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Avalon Electronics



  • Car Surveys Are Our Only Weapon

    The only way to make a change is to let your feelings be known. While every car salesperson will tell you the importance of filling out the soon to come customer surveys with all "excellents" (good is not good enough), I will never have this opportunity because since my car was returned and my sale negated, my survey will not be tabulated.

    The movie Network said it best, "I am mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." Neither should you. An educated consumer is any retailers worst enemy. No matter what you are purchasing, do you homework. Go to the Internet and read about the products you are considering purchasing before you hand over your credit card. Be a smart consumer and let's force the manufacturers and retailers to do its part by simply educating its salespeople.

    I don't know about you, but I get excited when make a major purchase. It should be an exciting time and a pleasant experience. Working together, if we demand more by being prepared, not only will we make smarter purchases, we will let the sellers know that if they don't take the time to learn the products they are selling, they cannot and will not earn our business. If a manufacturer cannot and will not fix a defective item, don't live with it, return it. I read the Florida Lemon Law pamphlet that by law, had to be included at deliver of the vehicle. There is a simple sentence in there that states that if a defect adversely affects the "Value" of the vehicle, it could be considered a lemon. In my mind, non working electronics do affect the value of a vehicle.
    If I would have kept this car and later sold or traded it, would I have a moral or legal obligation to disclose the defects when they weren't disclosed to me prior to purchase?
    Food for thought.
  • oilcan2oilcan2 Posts: 120
    Iwould rather research the car myself because if the dealers ever start training the salespeople properly,we will end up paying more for the car,I can see it on the
    invoice now,"sales training fee". BTW there is a website
    called "my new avalon" it explains the features of the car.
  • dawahnadawahna Posts: 3
    Since last October my air conditoning quits about once a month. I can still feel slight cool, but the fan does't work. It is first noticeble when the outside temp light goes out. It still says "outside" but no number. The lights for settings are on, but not ac light, circulate light or outside air light. It stopped working yesterday, but today it is working again. At 90+ degrees I don't like to take my chances, but of course it works right after I call for a repair appointment.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    oh my.....I will try to keep it short here, as I have owned an 02 Avalon since fall 2001. If you have to write numerous pages about the electronics, after paying for their flagship, something should tip you off that you are in fact going down the wrong road.

    I just bought a large PRINT, 2006 Atlas from AAA yesterday, cost be maybe $6. I had installed XM stereo Delphi unit with the antenna located on the backside of the roofline, hardly ever loosing the signal, and oh I forgot bought a AAA compass when I bought the vehicle and placed it on the dash in an area that did not interfere with any viewing of the dashboard.

    The car is almost 6 years old with 83K on it, and amazing, not of the things above do not function. All too, on a XL, not an XLS.

    I also own a BMW 04 325ci 5 speed coupe with the least amount of electronic gagetry on it possible. Just the sports suspension and the upgraded stereo. No even a sunroof to leak.

    Bottom Line IMHO, is if you lease these vehicles, who cares, but if you are paying for them out of your own pocket, leaving these vehicles in a NON heated garage, and expecting all the electronics that you pay a premium for to work and then for the dealerships to figure it out, all while you don't have a loaner car, seems a bit short sighted.

  • shelly99shelly99 Posts: 1
    Sometimes it works. On a trip to Phila. it didn't recognize a major thoroughfare. Going from Maine to Boston it took me off the Hwy had me make a series of turns that brought me back to the starting point. On a straight run up a Hwy, it wanted me to go east at every oportunity rather stay on the Hwy that is straight to my house. This would have added 40 miles to the trip. The manufactures's response to an email was that as an OEM it is Toyota's problem. Toyota is not doing anything about this. It's a software fix. This 2005 Limited Avalon as opposed to an Avalon Limited is my 3rd Avalon. Love the car.
  • boone6boone6 Posts: 8
    I own a 2006 and agree. My GPS is a joke. This thing could not find its way home if I was able to program the streets for it. Toyota tells me there is a problem but they are not working on a fix! Amazing. And I spent almost $2000 of my money for this mickey mouse GPS.
    The dealership I bought it from in Houston is at Highway 290 and West road. West road was extended on the other side of the freeway from the dealership a number of years back but my GPS does not have that section of the road! It takes me to the next road west, Eldridge, and then sends me back south to intersect West when I give it directions to go home. There are other roads I have found that were built years ago that it does not have in the memory either. And they want me to buy an updated dvd each year. How about giving me the dvd that is current to the date that I bought the car?
    This thing never can find the REAL shortest route or quickest route. It maps a convoluted and out of the way track whenever I choose to use it.
    I use it for amusement now not guidance.
    Heaven help the person that is in need and uses this to get somewhere. It will eventually get you there but you will drive a lot farther than you need to.
    The transmission is also problematic. At under about 20 mph it constantly shifts up and down, does not seem to be able to find out where it should be.
    The ventilated seats are also not worth it. In Houston heat I find that my legs and seat are still hot because unless I lift myself off the seat the cool air does not flow out. My back still sweats with the ventilation for the seat turned on.
    The heater on the seats is another story. It works and is welcome the two times I use it in a Houston winter!
    Overall, I enjoy the car but unless Toyato fixes this or gives me a credit I will not be buying a car with a GPS in it from Toyota.

    Bottom line is:
    I would recommend an Avalon WITHOUT the GPS system. Total waste of money.
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I have to say, it takes a big person to admit this and to share this with the forum. Very very nice. Buying these gizmos, without years of testing, just does not make sense. I realize they have to sell cars, new cars, or else they will go under (look at Ford and Chrysler sales this quarter) but it is still just a car. What burns me is that they don't really give you any more for your money. These new Toyotas aren't the same quality as the old ones. They aren't really made to last 200K, especially with all of these electronics, espceially if you are not fortunate to have a heated garage, etc.

    Most of the vehicles I buy, now, I try to get the basic vehicle without alot of gizmos and in the end it seems there is less to break and I am happier when the car is older. Maybe because I am older but that is what I see. Toyota should put there money into the quality of the parts and product it pumps out, and looking at most of the forums, there are plenty of unhappy customers, after the initial purchase fades. In addition, if you look at CR Annual, the Avalon(including my own 02) gets a good, not very good or excellent reliability rating. One of the losest rating of the Toyota models.

    Using the heater in a Houston winter seems like an oxymoron. For two times of use even in a single season, how could one substantiate it. Good to know about the "ventilated seats" It is almost as bad as Mercedes 4 zone climate control!!! In a car, or 4000 sqaure foot home??? Never one, I am interested in paying for.

  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    you write:
    Most of the vehicles I buy, now, I try to get the basic vehicle without alot of gizmos and in the end it seems there is less to break and I am happier when the car is older

    i would call this a sign of enlightened maturity myself. you sound like an informed consumer.

    as i get older, i choose / prefer to be bothered by less technology, and i'm an engineer!

    you are not alone.
  • kamdogkamdog Posts: 28
    I think what you have experienced in sales information is the new wave. Because of the internet, techies can get their fill of information before going to the car store. When we get there, we want the lowest price possible. Where is one of the places the manufacturer will cut costs? The salesperson. Most salespeople make a minimal amount of money on a sale. Anyone with the twin abilities of learning highly technical data, AND the interpersonal relationship skills needed in sales could probably do much better than selling Toyotas. And I like Toyotas. This is not a reflection on Toyota, but, rather, my view of the rarity of those people who are both technically oriented and people oriented.

    It has become too much, in my view, to expect most Toyota sales people to be up to the task. In much the same way that the shadetree mechanic has been sent the way of the dodo bird.
  • kennyg8kennyg8 Posts: 225
    I wonder if the two navs share the same or some of the hardware and software. It would be a severe blow to Lexus' image if their purportedly more affluent customers are disgusted with the nav for which they paid even more for!!
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    The Lexus Nav Sys is very user friendly and touch screen also. I test drove an ES330 with Nav--wonderful car--just smaller than the Avy. I "assumed" the Avalon Nav was the same--duh--my REAL BAD!!
  • jlsextonjlsexton Posts: 301
    Now I'm glad I did not opt for the expensive GPS but you never mentioned the useless remote start, another joke of Toyota's and you are correct the email address Toyota cares is a joke. not only do they not care I honestly believe my 8 year old grandson know more about vehicles then they do. thank you for an excellent heads up on the other useless and expensive gadgets. By the way, I contacted Denso to see if the prom chip could be re-programmed, they sort of denied thet even made it although their name is on the SMART KEY ???
  • msavalonmsavalon Posts: 49
    After reading all this about the electronics on the Avalon. I am constantly reminded of what I think is a good decision to buy a "base" '05 Limited. It came with nothing extra. I brought an after market Magellan GPS for $350 and it works fine. I've heard nothing but horror stories about the GPS and the remote start. I think too many electronics on the car creates more opportunities for things to go wrong. Nothing is worst than dealing with a dealership that sees only $$$ and tells you nothing is wrong time after time when it's a warranty issue. I had to take my car back twice for the rubber seal around the passenger side door that the service dept said was normal. After I came back to pick up the car, it was in the same condition I left it in. I had to ask the Service Mgr to go out on the lot and compare my car to the other Avalons. He changed the "crunched up" rubber seal. Otherwise, my experiences with this car has been beautiful. I can't say the same for the dealership!!! :mad: Happy Avy driving.
  • ker154ker154 Posts: 1
    I"m asking about post #26 by dawahna. My 1998 Avalon started doing the exact same thing. What was the repair ??? thank you
  • dawahnadawahna Posts: 3
    My very trustworthy repairman said I can't fix what isn't broken. It works, then it doesn't, but of course when it quits I make an appointment, know the rest it works again. This has happened at least a dozen times. The worse was when it was cold and the dark............that was "scary"! No defrost!
  • abfischabfisch Posts: 591
    I feel the same way and have the similar experiences. I have a base 2002, pretty much. No auto climate controls, no computer, no sunroof. Added some suspension parts, but not alot of electronic parts. Found the many Toyota dealerships, not on top of their products. Good all season vehicle, used for a variety of purposes, including gettting to work in winter weather and towing.

  • jrungejrunge Posts: 1
    I am experiencing the same issue with my 98' avalon. Some days it will work perfect and then it will just trip out and the outside temp gauge stops working as well. I went through and looked at all the fuses and relays that were related to a/c, defrost and heater, etc. It was strange because most of the fuses had a black mark on them like somone had gone through and checked all these fuses previously. I have done a little research in this area and have found reccomendations on "resetting the climate control head" but I can not find the correct key combination to accomplish this. Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this?
  • dawahnadawahna Posts: 3
    Have you had any luck in resetting the climate control head. Just this weekend as we were starting out on a 5 hour trip.........90 something degrees, the fan quit. Changed cars and I just started the avalon and it is working! This is frustrating. Talked with someone this weekend with a 2003 Avalon who is having the same problem. I wish it would just REALLY quit and maybe I can get something done about it!
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