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Lexus ES 350 and Bluetooth



  • jwr4jwr4 Posts: 2
    This phone is listed by Lexus as completely compatible with my 2007 ES 350. The dealer graciously offered to help connect the phone and offered a mini-tutorial. Called from his phone and we used the voice activated feature to call his phone and everything worked fine. He then tried to tansfer the phone book and nothing worked. Neither when attempting to transfer the whole phone book or by individual number. He advised us to contact Sprint because another customer had problems with Sprint -the connection failed 5 minutes after he left the dealership and the problem was with Sprint programming. Sure enough, one mile down the road our connection was gone and the car has not found the phone again since. Went to a Sprint tech center and they showed us that the phone had no problem picking up several Bluetooth devices in their store. Therefore the problem was with Lexus not with Sprint. Now what? Is it Lexus or something in the way Sprint programs their phones?
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    Do you use any other bluetooth device with your phone, i.e. an ear-piece? A phone can connect to only one Handsfree profile. Try turning the phone off, and then on again (with no other paired ear-piece around)

    Phone book transfer is a different issue. Most phones don't do that.
  • jwr4jwr4 Posts: 2
    No. All I had in the car was the phone and the car is not picking up the phone even though the BLuetooth function on the phone is enabled.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    You may want to re-pair the phone with car again. Yesterday, I had to use another phone with bluetooth, it paired quickly. Note that when you are trying to pair, you have to first ready the phone with bluetooth on, put it in "searchable" mode (some phones can be in this mode only for a minute at a time), and then go to "Add new Device". Then in ES350 phone you enter into Phone Setup mode, then follow the prompts. When it is repeatedly saying "searching", reactive the phone to be in "searchable" mode, if it is still not in this mode. The phone should comeback with "Found new device", and asks for a passkey, which you enter what car audio gives you. That's all.
  • Does anyone know if there is a way to increase the microphone gain/sensitivity on the ES350? It pairs just fine, but even if I yell into the roof mic my voice is too faint. Does this sound like a service call? My IS250 had much better mic gain. Just wondering your thoughts. Thanks.
  • jaspalbjaspalb Posts: 84
    We never had any problem with microphone. We just talk normally. Other party doesn't even know that we are not on regular phone. May be some debris is blocking your microphone. If not make a service call.
  • devon_gadevon_ga Posts: 8
    Do you have a nav or non-nav system?

    I had the same problem with my microphone. I called the service consultant and was told I had to bring it in to get it adjusted. No charge. One of the engineers accessed the service menu through the nav system, selected bluetooth and increased the volume. The volume is between 0 and 5. I think the default setting is 0. The tech set my volume to 4 and it works fine. Everyone I call can hear me much better. Don't let them tell you it can't be done. It can. I actually sat in the car with him and watched him do it. He was very helpful and told me to contact him if I have any more problems. I am not sure how they adjust it for non-nav systems.

    He also told me that there were microphone problems in some of the RX models that had to be replaced. If I have any other problems, he suggested that they may have to replace it for me. So far, so good.

    I hope this helps. Good luck. Please let me know if you get it adjusted and if it works better.
  • twq83twq83 Posts: 19
    Have you tried teaching your BT your voice?????? If you take a Minute ..... not driving down the Highways, Maybe at home on a quite evening. Have a Learning session with your system. How ???? you ask ...... well if you hit the Voice activation button on the steering wheel it will ask you for a Command. This is normal........... If you press it AND HOLD IT for a 2 second count it responds "...... Voice recoginition Mode." then normally speak the number and see if it records it properly, if not repeat and correct the system it will learn your perticular voice and fluctuations........

    See if that doesn't help with the problem........ ;)
  • thy_gallantthy_gallant Posts: 14
    Has anybody used the pause or wait features in the lexus phone book. Typically you would insert pause or wait, to automatically release phone extensions or passcodes etc. I have inserted it in the phone number in the phone book but nothing happens. Thanks in advance.
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    i havent had much luck.

    i programmed a wait and have to hit the send button and manually have it send each tone.

    pause and wait do not seem to work well
  • Hi,

    I called Lexus customer service and learned that "Wait" is a better way to use to send additional tones or extensions. However to release the wait, we have to manually hit the send button and it released all numbers in the extension.
  • zz4472zz4472 Posts: 1
    Has anyone been successful in pairing a Blackberry 7520 to a Lexus ES350 with Nav?
  • ..well if you hit the Voice activation button on the steering wheel it will ask you for a Command. This is normal........... If you press it AND HOLD IT for a 2 second count it responds "...... Voice recoginition Mode."

    Does this work on a non-NAV ES350?

    Does anyone know if bluetooth is just an enable phone option, or is there really a module that is added to the car? If so, where is it located?
  • ajmtbmajmtbm Posts: 245
    i had a loaner es350 sans nav and it had bluetooth phone. not sure if that was an option or standard equipment
  • igoppigopp Posts: 3
    Is it really possible - to have two phones paired with ES and connect to whichever comes first?
    I have ES'08 and Sienna'06 and both work the same way: only one "SELECTED" phone is able to connect. The second one (successfully paired) cannot connect until it is selected through menu.
    Anybody resolved this puzzle?
  • brucepbrucep Posts: 3
    Just an FYI, my iphone appears to work fine with the car's bluetooth. It is not on the list of certified phones for the car, but no problems.
  • ricky18ricky18 Posts: 1
    I was able to paired up my phone Samsung SGH a430 with my Lexus Es350 successfully. But every time I turn off my car's engine and restart again, the car won't able to automatically recognize my "paired" phone any more.
    Currently, there is only my phone paired with my car. I emailed both Lexus Canada and Samsung Canada, they both couldn't give me any seggestions and ask me to contact the other side. : ( Please help!
  • pierrenpierren Posts: 1
    I have the exact same issue with the same phone with my Lexus GS 2008.
    Until I resolve the problem, my work-around is to delete the profile on my phone and re-pair it every time I start the car again.
    I got the same answers from lexus and Samsung. I will push this further.
  • vitahawkvitahawk Posts: 14
    Just tagging on here. My wife and I are shopping for an ES 350. I was curious, can you program multiple phones with the blue tooth or do you need to re-program each time if you are going to use a different phone, such as when I had the car and my wife is now going to use it?
  • qkslvrqkslvr Posts: 33
    You can program multiple phones, but auto connect will connect with the last phone paired. To switch between phones, you simply go into telephone settings and pick the phone you prefer it to connect.
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