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Honda Fit Wheels and Tires



  • I have a 2009 Fit Sport with Bridgestone Turanza EL470 tires.
    Are these "All weather" tires or summer tires?
    They handle well and are quiet so far. I don't have much milage on them yet.

    Thanks, Walt
  • Interesting that so many of us have had tire problems on our Honda Fits. I, too, experienced a blow-out when I was slowly driving over a traffic bump before extering a Costco Gas Station. The car had only 11K miles on it and I was told that I had to replace both rear tires. As everyone has already realized, there aren't many places that carry the 185/55R 16 83 sized tires that come on the car. (I had the Dunlap)
    I did not get any credit from Dunlap and now my daughter who also has a Fit Sport is considering replacing her Alloy wheels with Steel wheels and replacing the 16" with a 15" tire. I was trying to research information whether that is a smart idea or not. When I called the dealer's service technician, he did not recommend it because she was concerned with the road noise. He said the steel wheels and different-sized tires wouldn't make a difference. Any of you have a comment?
  • I can give you the benefit my experience with Dunlops on my '07 Sport. I ran them for 67K miles. Still had about equivalent of 15K miles on them. Had them rotated and balanced every 5K miles. Yes, they were noisy but I thought they handled well. 95% of my driving (30K miles/year) is top speed freeway in So. Cal.

    I replaced them with Generals (recommended by Tire Rack). They are quieter, get the same MPG (33 MPG) and handle stops and hard cornering very well.
  • I have a 2008 Fit Sport. I did replace my front tires and it helped some with noise and vibration, but now I am getting so much noise I can hear it over the radio. The vibration is so bad at 60 mph that I feel like I'm driving an old clunker. ( I know all about them as I've driven quite a few) Actually i dont think I have driven anything that has this much vibration or noise!! I have 43,000 miles on it, and I guess I'm going to have to get a new set of tires, :cry: but the tread seems to be good. I like my car, but if i'm going to be paying these big payments, i would at least like to enjoy the ride!! Any suggestions on a good riding tire. And what about getting away from the low profile tires that came on it. I think this is probably part of the noise and ride problem. Thanks for the advice. littlebulshu
  • First of all you gave us some but not enough information on this problem. You mentioned replacing your tires at <43K miles. This in itself tells me you must have one or all the following issues: misalignment, out of balance, improper inflation, possible failure to rotate & balance every 5K miles or possible hard driving habits i.e. tailgating, hard stops, hard cornering. Does it pull to the left or right. In short your tires should have lasted 60K miles if they were the ones that came on the new vehicle and none of the issues mentioned above existed.

    If you bought this vehicle used, you need to check and find out if it ever had major frontal damage. Carfax is one resource for this. Possible frame damage.You mentioned vibration. This car should have no vibration. Get a referral for a competent shop specializing in alignments and front ends and have them help you.It may cost some but you'll continue to have problems until you find the answers to the issues I noted earlier.

    One of the characteristics of new tires is often they sound and handle differently than the set you just replaced. So expect that. Did you check the earlier buyers opinions out on TireRack.Com before buying yours? If not do so now, it will provide some insight on the characteristics of your new tires.

    The FIT is a noisy car at best because it is a compact and has very little sound deadening materials if any under the the carpeting. Also, it is not undercoated (at least my 07 Sport isn't) so you hear every sound. But my tires lasted 68K miles and the car does not vibrate at all.

    Hope this info helps you in assessing the problem.
  • I am experiencing a problem with my 2009 honda fit with all four tires. All four constantly need air about once a week 8 to 10 pounds short.About two days ago I notice a bubble on the front passenger side. They are bridgestones
  • I have had EXACTLY the same experience. I have a 2009 Honda Fit with Bridgestone tires. My tires mysteriously lose pressure, too. I have been unable to establish any rational reason for the pressure loss (i.e., weather/temperature changes, changes in the vehicle's weight load, etc.) I have taken my Fit to a reputable tire shop, but they could not find any leak in any of the four tires. And I also have had a couple of strange "bubbles" form on my tires, too. My Honda Fit has been a wonderful car -- the only negative has been the factory-supplied Bridgestone tires. I keep watching for a recall notice.
  • The mediocre Dunlop OEM tires that came with our 2009 Honda FIT Sport are useless in a little snow. We are located in the greater NYC area, not minnesota, so it's not horrible and we are looking new all season performance tires. Based on CR's recommendations and supported by positive comments on discussion boards, we are looking at the Michelin Primacy MXV4. However, the current tires are 185/55/R16's and the new tire only seems to exist as a 185/65/R15. Is this a significant difference?
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Only if you consider having to purchase a new set of wheels significant!

    Go to and compare actual tire dimensions.
  • Fair Point... But if I grin and bear it, will there be enough unobstructed space available? I went to tirerack as you suggested and the difference is less than 2%, which looks OK but I do not know enough to judge. For example, is there a different suspension, bolt pattern or other impediment which could interfere with the slightly larger tire and become a danger?
  • harrys1harrys1 Posts: 12
    Before you disable your TPMS, or fail to put wheels on fitted with TPMS sensors, you might want to consult with your insurance company. Mine told me that should I be unlucky enough to have an accident where low tire pressure or a blown tire was implicated, that I would have culpability and my insurance coverage would be in question. They said that the insurance I was paying for was predicated on all the safety devices being kept operable. It wasn't worth taking the risk for the around $300 for 4 sensors and an Ateq Quickset, so I can reprogram the computer for the sensor changes. The Quickset will work for any Asian car I might buy in the future as well. So now I have peace of mind and no TPMS lamp to worry about.
  • mslklrmslklr Posts: 1
    I don't think you are going to have any problem if you. bought the HFP wheels
  • I suggest ditching that odd ball Honda supplied tire and changing to either a 195 55 15 or a 185 60 15 which are both common sizes and MUCH CHEAPER to buy than the stock tires. Both tires should fit the Fit, but check with a local tire shop to make sure. The stock tire supplied by Honda is hard to find purposely: Honda wants you back to the dealer to buy the expensive replacements. Tirerack lists 22 tires in the 195 size and 26 in the185 size.
  • So I have a 2008 Fit Sport came with 195/55-15 very very hard to find can I run 205-50-15 on this car with the sport rims thanks Thurst
  • They may fit the rims okay but may not have enough clearance without rubbing. I would take it to a reputable tire shop and ask them to check to see if there's enough room in the wheel well for those 205's.
  • I'm thinking of buying a Fit Sport this week so I've been researching the winter tire question. From what I'm reading here, it sounds like I should invest in a second set of 15" wheels for good winter tires. I'm planning to let my local Tire Warehouse do the tires changes so I'm wondering if I should pop for another set of 4 tire pressure sensors for ($144 at Tire Rack) or if I should ask Tire Warehouse to move the sensors on the OEM 16" wheels to the 15" winter wheel/mounts. Is it easy to move these sensors back and forth or am I asking for trouble if I don't get a second set installed by Tire Rack? Also, Tire Rack wants to sell me a TPM Reset Tool ($135) along with the sensors. Do I need the reset tool if I'm letting a shop do the changes? If I buy wheels + tires + sensors + reset tool from Tire Rack it all adds up to ... OMG ... $990 (with shipping). :(
  • bobpendbobpend Posts: 4
    I live in Western New York and use my Fit Sport with the factory tires all winter long, never have any trouble getting around. I use 2nd with the Auto to pull away from a bad
    street condition and caution when breaking. You may want to try driving the Fit and see for your self how it handles before spending $990. Great B class!
  • 1g2b1g2b Posts: 3
    Hi Fit freaks, This is my first post and I'm trying to revive this old thread. I bought a 09 Fit Sport back in fall 2008 also. And I just discovered I have the same issue as fithopeful.
    I just took the car in to the dealer for it's second scheduled service interval at 14,200 miles. Tire rotations were done both times, first at 7,000 mi. The tread depth measurements both times show that the front tires wear 2/32 per 7,000 mi. while the back tires are wearing 4/32 over the same distance. Had they not been rotated the REAR tires would be worn to replacement (2/32) at 14K mi. I am a very moderate driver, usually trying to coax good gas milage from the car and average 36-37 with a high of 43.
    I took the car back to the dealer who put the car on the alignment rack and found left rear toe-in to be 3.5mm; outside the 0 to 2.5mm spec. The tires are feathered on the outsides. Despite these conditions the handling is fine and the car tracks straight with no vibration or other indication of a problem so this all was surprising.
    The rub is that the rear suspension is not adjustable. The dealer offered to pay for an aftermarket shim kit to bring it into spec if I paid $150 for installation. I called American Honda Customer Service who took down my story and assigned a case number. A rep called back and said Honda could not endorse aftermarket fixes and had no recommendation. He said there was no way to prove when this mis-alignment took place. I said the service records and no recollection of road damage strongly indicate it was delivered out of spec. He ask for a week to fully investigate and talk to the dealer before a final determination... the tone was generally "forget any help here"... and that's were it lies now.
    I really hate the thought of replacing an otherwise fine little vehicle (with many non recoverable accessories) or get involved in a legal battle, but after 20 years of loyal and happy Honda ownership I am Pissed. So, anybody else out there with abnormal tire wear on the rear? Stand up and be counted!
    I will be watching for replies.... Thanks.
  • pippa22pippa22 Posts: 1

    Yes, I have uneven tire wear. My husband and I have a 2008 fit with nearly 30k on it. I'm nearly certain we've had the tires rotated at each oil change, unless the place didn't actually do it....

    I had MAJOR issues this winter in the snow, but thought it was really just how the car handled (we moved to a much snowier region and this was the first time I had had it in "real" snow).

    Silly me didn't really think too much about needing new tiers. I thought I probably could use some "snow tires", but these are not in the budget. Nobody had mentioned uneven wear or LOTS of wear when we had taken it in for tire rotations/oil changes, and my husband and I not being "car people" didn't take a close look.

    Well, if you stand to the side of the car and look, it looks like there is still some tread. But when you really look over the "center" of the tires, some of the tires are nearly bald except for the 2 big grooves that run around the entire tire! They are not all the same.

    I have also noticed recently that my car is pulling right, so I definitely do have an issue, but it hasn't always been that way and these tires had to have been bad for quite a while.

    My dad (not a car person, but definitely more so than me!) was perplexed about the very uneven wear.

    So...what to do? I am planning on taking it into a dealer for the 30k check up and was on here researching tires, sinc I obviously need new ones. Glad to see I'm not the only one with the issue....
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 792

    First, you need to get an alignment. It's obvious from your description that the alignment has been off the entire life of the vehicle.

    But do NOT go to the dealer for this. Find a shop that specializes in alignments - the 4 wheel kind. If they don't recommend 4 wheel alignment, find another shop. It might be expensive, but it will fix all the problems except for one: the tires themselves.

    They be trash! Get new ones. Doesn't matter which you do first, although many tire shops also do alignments.
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