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Honda Fit Wheels and Tires



  • kagedudekagedude Posts: 407
    My Dunlop SP31 A/S tires have 48K miles on them, the thread is still good for I think another 10K miles but with the way I drive, that will be in a few months so time to think about replacement tires.

    Any Fit owners that replaced their tires yet? I don't really have any issues with my current ones and do not mind getting the same model but checking Dunlop's website, this specific model does not have a threadlife warranty.

    Their Dunlop Signature tire comes with a 60K threadlife warranty but its a Grand Touring All-Season tire. Anyone tried these? Any other tire brand recommendations? MPG is why I bought the car and I'm afraid getting the wrong tire type might lessen it so might as well do the research now.

  • The tires that came with my Base Model when I bought it fresh off the truck in 2006 are CRAP. I popped two of them (front passenger side) checking the same barely-there curb... TWICE. I made the dealership pay for the second one, because that just SHOULD NOT happen. If you curb check, the tire digs into the wheel and BLAM. Be very careful!

    Get different tires when they need to be replaced, period.
  • Hi,
    I travel to VT every weekend to teach often in very adverse conditions...Am trying to get more winter "elevation" and traction. Am putting 4 snows on larger rims. (came w/15 inch rims) What size rims and what brand tires...? Would appreciate any feedback
    Thank you

  • I will be picking up my new Fit on Tuesday and was thinking of dedicated snow tires and wheels. I really only want the cheap steel wheels these companies supply in their packages, but the put an * saying not tire pressure monitor compatible.

    Does anyone know if the system ignores non-standard wheels, or will I be looking at a warning lamp 5 months a year?

    Or, how is the standard tire in the snow?

    I still have access to my wife's CRV if the going if really rough.

    Mike C.
  • If you find an answer let me know because I searched far and wide trying to find some wheel and tire package for the winter that would be compatible and I couldn't. Hopefully my rims hold up this winter. The tires have not been that bad ... I live in upstate new york so it's already driven in quite a bit of snow.
  • Yes, in winter, you can lose pressure rapidly if the weather suddenly gets colder. Also, when tires are new, they will actually stretch out a little bit, decreasing the pressure. So check your tires more often when new, and it's OK to over inflate them a couple of pounds to 34 to allow for the stretch after rolling out of the dealership. Check your pressures often in cold weather, especially as temperatures drop.

    The front tires have the most weight on them and will do the most work, driving the car and stopping the car as well as turning the car. The fronts therefore will stretch more than the rears and will deflate more than the rears. Unless you are planning on a lot of high speed highway travel or a session on the track, maintain the recommended pressure of 32 psi.

    If you want to use the optimum gas for tire inflation, fill your tires with nitrogen. This is available for a low cost generally at specific garages or stores that specialize in tires. Nitrogen is much more pressure stable temperature wise and reduces oxidation of the internal rubber at higher temperature. The reason for this is that the nitrogen is dry and contains no water vapour which is not the case for gas station compressed air. It is the water vapour in the compressed air that causes most of the pressure increase on hot vs. cold tires. Think about this. Airplanes use nitrogen in their tires, and so do most big rig trucks, for the reasons above.

    Cheers, Pete
  • Hi there,

    You probably have already purchased your winter tires but I will thow in some advice here anyway. I have outfitted my FIT Sport with 14 inch steel wheels and Bridgestone WS-60 dedicated winter tires. I waited until the end of November here in the Pacific Northwest to install the tires since the weather was pretty good until then. I have experienced a fair amount of snow since then, traveling up-country to ski hills and some wet and slushy slop around town in Vancouver BC. The Bridgestones have been great, even in the slop. The only time I was uncomfortable with them was when it snowed 8 inches and then rained on top of it. The fit would make it up the steep driveway OK, but breaking trail in the wierd snow was difficult for it. I took it back home and swapped it for the F-350 4X4. Even that truck was not comfortable with the conditions, but the weight of the Ford, (8000lbs) made the difference. I must say that the performance penalty for the snow tires is minimal in normal driving, even though they are narrower than stock. I was surprised at this and I must give Bridgestone full marks for this tire.

    For the lady who wanted to put on oversize wheels and tires for better snow clearance, yes you can but be advised that your speedometer will not be accurate and you will be traveling faster than advertised. Also, if you stay with the stock tire size for a 15 inch wheel, the width of the snow tire will be a bit more than optimum. In my experience, narrower snow tires work better than wider tires. The recommended snows are the same size as the stock tire for the non sport models and the tires are a bit shorter than the stock Fit Sport tires. This makes the speed over the ground less than advertised on the speedo.

    For a full rundown and a good price comparison on winter tires, visit the for an evening of informative reading.

    Cheers, Pete
  • Pete where did you get the 14" steel wheels for your Fit Sport? I would like to do the same thing.

  • Richard,
    In case Pete doesn't have a chance to get back to you, here are a couple of ideas.
    1. The Tirerack ( company noted in some above comments may sell the wheels by themselves. They generally supply complete tire/wheel assemblies.

    2. The kids who mod the non-sport model may be willing to sell the steel wheels. Check ebay or craigslist.

    When I was buying my car, the dealer had been playing around with a couple of cars. The Sport in the showroom had nice after-market wheels and tires, they put the Sport wheels on a standard model. I tried to get the leftover standard wheels, but they gave me some mumbo-jumbo about how the future Sport buyer is supposed to get the extra wheels. (He going to get the wrong ones, though), The hitch for me is the pressure sensors. I think I'm screwed and will have to stare at a warning lamp each winter.

    BTW - I did about 50 miles in light snow in NE yesterday with the stock Fit Sport tires and was less than thrilled. I got there, but I think my wife's CRV has spoiled me.

    Mike C.
  • Do you notice much difference with the 14" vice the 15"? What is the bolt pattern, I see online some that have a bolt pattern of 4x100mm or 4x3.93. They come to $56 a wheel with shipping costs though.
  • How many miles can be expected out of those Bridgestone WS-60's? I will extreme commuting about 150 miles a day back and forth from Detroit next winter and I am planning ahead...wheels, and then eventually tires for the steel wheels. We all know the kind of weather Detroit offers.
  • Pete, I have a set of 4 14" steel wheels coming my way for my Fit Sport. I will use them for dedicated snow tires as well. Bought them on eBay today.

    Love my Fit - Too bad I am going to drive it into the ground starting July 1st!
  • Richard,

    Sounds like you are set for winter. If you go to and input your make and model (Honda) (FIT) (Sport) then you will find that the recommended snow tire for the car is the one that I got. I got my wheel/tire set from the Honda dealer in Kamloops B.C. I found later that the same set from Tirerack would have cost almost 200 bucks less. We still have this weird price differential from the states in Canada. It was snowing tonite on the way home though and the tires were great. The WS-60s are third generation Blizzaks and I think they got it right. If you peruse the tire tests they do on Tirerack you will notice that the Blizzak will out perform the Michelin Ice-X among others and gets first place in the comparisons. Tirerack actually rented a skating rink and did acelleration tests, braking tests and a slalom to get the ratings. The Michelins came in third!?!?! The baseline tire was a winter tire that was studded. It came last in all the testing! Go figure. It goes to show the technology payoff in the new winter tires.

    Cheers, Pete
  • >> Do you notice much difference with the 14" vice the 15"? >What is the bolt pattern<<
    Pretty much a non-issue if you stick to Honda small car specs, same wheel. That is why a lot of us Sport owners have locking lugnuts. The kiddo's can use our Fit Sport wheels on their low end Civics.

    Unless you live on a street that is seldom plowed, try to stick with the recommended snow tires sizes from the various vendors. If it is not plowed, look at an SUV.

    Mike C.
  • I have a set of Blizzack 185 60 15 on my 2005 Scion and I'm in my 3rd winter with them. I drove 112 miles/day for the 1st 2 winters and drive 60 this winter in the DC-West Virginia corridor. Great tires! I roll in snow where the giant SUV's slide and wreck. I don't track mileage with them nor my summer tires. I got the upgraded rims when I bought the car new and requested the stock rims for my snow tires. The Firestone dealer that I purchased the Blizzacks from said that I should get 2 seasons out of them but there is still about 1/2 tread depth left in this 3rd season. I swap the snows on in November and swap out in April. Hope this helps.
  • Yes, very helpful. I was wondering about the Blizzacks as I will be commuting back and forth to Detroit (about 80 miles one-way) and I was wondering how many miles I could get out of a set of Blizzacks; and it appears that I will be able to at least get two seasons out of them, maybe three. This will work for me. Thanks for adding your info on your experience with those tires. :shades:
  • bigred12bigred12 Posts: 12
    Has anyone tried to put a full-sized spare in the storage well? If so, does it fit both in diameter and depth? (Will the cargo area floor lid lie flat?)
  • emmett5emmett5 Posts: 2
    I drive a 2007 Honda Fit Sport that comes stock with size 195/55/15 tires. I have changed those for size 205/55/16. What is my actual speed when the speedometer says 30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100 and whats the difference between my actual traveled distance and what the odometer says or is the difference so small its not worth noting?
  • I have a 2008 Fit Sport MT with 195/55/15 tires and want to know if I can sub. 195/60/15 tires. If it is possible (not scrape when turning), what effect would I encounter? With Speed-odometer-MPG calculation? :confuse:
  • emmett5emmett5 Posts: 2
    Or where might I find the answer?
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