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Honda Civic vs. Hyundai Sonata



  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    Btw, you still sound interested in getting another Elantra. I'm just curious why you haven't stepped up to the Sonata yet. Imho it's a much nicer car. I just couldn't imagine going back to the 2008 Elantra because it was such a minor change over the 2003 model.
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Westerville, OhioPosts: 382
    I have a 2003 Sonata LX V6 that I bought new. At the time it was a bit of a risk, but I got it loaded with every single option you could get at the time and I still think I paid them about $20K. Great investment. I still get compliments about how sharp it looks. One of the suprises is I get 30 Mpg on the highway driving 70 MPH. I am a subscriber to Consumer Reports Magazine and the Online version. Looking at the Reliability ratings by CR the 2003 rates excellent in 5 of the 8 most crucial areas as well as very good for the remaining 3 areas that are rated. This is outstanding and clearly as Hyundai is quickly getting the respect that it deserves for being a top of the line quality builder of cars depreciation issues will take care of themselves. I am currently considering a new vehicle and in the running are the 2009 Sonata Limited V6, Ford Fusion SEL loaded, and the Chevy Malibu 2LT with the V6. I am not buying these cars because it's all I can afford, but because I'm practical and happen to very much like all three. I personally could never bring myself to buy a Honda. I think it's more because of the the high and mighty attitude that I get from owners of them. Maybe it's my loss, but I don't think so. I just get so tired of seeing the "me too" Honda Odssey being every 1 of 2 vehicles with there dull color selections on the road. I like to have something that excites me when I get in it. But that's what makes life interesting is variety and plenty of selection of cars to satisfy us all whatever our likes and dislikes might be. I'm happy you found joy in your Hondas. I just so happen to think Ford, Chevy, and Hyundai make vehicles that are exciting to drive and the differences in reliability are pretty much insignificant when compared to Toyota and Hondull. Please don't think I'm insulting you I just happen to believe that Hondas = Dull.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    The True Cost to Own figures are quite questionable.

    The purchase price assumed is not the real world. Even Edmund's True Market Value uses a different purchase price than the TCO.

    Measuring resale value against MSRP is foolish. But, I don't buy a car based on resale. I buy based upon what I get for the money. Afterall, cars are a depreciating asset, they are not an investment despite what car sales people may say.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I've never owned an Elantra, or any Hyundai for that matter. I have been driving Accords since I have been able to drive - an Elantra or Civic doesn't have enough room for me, and the Sonata's interior was a BIG turn-off when I was shopping midsizers back in Nov. 2005. I'm currently very happy with my 2006 Honda Accord EX.

    The current Elantra is a great value, but the exterior can't be described as pretty in any way. Homely is a compliment to that car!
  • lengallilengalli Posts: 3
    LOL, im glad there is actually some conversation going on here. As far as being clue-less, I know ALOT of people in the auto biz, and I can work at ANY dealership that I choose, and I CHOOSE to work at honda bc I completely believe in the product (which makes me a good sales-person). THAT alone should tell you something, but you would rather say that I am clue-less. Just so you know, I am a Honda Gold sales-consultant, (ie I hit TOP csi scores yearly, I sell ALOT of cars, and I know the product inside and out and that makes me part of less than 5% of ALL honda salespersons.) In addition to that, I have won dealership, zone and district sales competitions, walk-arounds and delivery testing done via HONDA corporate. These are things that Hyundai does NOT EVEN BOTHER to do.

    By just saying that SOME PEOPLE have to stay in budget does not make you some kind of genius. OF COURSE people have to do that, AND THAT is WHY they buy a HONDA over a Hyundai. Im NOT knocking the car but if it is SOOOOO fantastic as you say, why does it not sell anywhere near what the honda sells? Why does Hyundai finance almost ANYONE, including credit criminals, while I get the joy of "lot dropping" people who dont even deserve to own vehicles, let alone Honda's. As far as Hyundai goes, HALF the cars they sell get sold to people who DO NOT HAVE THE CREDIT SCORE to even think about BUYING A HONDA. In AMERICA, you CAN tell ALOT about someone by WHAT they are driving its just another fact of life that apparently is lost on some of you.

    If you want to buy something based solely on price, buy a hyundai or kia NOT a Honda, we dont want you!! (And you know this!!)
    If you want a "status symbol" buy a Mercedes or a BMW or an Audi, (again, WE DONT WANT YOU!) Enjoy your $100 oil changes and $1000 brake jobs ;)
    If you want to drive a wannabe mercedes buy a VW (and have it fall apart around 80-100K and not be able to get parts for it anyplace other than VW
    If you want a boring GREAT car, drive a Toyota

    If you want the BEST customer service, the best reliability, the best economy, and the best safety, buy a honda, or lease it (because HONDA's have THEE best leases, why? because AIG gives them the HIGHEST residual value of ANY MANUFACTURER IN ITS CLASS )

    Also, one more thing, I like santa fe's .. i think they are good, but its funny that I can get one for THOUSANDS UNDER invoice but yet, if you wanted a CRV you would be looking at paying sticker + and waiting for it to come in at that because they are so popular right now. Again, YOU get what you PAY for.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    Stop comparing one mid-sized vs full-sized on full-size standards. The reason Civic owners own a Civic over the competition can't be based on full size standards (e.g. larger engine, more seating room, etc.).

    But you don't mind when someone compares a compact car (Civic) to a full-sized car (Sonata) based on compact-car standards (economy)?

    FYI, this discussion is all about comparing the Civic to the Sonata. If you don't think that's a good idea, there's lots of other discussions in Town Hall to choose from.

    I almost thought about buying a Hyundai until I saw that the True Cost To Own over 5 years is thousands higher on the Hyundai thanks to its amazingly high depreciation rate.

    So that means Hyundais are great buys as used cars, right? ;)

    Personally I look at the dollar depreciation vs. percentages. I can't spend a percentage. A car that costs thousands less than another is at a disadvantage when looking at depreciation percentages. Example:

    Car A: Purchase price $11,800, depreciation after 5.5 years: $5900. Depreciation rate: 50% (actually a real, personal example)

    Car B: Purchase price $16,000, depreciation after 5.5 years $6500. Depreciation rate: 41%

    Which car has the lower depreciation rate? Car B. Which car cost less to own, in terms of depreciation, after 5.5. years? Car A. And those numbers don't include the opportunity cost associated with the $4800 extra (not including taxes) paid up front for Car B. For example, interest earned by investing the difference, or interest avoided by paying off debt.

    Everything else being equal, I'll take Car A. And I did. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    In AMERICA, you CAN tell ALOT about someone by WHAT they are driving its just another fact of life that apparently is lost on some of you.

    Uh... yeah, right. Which Honda dealer do you work for? I'd like to avoid it if possible when I am shopping for my next car.

    Can we stick to facts and reality here, rather than some Honda salesperson's fantasyland? Please?? Versus bunk like this:

    if you wanted a CRV you would be looking at paying sticker + and waiting for it to come in at that because they are so popular right now.

    Here's some recent posts from the CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience discussion:

    7084: I was at Schaumburg Honda in Illinois last night and was quoted any CR-V at invoice.

    7091: Just started getting some e-mail quotes for a '08 2WD CRV EX around the Los Angeles area. The range has been from 280 below to 500 over invoice + TTL.

    7099: ...I headed there [Honda Barn near Boston] and got a CR-V LX for $75 under invoice ($20800 + $125 doc fee).
  • m6userm6user Posts: 2,952
    First he says he's a Honda dealer then he is the world's greatest Honda salesman. Don't know why he throws in CAPS all over the place---he said he was glad there was conversation but just wants to bad mouth everybody that is trying to make a logical point. Methinks the guy doth protest too much.

    Nobody likes to read drivel like that.
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    Sorry my mistake! that was actually a question to backy. If you ever are in the market, the new sonata's interior is far better than the past, but I digress.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    I have seen the new interior and it, like the Elantra, looks quite nice.

    I plan to have my current Accord for a pretty long time. My 1996 model has 181,000 miles on it and will be sold next year, leaving me the one 2006 Accord, which I hope will be around for at least that many miles. I have 33,800 miles on it now, so I have a ways to go before I'm looking again.
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    Compared to the two hyundai salesmen I've dealt with, you must be one of the biggest sleezy jerk salesman I've ever seen. I don't believe a word you say because you haven't said a single truthful thing. All I see is propoganda, more propoganda, and more bs.

    Why would it sell less? Because it's an up and coming brand. In fact if you remember the 1980's, Honda used to sell far less than GM. Did you think honda was a worse car company back then? You gave the exact same reasons for someone to insult a honda in the past. I could say a honda is the same thing as the 1980s and still a piece of crap. Would I be telling the truth? No, because it was a good car back then and it still is now. Try reading some real reviews. Hyundai vehicles are just as good as Hondas. Hell you can read the reviews and the edmunds daily logs.

    And yes I get what I pay for. I get a great car, great safety features, great reliability, much better warranty, great interior, great crash test scores, and a cheaper price. What do you get for trying to insult other cars?

    All of us here would call Hondas good reliable cars. Heck, I'd recommend a Honda to anyone if they want one. There's zero reason to diss on a Hyundai because of their so-called image.

    One other sad thing is you keep insulting the buyers. I have a strong credit score and could easily afford a porsche or bmw, but no, I prefer getting a hyundai because it meets my needs. So I don't fit your demographic one bit.
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    I don't think I drive quite as much as you, but I'm in the same boat. I'd like to actually keep my car over ten years :) But heck I'd be surprised if I pass 70-80k miles. Good luck on your accord, it's an awesome car too!
  • stockey1stockey1 Posts: 22
    A few years ago,i wouldn't have been caught dead in a hyundai,but since i bought one ,all i can say is wow,much better quality than american cars and as good as japanese,really i am stunned..
  • auld_dawgauld_dawg Posts: 40

    So......... insulting potential future car buyers is going to bring them running to your dealership? You know, a lot of honorable things happen to folks that damage their credit scores for a part of their lives, lost jobs, divorces, etc. Calling someone a crook because their credit score isn't perfect, seems to me a bit demeaning and counter productive in sales...... However, each to his own......

    My girlfriend has a Honda Civic. And its a nice car. Small, economical..... and very practical for a commuter car. Can't knock it, for her its perfect as a commuter car and kid hauler....

    For me, I travel to blade shows a few times a year, and intend to continue doing so. I like to drive, so a midsize car makes more sense to me. I had been using a '94 Sable as my long distance transport, but for the last three years, it got bumped by an even earlier car {'93 Taurus SHO}. More comfortable car, and believe it or not, better mileage on the road {32 mpg, highway}.

    Older cars, are just that, older cars. They eventually develop issues, need replacement. So, this fall, I paid off some machinery {$3600/mo}, and as spring approached started shopping to replace the Sable........ as it had reached the end. I never looked at a Civic, not because its a not good car, its just a bit small for me for a road car. I did however, research the Accords. As a dealer, I'm sure you know that there's a bit of an issue on the VCM, and even though reports are really good on the four, I really would find it hard to go with a whole lot less car than the SHO.

    The '07 Taurus I looked at was a lot less car than I was replacing {body roll, rear drums}. I looked at both Milan and Fusion..... and looked at the Mazda6. Then I went to the Hyundai dealer.......

    The '08 GLS V6 I got, definitely is a step up from the '94 Sable it replaced. Better than the '07 Taurus {not even close}. I won't compare it to the others, because they're all good, and a lot of this is personal judgement. I wound up really liking the Sonata, and the "value", ie, all of the features it has, plus the price, really made this purchase work......And, because the price was so good, some of the money that would have been used on the downpayment of a Mazda6 went instead to do some of the restoration work the SHO really could use {less than perfect credit, plus enough downpayment, can still get you financed}.....

    I don't really see how the Sonata can compare with the Civic really, except maybe price. Its my take on this, that both are really nice cars, really nice values, in their respective classes.......
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    Well I'll explain how I compared then.

    Sonata Advantages:
    Better Warranty
    Better Interior
    Far more Standard Features
    More Powerful Engine

    Better Fuel Economy(25/36 vs 22/32)
    Moderately Better Resale(But not that important as I plan to run over 10 years)

    Safety - Ratings are very similar and a larger car WILL protect better against death. Both are very safe vehicles.
    Size - Sonata is larger, which means more space and trunkroom, but also means harder to park. I guess most people would consider bigger to be better assuming same fuel economy, I actually don't.
    Reliability - Hyundai's problems per car is about the same as Honda now.
    Looks - Who knows? I like both actually. The new 2006 civic design was an awesome thing.
    Price - About the same OTD for comparable models. In this case I'm comparing a Civic LX vs Sonata GLS.
    Environment - Both are PZEV cars. Which is awesome for a large car to get PZEV rating!

    I know some people shop purely based on size of car, but I actually don't care for size as I mentioned. I prefer a moderately small car if possible...but I ended up buying bigger because it was just plain better. It would be much harder when comparing the Accord, but the Accord freaking costs $4000+ more.
  • hickorychickoryc Posts: 25
    I agree with everything you wrote moocow1, plus there is the matter of driver comfort and vehicle ride. Coworker with '07 Civic switched to '08 Altima simply because of the stiff, uncomfortable ride. His daily round-trip commute, like mine is nearly 100 miles. He is not getting very close to 30 mpg in his new Altima and that is costly compared to the Civic, but worth it to him.
  • redflearedflea Posts: 16
    This is an entertaining, albeit somewhat silly thread. Thanks for all the impassioned posts...quite a show. :-)

    Maybe someone can start a thread comparing a can opener and a roast beef sandwhich next. They are both found in the kitchen, cost about the same, and are useful around lunch time. ;-) Which would you buy?!?!

    We were talked into test driving a Sonata when we told the Hyundai salesman that the booming acceleration engine noise in the Elantra was a deal-breaker. We came back after the test drive and said "Thanks, not for us." We weren't shopping for a large-ish, full featured but unexciting-to-drive family sedan, we were shopping for a small-ish, fun-to-drive, high-MPG sporty sedan. The only thing these two cars have in common is some price overlap (depending on model) from what we experienced.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    It's okay if people want to compare cars that do not seem to you to be comparable. People have differing criteria and priorities. That does not make their choices "silly", it makes their choices "theirs" just as your criteria, priorities and choices are yours. :)
  • 2002slt2002slt Posts: 228
    It was very easy for me to decide. I'm 6' 4" and could barely squeeze into a Civic. I was just looking for a daily driver to offset my SUV's fuel consumption, so I was looking at the low end. After a month of driving everything under $20k, I thought it may be more practical to just replace the SUV. ;)

    I drove the new Accord and Camry. I liked the drive of the Accord, but again, I felt squeezed in the driver's seat. The Camry fit me very well and I would have bought it if it wasn't for their low-ball offer on my trade. Then, on a recommendation, I looked into the 2009 Sonata. I had the mindset that Hyundai's were junk, but gave them a shot anyways. Boy, was I surprised. The interior is better looking than the Accord's, the Camry wasn't even close to the Accord. The drive was in between the two. Not too soft and not too stiff. I'm coming from a 400hp SUV, so I had to go with a V6. All three are very similar in MPG's and acceleration. They all actually surprised me.

    Hyundai offered me almost $3k more for my trade and invoice on the Sonata. Both the Accord and Camry were offered to me at invoice price, too. I guess everyone's hurting right now. I jumped on the deal and can't believe how happy I am.

    I also see the price as the ONLY comparison between the Civic and the Sonata. They were designed for two totally different purposes.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    For some people, buying a car IS a price purchase; "What can I get for $XX,XXX?"

    For others, like yourself, its not.

    You must be a big broad guy. I'm 6'5" and drive 2 older Accords, one with a moonroof, and have plenty of room; not Yukon room, but plenty.

    The Civic and Sonata are very different cars though, you are right. Civic - small, efficient, sporty. Sonata - big, more powerful, cushy.
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