I like the look of the Recaro's more, but i haven't sat in thoes particular seats. Recaro's are typically very comfortable and supportive. I've sat in them in an Audi and the EVO and they fit my rear very well (I wear size 38 pants in mens). The recaro seats are made for touring, so they won't be as narrow as racing seats and they wont save weight like racing seats.
  • the_manthe_man Posts: 15
    I stoped at a Ford dealer today and sat in the Recaro Seats in the fouus and they felt small to me an not as comfortable as the standard seat. There was too much side bolstering. DO NOT get the European package.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    the recaros felt narrow to me, when i sat in them.

    but the regular seats are mostly cloth. the regular SVT seats are COMFY though.

    what is the reliablity scorecard of the SVT Focus?

    other question.......does installing the jackson racing superchager void the factory warranty? Will dealers install the supercharger?

  • While bargain shopping found the wife a 2003 5 door SVT. Lots to like, but wind noise is annoying. Is there a remedy other than turning the stereo up?
  • I am very close to purchasing a supercharger for the SVT Focus and have done some extensive reading on both. Bottom line is actually a cost difference($2K) and power difference(50whp) between JR and Vortech. The Vortech would be best if Quaife ATB was installed. As far as the warranty goes, a Vortech rep informed me that Ford would have to prove that the supercharger directly caused a part to fail but would not void warranty upon installation. The JR supercharger is in the Fords Performance bin and should have been used by Ford from the start. They actually help JR build it for the SVT. There is a good video on the JR Webpage with Oscar Jackson talking about the Supercharger for the SVT if you have not seen it already.
  • Unless you want to spend some serious cash, you can't do anything about the wind noise. However, you could cover the car in the soundproffing foam that is used in recording studios. Your car would lok absolutly horible,but it might lessen the noise.
  • The Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog quotes performance figures for the JR SVTF supercharger as only a 30 HP increase and 9 lbs ft torque increase. It also appears that Jackson Racing has removed the performance figures and video for the SVTF supercharger from their website. Does anyone know the correct performance figures?
  • I currently own a 2000 Focus ZX3 and love it. But I've been thinking that it needed a few improvements (mostly more power) and the SVT looks like it does that pretty well.

    I test drove a left-over red 3-door 2003 SVT (loaded with every option except the Euro Appearance Package) yesterday and was quoted a price of $15,235.97 (after the $3,000 rebate). The dealer seemed very eager to move this car and even said I could "get rid of his 03 SVT for him". I know this a good deal, but HOW good is my question? Should I go back and haggle some more? Any help/suggestions/comments???
  • Goodness does that sound like a good deal!!
  • Does that price include your trade in? If so, no way - if that price is a cash price for the SVT, it is good, but remember you are buying a one-year-old car that has been dropped by Ford. If it has a lot of demo miles, I'd pass on it. If you were to buy it and immediately drive it to another dealership and ask for a trade in value, I bet you'd be quoted something like $10K. Sad, but true.
  • basically a cash price since they were giving me exactly what I owe on my current Focus. I did some more research and you're right Silver Bullet - it isn't that great of a price.

    I can go get a 2002 Focus SVT for over $5,000 less. And that's for one with low mileage (under 20K).

    Unfortunately Fords just don't hold their value. I think I'll wait a year and grab an '03 for under $10,000.
  • gregor1022.....that was a decent price if you do better in the trade. I had a 2000 ZX-3 that I bought from my dealer and when I returned to extend the warranty he wanted to sell me the SVT. He low balled me too and I walked. I told them to buy back my 2000 ZX-3 for what I paid,$6,600 and not a penny less. Took me 2 days but he did it and now I enjoy the SVT. Resale isn't great (only paid 16K) but is getting better now that production has ceased. Personally I don't care because I plan on keeping this car--way too much fun and features for the $$$.
  • dgsdgs Posts: 20
    Hey guys, my local Ford dealership is getting what will probably be one of the last 2004 SVT's. It's a ZX5 in silver, and it has audiophile, HID's, sunroof, and winter package. Invoice on the car is $20,443. The dealership said they will let me have the car for invoice, minus whatever rebate Ford has at the time. They should be getting the car in about a month. Do you think that is a good deal? If they get the car in March, the rebate is only $1,500. They don't know what the rebates will be in April yet.

    I'm also contemplating just getting a 5-speed ZX5, the PZEV version with all the goodies (leather, ABS, side airbags, weather package). It would be cheaper by a couple of grand, and I don't need to use premium gas. But the SVT is so tempting. I hope Ford has good rebates in April. You guys got the car for dirt cheap. There must have been some awesome rebates when you got your SVT, it seems like many of you got the car for $16K. I hope I can do as well.
  • ramon1ramon1 Posts: 15
    I am considering a 5-door SVT Focus with the cold-weather-pkg, moonroof, HID's, and audiophile pkg. Price, after $2K rbate, is $18.8K.

    I'm not sure this car is worth $19K.

    I would like other opinions, especially from SVTF owners, regarding the price-value tradeoff of the SVTF. Is it worth $19K?
  • HI all
    I just bought a BRAND NEW 2004, not 2003, Silver Focus SVT with every single options available including European Package for 16.9k and the sticker was 22.7k. that's over 25% in discount! Dealers ALL need to move cars out and are dying due to expanding inventories. THEY will deal to get rid of the car. This was a great deal especially loaded as it is for car in its last year.
    The car is unbelievable for the money! 6 in Dash CD 390W with 6 speakers, amp and sub!, RECARO Leather seats, traction control, heated mirrors and seats, heated engine block, Great RIMS and handling that woould put 50k cars to shame!!!!
    I love the seats no matter what some people said on these postings, they are much better than the regular one with cloth, with MUCH BETTER lateral support which is KEY in a sports car. I am 6-2 and over 220 lbs, I FIT and love the support and adjustments available.
    The cra is a littl enoisy at high RPM but on the highway in 6th at 75, noise is minimal for such a car!
    At this price you can't ask for more, if you complain spend more on a nicer car and maybe not so sport oriented. FORD as hard as it is to admit
    DID a great job with this car in all areas considering the price! Value is as good as it gets! Just the handling is amazing and worth the cash.
    I am definitely thinking of small upgrades like air intake, chip, tinted windows and adding Sirius radio soon.
    What is the best way to go with Supercharger for performance without voiding the warranty? Does anyone have acceleration numbers and such for the Jackson Racing kit? I would liek to compare with stock to see the value.
    What would you recommend as a first easy and cheap upgrade?

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