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Cadillac DTS/STS vs. Chrysler 300/300C



  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I had not looked at the Town Car pricing, so had thought it was cheaper. Still, I think that the Lexus LS is more car than a loaded DeVille. I am not sure how the Town Car compares.

    The press releases on the six speed automatic that both Ford and GM worked on together is a FWD transmission. Nothing was said about a RWD transmission in those press releases. Looking at the Ford truck/SUV transmissions for 2006, there are only 4 speed units available. GM is using the car six speed in their SUV's. The FWD six speed has different gear ratios than the RWD, so I do not think that they are the same transmission.
  • To piggy-back on dealership reputation… I’ve relocated to Central PA to Coral Springs, Fl three days after purchasing my 300Touring and the closest dealership to my home Fairbank’s Chrysler and their attitudes suck. :mad: Since I have an office in Sarasota I make it my business to have my car my car serviced at Sarasota Chrysler they understand the concept of stellar customer care :shades: .
  • blkhemiblkhemi Posts: 1,717
    The LS is more car than any DTS will be. Main components are RWD, near stratisferic resale value and markedly better build quality. But for the price, a base DTS is a great deal, perhaps best in the mid-lux class.

    As to the transmissions, the Navigator/Expedition uses the same 6-speed tranny as the 6.2L Caddy Escalade/GMC Yukon Denali, soon to be trickled down to the lesser models SUV's and trucks on both sides. The transmissions are modular and are configured to be both FWD/RWD-AWD. To bad GM wouldn't install it on the Lucerne/DTS platform. I know it's not to old of a platform/powertrain if the dated Ford platforms were able to upgrade.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    You are right, the Navigator does have a six speed, and has had a six speed for some time. However, this link:
    Shows that the transmission is a ZF transmission, not a GM transmission. The gear ratios are the same as BMW's six speed.

    Certainly GM could put a six speed FWD transmission on the DTS/Lucerne platform, the question is whether it is worth doing.
  • stevenwstevenw Posts: 18
    Sorry, should have mentioned I was talking about the first gen NS engines with the leaking oil pan gasket. I've been trying to sell my 1998 Aurora around town (after I bought my 300 Limited I have no need for the older car) and anyone who knows anything about first gen NS engines always asks me if the oil pan gasket has been replaced yet. If I say "no" they won't take the car if I give it to them. I'll have to sell it to a private party and tell them that it's their choice to replace it or not. I have chosen not to becasue I'm not going to put $2,000 into a $6,000 car. The occasional drips on the garage floor aren't that bothersome and the car is never low on oil so it's not a continuous or high volume leak - it's just annoying.

    I did say that no one normally keeps their cars long enough to run into this problem implying that the car was older (in my case it's 8 years old).
  • These two fine cars do in many ways compete with each other.
    Both sedans, both with great looks and engines and yet there have been no posts here for over two months. I think the decision to buy one or the other is helpful to know about and would greatly appreciate learning from others what conclusions they are drawing or drew in making the choice. I own a 2004 Deville which has been a good car for me but I have not received good service at the local Cadillac dealership so I am considering replacing it with a
    300C when my warranty runs out in 2007. Are there things I should be considering in potentially making the switch, is the price to value better in one or the other? Any other recent news I should be looking at in evaluating which car to pick for my next? Hope this site will become active again soon.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    would be the Chrysler 300 with the Buick Lucerne. The Lucerne offers a V6 as well as the V8, as does the 300. The Lucerne is priced about the same as the 300 or at least is much closer than the DTS.

    For really great service, legend has it that Rolls Royce is unmatched.....
  • To compare Cadillac, Chrysler and Rolls in the same vain is really amusing, I'm slightly sore from laughing!
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    I found this forum quite amusing when it was started... :P
  • Then why waste your time on it??
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    It amuses me. ;)

    Seriously though, I do not think that the Chrysler 300/300C is a luxury car. It may compare with the Buick Lucerne, although I think that it falls somewhat short in terms of luxury. The 300 is a nice large RWD sedan, and offers a big (too big in my opinion) V8. The 300 is not a sports sedan either. For the money, the 300 is a nice RWD car. GM is going to have some RWD sedans in a few more years that may be much better. Right now I think, for the money, the CTS is a better choice if the size is not too small. The CTS's V6 is more fuel efficient, and, if you really want a sports sedan, it is a sports sedan.
  • I don't feel this forum is a waste of time for me and that's
    why I keep coming back to check. I did not choose the forum title but think it would have been better if they had narrowed the forum to Cadillac DTS VS Chrysler 300C and not included the 300, 300 limited and 300 touring models. As you mentioned the latter models are V6 engines and more comparable to the other cars you referred to in recent posts. My own preference would be a Cadillac CTS in v6 models if that were my choice versus the Chrysler 300, touring, or limited
    editions. So far as the Cadillac DTS is concerned, I like the front better than my 2004 Deville but think the side view in 2006 DTS is to plain for an upscale car. On balance the recent model Devilles hold up very well to the new DTS
    in appearance, of course that is a matter of personal taste.
    As an aside I can say that my Lincoln Town car (in Gold) turns heads all the time, it is by far the most attractive
    looking car (to me) that I have ever owned. My 98 Deville
    also in Gold being a close second, it also turned heads all the time.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    If you wanted to limit it to only the 300C, then the DTS should be limited to only the performance model. I assume that you are aware that the performance model has a higher performance engine than the base northstar along with a performance axle ratio.

    Still, even the 300C's interior is made up of too much hard plastic for a luxury car I think. Cadillac is improving their interiors, but still have a long way to go before they are worth the price tags that they have.
  • The basis for my comparison was the engines power although I have been aware of the interior, exterior quality issue. The DTS is listed by Edmunds as having 292 horsepower and 288 lbs of torque. The Chrysler 300C as stated by Edmunds has 340 Horsepower and 390 lbs of Torque. The figures for Cadillac were the upper end performance model and for Chrysler the 300C. The price of and auto is often very much a factor of the engine performance and at the above stats the Chrysler is a bargain at about $36,000 vs the DTS at over $48,000. True as you mentioned the 300C has some less expensive materials but given its' shortcomings it is a bargain at $36,000 if the build quality is going to hold up. As a final thought, I don't think the lower end Chryslers should be in this forum in that the price starts at about $ 25,000 vs $ 41000 for the low end DTS and the difference in engine size of V6 and 190 horsepower for 300 and V8 for the base DTS with 275 Horsepower.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    The 300C's price range is, with options, in the $35,000 to $40,000 range. The performance Cadillac DTS starts at over $50,000, and, with options, will run upwards of $55,000. I am not sure of the fully equipped price might be on either car.

    I do understand that you have an interest in the 300C, but my point here is that the 300C's interior is not really in the luxury car class. The Cadillac's interior is much nicer I think, if short of true luxury.

    I think that this forum has run its course, with only a few Chrysler owners responding. I do think that the 300 is a much better car than the RWD Ford/Lincoln/Mercury cars, mainly because of the 300's suspension design.
  • Certainly our messages back and forth are testing the interest levels in this topic and the fact that no one else has joined us is an indicator of recent lack of interest. Hopefully there there will be interest in the future.
  • Owning both a Cadillac and Lincoln I can say that even though a larger car the Lincoln is a much better handling car than either of my Devilles (1998 and 2004). When I have driven my Devilles in the mountains I was always using brakes on steep inclines even in second gear. With my Towncar I put the car in second and it just coasts along at desired speed in cruise control without any breaking. Town car is also has a much more quiet ride than either of my two Devilles. While the Town Car was bought as a second car it has quickly become my favorite and the most enjoyable car I have ever owned. The interior materials in the Lincoln are of noticeably better quality than either Deville. I like both cars but for my purposes the Lincoln is my preference.
  • sls002sls002 Posts: 2,788
    Engine braking on hills has more to do with overall gearing than anything else. The cruise control does not change the effective engine braking.

    Handling has to do with how the car responds to turns in the road and bumps. Mountain highways are a good test of how a car will respond. The Town Car or DeVille is not going to respond like a sports car.

    As far interior noise goes, tire designs make a big difference in sound. However, the Town Car may have more or better sound insulation than Cadillac. I would guess that the Chrysler 300 will have less sound insulation.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Just for a change....
    This forum is interesting though I do find the comparison to be, well, strange. The two cars have really different personalities. I own a 300C. The exterior, to me, has a much more cohesive look than the DTS, and it's at least as luxurious looking as a DTS, though it does have a more aggressive design. The 300C dash is sweet, and the seats are comfortable and good looking. I don't miss the absence of wood. The console and door panels, however, don't match the lux look of the dash and it's there where it pales compared to the DTS.

    But the real difference is in the ride. The 300C borders on harsh (and the crummy Conti tires don't help). Anyone use to a Caddy ride won't like the Chrysler. Having said that, I don't think I'd want a softly sprung vehicle with the brute force of the Hemi. But Chrysler could have compromised a bit here. The electronic stability control is intrusive enough that a bit more "soft" could have been safely added. And as long as we're talking about tweaking the suspension, Chrysler could also stand to do something with the sensitivity of the front end: Very road-crown sensitive; very reactive to road imperfections--leading to steering overcorrection. Doesn't take much to end up fighting the car.

    After 2 years of driving, I still think I made the right choice for me. The design has not grown old in my eyes, nor have I tired of the power. Overall gas mileage has been 20 mpg, with a recent 750 mile trip, which included 100 miles of local driving, giving me 25 mpg. It's stayed rattle free and generally trouble far.
  • Very helpful and informative post, thank you. The comparison of 300C and DTS is relevant to me in that both cars have large powerful V8s are in the luxury category are priced somewhat close, although DTS is somewhat higher. I owned a 1997 LHS before going to Cadillac and found many similarities in the two cars although the Cadillac at that point was quite a bit ahead of that vintage and model of Chrysler. One question I would have for you as a 300C owner is would I need all that Hemi power in an area where the speed limit on 90% of the roads is 55 MPH? What is the fastest you have ever driven your 300C and how did it handle (assume you have an off road place such as a race track to drive at high speeds)? Am I correct that at the price the 300C is an incredibly good value for the package of power, beauty and amenities?
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