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Cadillac DTS/STS vs. Chrysler 300/300C



  • I'm a baby boomer who likes large RWD cars. I currently drive a 1992 Mercury Gran Marquis which has been discontinued by Ford. Now that I'm in the market for a new vehicle, I would like to still buy a RWD if possible but I know my choices are limited. Therefore, I would like to consider the 2012 or 2013 Dodge Charger with the Hemi since I grew up with V-8's or maybe just the SE model. However, I have a concern about Chrysler/Dodge products because back in the day, Chryslers/Dodges always had quality control issues especially around fit and finish and people who owned them would say they were good for 3 years or so and then you could expect maintenance issues. Also, I wonder how Chrysler/Dodge cars will hold up now that the corporation is owned by Fiat. The police department in my town use 2010-2011 Chargers with the 6Cyl and they do not like the Charger because they always have maintenance problems especially with the suspensions.Can anyone provide me with some feedback about these concerns and their experiences/issues with the Dodge Charger? I'm also considering the Cadillac CTS, Mercedes C and E series, BMW 5-series, Mustang GT, Chrysler 300C and if I get desperate even the Lincoln MKS if I can't find a good RWD. Thanks for your help!
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