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Lexus IS 350/IS 250 Real World MPG Numbers

vilivviliv Posts: 11
edited March 11 in Lexus
Here's my question to other IS250RWD owners, I'd like to know what kind of MPG they are getting from them. At this point I am very disappointed from what I've gotten. After a week of having this car an average of only 23 MPG!! :mad: which it is pretty poor as the window sticker claims 24/32. I hope somebody here has any input about this. Ok I need to clarify that I am a conservative driver.


  • wco81wco81 Posts: 495
    What does your political philosophy have to do with gas mileage? ;)

    Is that mostly or all city driving?

    Yeah the EPA rating on the Auto RWD is suppose to be one of the draws of the car but if it's not living up to it....

    It's close though, unless that 23 MPG has a lot of highway driving.

    Are you calculating it or looking at the trip computer reading?
  • vilivviliv Posts: 11
    wco81 You got me here, I don't have to explain english is not my native language ;)

    I live in Miami (bad traffic), so yes mostly city driving with some expressway here and there, but is there suppose to be any difference between my calculation and the computer reading? :confuse: what's the average you're getting from yours?

    nyccarguy says something about the engine being "green" after only a week of driving... let's see... today the computer showed 24 MPG avrg after a busy day in traffic; maybe I need to be a little patient with this baby.
  • I tested a RWD IS250 today, and now I'm wondering what the REAL gas mileage is. Cmon, owners, lets hear your stories. The window sticker says 25-32, I seem to remember, but I can't help wondering what the reality is. Thanks.
  • Just finished my first tank. IS 250, 18" wheels, premium package. 28.3 MPG, 90% Hwy mileage. Still in break-in mode. Expect MPG to improve another 3-5% after 20-30 K
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    Responding to an earlier post. My first fill up was 24MPG (trip computer was right on).... this was about 50% hwy / 50% city. I was amazed at getting this good of mileage on the first tank for an AWD car. (My previous car, a Protege5, got about the same mpg and it is much smaller, lighter.)
  • toydrivertoydriver Posts: 227
    What gas mileage are owner's of the AWD version of the IS getting ??
    Any difference in winter driving vs. warmer weather ??
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    Not sure about AWD mileage. My RWD is getting high twenties per tank.

    At winter time, you drive it with heater on.
    At summer time, you drive it with A/C on.
  • ricksterqricksterq Posts: 45
    What gas mileage are owner's of the AWD version of the IS getting ??

    Hi, I've had my IS250 AWD for about 3 weeks. I'm getting 26-27 MPG on a tank of gas. I'm at about 75% freeway miles. I use the sports mode quite a bit during city driving. Once I get up to speed on the freeway I throw it into auto mode.

    Any difference in winter driving vs. warmer weather ??

    Can't answer this one yet :( Sorry.
  • waydewayde Posts: 198
    I've only used 3 tanks so far... 22.5 MPG. This is probably 30% hwy, 70% city. I was very surprised at how good the gas mileage was right off the bat. I expect it will improve over time. Will test the hwy mileage when I take a trip home in the next couple months. (Friend has G35x and it gets abysmal mpg - more like an suv. ~17/18)
  • rocketguy3rocketguy3 Posts: 3
    Hi guys. Is there anyone here who has had the 350 for long enough to give a reasonable description of what kind of fuel economy I could expect from it?
  • I've had mine for a couple of months now. I'm getting 19.1 MPG with mainly city driving and not being too heavy footed on the gas peddle while I break it in. Thats according to the computer and calculating it myself.
  • rocketguy3rocketguy3 Posts: 3
    Thanks for the reply.

    You're using only premium, right? I hate how unbelievably terrible the EPA estimates are...
  • Yep, premium only.
  • maxidrivemaxidrive Posts: 70
    In average, I'm getting 24.5 mpg in mostly highway driving. Pretty damn good for a car this powerful!
  • rocketguy3rocketguy3 Posts: 3
    Wow, 24.5? That's better than the POS '97 Escort I'm driving right now. Do you think you could quantify what you mean by "mostly" highway driving? Like approximately what percentage?

    Thanks for the help.
  • maxidrivemaxidrive Posts: 70
    I'd say 75% highway and 25% city. Here are some numbers since I started tracking them...
    Miles Gallons Gas Mileage
    355.6 13.919 25.5
    355.9 14.207 25.1
    277.8 11.858 23.4
    348.1 14.586 23.9
  • Maxidrive

    How fast are you driving on the highway?
    Are you being gentle with it or making maximum use of all that power every chance you get :)
  • maxidrivemaxidrive Posts: 70
    Mostly 75-80 mph wth occasional bursts of acceleration up to 100 mph. I went to 120 mph just once in an early morning. :D
  • nrossnross Posts: 13
    Those mileage numbers sound just about right. In my IS250 AWD, I usually got about 23.7 mpg in an all suburban commute. Since my last fill up, I have been driving very conservatively as if there is an egg under my foot. I've done a lot of coasting, and drive with the A/C off, just to see what I can max out. Doing this, I'm getting 25.9 mpg, an increase of about 10%. I'm trying to see if I can get 400 miles on a single tank of premium. This is definitely better than what I expected before buying the car. My ES 330, with a 21/29 mpg rating, gets an average of 22mpg on the same suburban commute.
  • from_flfrom_fl Posts: 113
    I am getting ~31 mpg(75%-80% freeway).
    The car will go 400+ miles per tank.
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