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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Sonata

luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
edited April 15 in Honda
Don't get this wrong. I'm not beating on the Civic but I priced the Civic LX automatic and EX automatic w/o Nav. I compared the prices with the 2006 Sonata GLS and GLS V6.

It turned out EX MSRP is 19,810, Invoice is 18,164, TMV is 19,289. Compared to the Sonata GLS V6 with a moonroof MSRP is 22,395, Invoice is 20,661, TMV is 21,039. Subtract the 2,500 Incentive from the TMV and the price comes to 18,539, a difference of 750. A larger car, passenger room and trunk, a V6 engine, and $750 cheaper!

The Civic LX MSRP is 18,060, Invoice is 16,568, TMV is 17,596. Compared with the Sonata GLS with no added options MSRP is 19,995, Invoice is 18,496, TMV is 18,817. Subtract the 1,500 Incentive from the TMV and the price comes to 17,317. A larger car, 20 more horses, and $279 cheaper.

I hear that the 2006 Civic is having problems with faulty struts. My price range is under 20,000. I'm looking at all my options. One thing I like about the Civic is the gas mileage, the new styling, and the IIHS gold rating but the Sonata with the incentives makes a pretty good deal.


  • psypsy Posts: 122

    A Civic is not a Sonata! Sonata is aimed at Accord. In the Sonata/Accord war,,, Honda wins. As Accordian like as the civic is. The new Accord will be out in a year. aHonda V6 will always lay waiste to a Korean mill.

    To be in a position like yours shoping price point is what the Koreans hope will happen. They have came a long way. Honda will be running year end on current Accords in a few weeks. I would never cross shop a Sonata/Civic. But I would darn sure put Accord up against it in a heart beat. As dated as Hondas J30 V6 is its a war horse compared to Sonata's mill. Fact is I would buy a Ford Fuzion over a Sonata. I would never buy a auto Civic.

    as good as Sonata is,,,, its not Civic or Accord.
  • Why wouldn't you cross shop two cars in a similar price range? If the Civic and Sonata are both about 20 grand and you're looking for a decent car, they're comparable.

    I think the Civic is the better car. It wins on styling, mpg and resale. My Coupe had a bad rear shock that took half a day to replace. I would expect a Sonata to go back for warranty work at least once, so I think they're cpmparable there, too.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Not seeing a reason to buy a Fusion over a Sonata unless you just have some ingrained hatred of all Korean cars.
    Civic would make sense if fuel economy is a major priority.
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    Come to a Civic board and compare a celler dweller to a out of the box trend setting compact. Only reason the price point is close is because the Sonata isnt selling at where they wanted it to sell. Its a Accord, Camry class car. Even heap cheap,, its lost the war out of the starting blocks.

    As a Accord/Civic owner,,, its not in the same class. Please go get the Sonata and enjoy it.

    I set here looking at my Hondas. The I4 Accord is a work of art! The Civic with its teething problems is ,, still state of art. The next gen Accord is going to be awsome. Civic did a funeral today with grace.

    Please buy a Sonata.......
  • What's with the mean-spirited "buy a Sonata" crap. The original poster is just trying to buy a car. Of course the Accord is better than the Sonata, but a V-6 Sonata is a reasonable choice in comparison to a similarly priced I-4 Civic sedan. It's not a choice I would make, but I'm not going to be rude about it.
  • luvmbootyluvmbooty Posts: 271
    I've researched the Ford Fusion and, according to, "...the Fusion is at the back of the pack among midsize cars for overall safety performance." Decent protection is important to me. The Sonata doesn't have a GOLD rating but IIHS said,"Sonata shows big improvement in front and side tests." Civic received a GOLD rating by IIHS but a larger and heavier car is safer to be in. As for the Accord, IIHS rated frontal GOOD, side GOOD, and rear POOR.

    Personally, the Accord is too common. Everyone and their mother has one and being that its common and in demand means dealers won't deal. Your more likely to pay closer to sticker price for V6 Accord, which isn't in my price range. I'm just trying to get the most for my money.
  • heel2toeheel2toe Posts: 149
    Actually, the 2006 Accord has a $1000 manufacturer to dealer incentive down here (Texas) and it is incredibly easy to get deals around invoice less $800 (or more).

    Just check out the Accord Deals forum here for details. :)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Yes, to all who have about 20K to spend on a new car by all means cross shop everything that costs near that. For myself as a previous 2X hyundai owner for whom this is my first Honda product I am plainly disappointed in my Civic with its problems...two, not one, rear shock leaking and faulty from new. Also a lack of standard features such as stability and traction controls, power seats, and more that the cheapest Sonata has. Lots of road noise and yes, I love the styling and fuel economy. So from the standpoint of being both a Honda and Hyundai owner don't get too smug about Honda and whatever you do don't dismiss Hyundai as an also ran. Neither Hyundai required any repairs...oh yeah the clock display died on the last one and they replaced it but nothing basic like shocks. Everybody seems to think it is an honor to own a Honda even with all the repairs needed. I, for one, don't look at having to have a new car (3600 miles) repaired as an adventure...I have had my fill of taking time off work to sit around dealerships waiting for repairs. I had a Ford not too long no, not the Hyundai!!!
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I would like to reply to your original post. I do not have the rah rah Honda bias that you would expect on this site. As a previous Hyundai owner I absolutely recommend you cross shop the Civic (since it is the closest in price to the Sonata)with a Sonata..and any other around $20K car. Personally, I wish I would have stuck to my original plan to replace my Santa Fe with a 2006 Sonata but gas hit $3.25 per for the first time ever last fall so good-by Santa Fe and hello...what? The current body style Elantra was then 5 model years old and due for the remodeling they are releasing this fall so it was out...the Corolla was too common looking...the Mazda 3? well, I didn't even consider it and that left the striking new 2006 Civic...40 MPG and a Honda to boot! Wow what a combination so I bought it at $19, discount as they were selling them before they were built. Six months later and two leaking rear shocks, different rear ride height, the harmonic vibration with the unknown cause, the recall in the very first week of ownership..time already spent at the dealer and more to come with the replacement of the shocks well, I do wish I had bought the Sonata and I'll take the flack for saying it in this company. So if you try the Sonata I do not think you will be disappointed...go for it!!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    While I'm sure there has to be some problems with the new Sonata and I have not ready every post in every Sonata forum, it is surprising that with casual browsing I am seeing more problem reports with cars like the new Civic and Camry than with the new Sonata.
    The complaints I see about the Sonata are things like incomplete steering wheel audio controls and lack of aux input rather than transmission failures and other mechanical problems.
    Really seems like the 40 mpg highway mileage of the Civic is the best reason to buy it over a Sonata. You will probably get around 10 mpg higher mileage city and highway in a Civic and that is a lot of gas savings.
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    check your resale of a hyundai, enough said!
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Check your Civic/Accord's rear view that a Hyundai filling it?? Honda took 33 or so years to achieve the lofty status they enjoy, Hyundai didn't even sell cars here until 1986 and yes they were bad but so were the first Honda's. They (the first Accord and Civic) rusted out so quick you couldn't even get them paid for before they disintegrated. I still see unexpected rust on some late model Honda's here in the "rust belt". Hyundai is actually neck and neck with Honda according to JD Powers surveys so resale is quickly becoming much better...nuff said!!
  • cybergypsycybergypsy Posts: 51
    You cant even get a point across Hyundai, is a a car meant for long term ownership, as resale, or lack of is crazy, a few of my friends have them, and after a year of problems they sold...or should i say gave the car away....its worth more then a yugo....or daewoo...nope....and for getting better, then can only move up.....they still are a last choice for most people, JD Powers is crazy, .....most people who have no credit or jobs, seem to rush out and buy a Hyundai, and funny even the people who work on them at the dealership, has warned friends to stay away!!!LOL..enjoy your Hunk of Hyundai :)
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    yeah..yeah..and yeah, about what I expect from someone who probably never even sat in a Hyundai let alone drove or owned one. I have owned both(2002 and 2003 Santa Fe and 2006 Civic EX sedan) and the Civic has more problems than both S.F.'s I owned AND my daughters 2003 problems for all three = one (1) a digital clock that crapped out on the last Santa Fe. I am only trying to point out to someone who asked that there is more than Honda in the automotive world worth considering...and you? the anti-Hyundai rhetoric I'd expect. Funny boy..."they are still a last choice for most people" dream on, Hyundai has become first choice for many including previous Honda and Toyota owners. "Nuff said" as a smart man once said. Oh, I no longer own a Hyundai but instead a Civic that I like but decidedly do not love. However, I am strongly considering a 2007 bout that?!
  • sheldo1sheldo1 Posts: 64
    I'm with Targetuning on this one. All he is trying to say is that there are other cars just as good or even better than the Civic depending on one's needs. He is speaking from experience and can probably give a more objective view than someone who perhaps has only owned Honda products.

    In my case, I really like my Civic but the quality has been extremely disappointing.

    Helpful Hint: Complete sentences with proper punctuation will help you get YOUR point across. Your posts are hard to read!
  • psypsy Posts: 122
    I didnt mean to be rude. Im sorry if it came out that way. I wish that shopper good luck.
  • philphilphilphil Posts: 15
    Can't beat the Hyundai warranty. I'm looking to buy a new Civic as a commuter car because of the great looks and gas mileage. My 2004 Santa Fe has been great for the two years that I own it. Eight more years on the power train warranty & 3 more on the bumper to bumper. Can't beat that one.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    It's obvious that gybergypsy's post was troll post for reaction.
    It is pretty clear that Hyundai quality is at least up to and above average for a few years now. The owners complaints have drastically fallen off. Unless they are all brainwashed and there is some major conspiracy keeping the complaints of poor quality stifled, Hyundai quality is not a "con" vs similarly priced new cars.
  • What kills me is that we now live in a world where American owners of Japanese cars have a prejudice against Korean ones. Wait till the Hyundia folks get a load of China!
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    Well, the Chinese cars I saw did look pretty bad. Maybe it will also take them 15 years in America to get quality and design up to par.
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