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Honda Fit Wheels and Tires

My owner's manual (Canadian version) states that the recommended tire pressure for the FIT is 32 psi front/rear. I have the LX model which came with Dunlop tires P175/65R14 with recommended maximum tire pressure of 44 psi. How much should the tire pressure be? Should I go with Honda's recommended numbers? It seems to be a sizeable discrepancy between Honda and the tire manufacturer. Any advice appreciated...


  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    Can you confirm the brand of tire you got?
    I got a Dunlop, but they gave me Firestone and Bridgeston pamplet, what brand does dunlop get warrentied under?
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    I just bought a pressure gauge and will check my tires tonight.. is the wait 2 hrs after last drive for cold pressure?

    I also have an 98 Dodge Caravan and a 2005 Civic, any idea what psi they should be at?

    Also, i've heard that in the winter you are suppose to inflate them more and deflate during the summer?

    Hope all of this will help increase my milage!
  • If you look in the door jamb of each car, you should see the pressure for the front and rear listed on a sticker. If not there, then check for a sticker in the glovebox. The owner's manuals should also list it.

    In the winter, the colder ambient temperature will reduce the pressure in your tires, while in the summer, the hotter air temperatures will expand the air in your tires, resulting in a higher pressure. I think the manufacturers state it's perfectly acceptable for a tire to lose 1lb of pressure per month, without anything being wrong with the tire, wheel, valve stem, etc.

    You should check your tire pressure monthly, and set it to whatever the proper setting is for your vehicle. Doing so will automatically result in adjustments due to temperature changes, and account for slow losses of pressure over time.

    Either over or under-inflating your tires will result in improper tread wear, and possibly create an unsafe situation.
  • riposteriposte Posts: 160
    Your recommended tire pressures should be posted on a plate inside the door jamb.

    For best handling and performance, follow the posted ratings. Going higher will decrease your rolling resistance, but will also affect the handling in a negative way, and will also hurt the ride characteristics.
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    oh.. so i should keep mines at 32psi? I think i saw a few post where people have increased it up to 38psi and have seems to get better milage.. i did a search and a few people have increased theirs to 36 and some 34 psi with better mpg.. i've just increased mines to 35psi hoping to get better miliage i guess i should let the air back out..

    had anyone who increased their milage actually notice a big difference in mpg??
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    I checked my tire pressure yesterday and and they were 31, 31, 33.5 and 33.5 .. the higher numbers were the back rear tires.. I increased them to 34 all around..
    I checked again this morning and the back were still 34's..
    but one of the front dropped to 33 and the other 32..
    i'm afraid i might have a small hole somewhere on the front tires.. to lose 1-2 psi overnight is not right..

    would i take it to dealership since i'm under warranty or the tire company? i'm not sure which tire company these dumlops came from.. i will check again after work.. hopefully it's still at 33 and 32..
  • manlokmanlok Posts: 11
    Did you check the pressure with COLD or WARM tires? Normally a warm tire has higher pressure than when it's cold. So always check the pressure with cold tires.
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    they were cold tires..
    there were no changes to the two back tires, only the front two decreased.. i will check again after work to see if it has gone down even further.. if yes, then there's a leak somewhere.
  • I would keep them at 32psi. Mine were higher when I first got my Fit and on uneven road, the car would slide significantly...totally not safe.
  • I don't really consider this a Fit problem (I love my car -- Base model!) so much as a tire problem... after 1800 miles, the front driver's side tire has two large bubbles in it! I can't believe it. In all the years I've been driving, I've never gotten a bubble in my tires.

    I took it to the dealer I bought it from two months ago and the guy dimissed it saying that it's not under warranty because it's not the fault of the tire, but rather the road. :confuse: I don't recall hitting a pothole or anything but regardless, the tire only has 1800 miles on it. I know they aren't the best tires, but come on!

    Anyone else have this problem... or know what's covered under warranty of the tire?
  • Well, I went to a dealer closer to my work and WOW what service! Talk about going the extra mile! Not only is Honda covering the cost of the tire, but also 1/2 the cost of labor. That's more like it! :)
  • petro33petro33 Posts: 192
    I have had this problem before on other tires, it's a tire defect(tread seperation). The dealer and/or tire company should replace it at no charge, labor included, you don't expect to pay half the labor charges for a defect repaired under warrenty do you???
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Go with Honda's recommended 32 psi. The 44 psi is the MAXIMUM pressure the tire could withstand (before exploding!)
  • dratchedratche Posts: 1
    :confuse: Does anyone happen to know if you can put Honda Civic rims on an 07 Fit? I'd like to get a set of 14" alloys for my Fit and I figured that Civic rims might work. My Fit has a 55 offset. Thanks.
  • The Fit rim size and bolt pattern is the same as the 14" Civic alloys (14"x5.5" & 4x100mm), but the offset is slightly different. The Fit wheels are 55mm, and the Civic alloys are 45mm. You could probably get away with it, though. Your biggest issue may be whether or not the wheels would clear the brake calipers.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    TireRack has 14" alloy Borbet for $79 each. Simpler than buying used Civic alloys and sized properly. Save the steel wheels for the winter if you are in snow country or sell them to someone.
  • I've been planning on doing the same thing and when I was getting my first oil change this weekend I asked sales if they could order me some that I liked and he said he wouldn't do it because the offsets were going to be different and over time (years?) it would ruin my bearings. I then said that if the offsets were close enough I could live with it but he was pretty adamant against my thinking (from his own personal experience he said).
    He recommended going aftermarket because it would be cheaper with a bigger selection. So I'm thinking of going that route unless I find those rims I like for a right price. Regardless, what would be the max difference in offsets I could get away with?
  • hqly2001hqly2001 Posts: 92
    I pumped my tires up to 36 psi all around on cold tired and 3 weeks later.. i checked tonight, cold tires and the fornt are at 32psi and back at 34psi.. is it normal to lose 2-4 psi in a month??? i think there might be a small hole in the front 2 tires?
    I just bought the car and don't have any warrenty info on the tires.. do i just bring it back to the dealer for a test by honda?
  • jrlncjrlnc Posts: 48
    Some air leakage is normal on all tires. That's about what mine are losing in the same time frame.

    I've heard that some people fill theirs with N2 (nitrogen) because it doesn't expand and leak out as much as plain air does.

    But it also costs money. Air is free, so for now I'll just keep pumping them up! :)
  • I took delivery of my new '07 Fit Sport, 5 spd. on September 22, 2007. I have driven about 3000 miles already (that's about 150 miles a day). I bought this as my commuter car and I will be driving over 40,000 miles a year.

    Overall, I think it's a super vehicle. I could live with little issues such as no lock on the gas cap, or the glove box, etc. etc...but the only real issue I have with the car is the tire drumming/thumping over washboard surfaces and sharp bumps. The ride does NOT bother me. It's the drumming of the tires that is killing me.
    Unfortunately, there is vibration resonance over some sharp bumps at lower speeds. I've lowered my tire pressure to just over 30 psi but it does not make a big difference. I heard this issue was addressed in the upcoming '09 Model by making the structure much stiffer.

    Has anybody felt an improvement with other tires?
    I believe the factory tires are not highly rated.

    My Stable:

    '07 Honda Fit
    '05 Acura TL
    '98 Honda Accord EX V6 (215,000 miles)...Going to my oldest son soon.
    '97 Supercharged BMW 540 (The Anti-Hybrid with many mods...450 HP)
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