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Matrix Transmission Problems



  • Is it the same transmission in the 09 s?. I always want a manual and have never hear of a manual having more problems then a automatic
  • mantechmantech Posts: 28
    The 09 Matrix transmission is different, the shifter has longer throws than the previous model, that's why I got rid of it(07 Matrix) I might get same
    throw out bearing failure in the future. My 09 Matrix is doing fine so far, the only thing in manual compare to previuos model is the shifter has longer throws than the previous generation.
  • I have a 2004 Matrix XRS I bought 4 years ago. It was a lease return and has had all maintenance at the required times. I paid for the extended warranty which expired 2 months before 6th gear went out in my transmission. I was still UNDER mileage (100,000 miles) but was OVER in time for the warranty.
  • I have only begun to read posts about this problem. I cannot believe it. I bought a 2003 Toyota Matrix 5 speed new in Tennessee. My first Toyota. Bought it because "Toyotas will last forever" and I liked it. Have enjoyed driving it. But at about 60,000 miles I started hearing a "rattle" sound coming from somewhere in the area of the engine. Engine purred when idle but would hear the rattle when driving. Sometimes loud and sometimes not. Took it to dealership and ask them to please drive it, find it and fix it please. They kept it overnight, acknowledged that they heard the "noise" but assured me it was nothing to worry about. Told me that some of the Matrixes will make that noise after a while. I told him it was not normal. They told me it was. Suggested I have the fuel injection system cleaned and it MIGHT quieten it down. I did. It didn't. They still told me not to worry about it. Was absolutely NOTHING to worry about. All this time, sometimes I'd hear it, sometimes I would not. Otherwise, car seemed fine. Last week, at 72,000, as I was slowing down to turn off the main highway, the rattle got LOUD, my car didn't want to keep going. Took about a minute of jerking, stopping, then going, not wanting to shift properly, all the while the rattle getting LOUDER AND LOUDER until the car jerked to a stop as I heard a popping sound. Totally locked up. Couldn't even push it in neutral. At first Toyota told me it was the clutch burned out, quoted a price of almost $1500. Two days later they called to say the transmission was gone. I reminded them about the rattle which was dismissed. Tried to insinuate it was my driving. What BS! Been driving manuals for over 30 years. Don't think so. Then I started doing my homework and cannot believe all of the incidents with these transmissions. They all point to bad bearings. If I ever get this worked out I think I'll go with Honda. or maybe a Chevy!
  • Sure wish I had let someone else listen to my 2003 Matrix. Oh wait. Someone did. The DEALERSHIP! Started hearing a rattle at about 60,000, took it in and was told it was NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. NORMAL ENGINE SOUND FOR THESE MATRIXES. Last week at 72,000, the rattle got louder and the transmission is now shot along with the clutch which they said the transmission burned up. Just posted my story here a little earlier.
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Sorry to hear :(

    Too late now, but too bad u didn't see these posts back when you first heard the noise. At that point it is repairable from around 1500 bucks. But if you ignore it due to to getting dishonest advice, that figure becomes over 4500.
    And it is hard to find a used one because everyone else has already bought them up. And this part is what infuriates me about Toyota.

    Even if you pay the big bucks for a new trans, it will fail prematurely also. Apparently there is a bearing in a location that is difficult (impossible$) to properly lube. So they will wilfully take your money as many times as you are willing. People are getting (some) up to 100k or a bit more, but keep will find those too finally caved with that bad bearing about 10k mi after first hearing the sound.

    With all the documentation available, I would be tempted to sue your crooked dealer for outright lying to you.

    In the future, always get a second or third opinion. And never ever be ok with "oh, that's normal, they all do that".
    Right...and they all will fail too..
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    I like your attrition idea, but you have to be careful how you execute it. Check with your local by law office, because you might have to adhere to a minimum distance from the dealer's property boundaries when you protest or have 'your chat' with other prospective customers. You don't want to end up getting in even deeper with the buggers, and have the law on their side :sick:
  • Anyone know who you would contact in the US? What about the BBB?
  • crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Posts: 2,345
    Keep reading. I recommend starting at the very beginning of this thread. I have read the whole thing, only took a couple hours. There are answers to your question for the USA, includes some recommendations for the BBB, but with a caveat. Apparently there is some question as to just how straight-up the BBB is in some localities. Apparently they take 'donations' from low scoring businesses in the past, which naturally affects the grade score. It is a grey area to say the least, but check around, there are lots of opinions out there. I think a class action suit was tried, but i forget the outcome. You will find that your username was well chosen in this thread. I heard that the clutch issue was addressed in the 6 speed trns. And I also read that one of the posters here put that tran into his previous 5 sp Matrix, as a bolt in replacement. If it is true, that would be the action I would take in your shoes. I would source a rearended XRS, put the new type clutch in it, and put in your car. But confirm if there is truth to how easy it is to swap those trans.
  • I am very tempted. You are probably right. May not do any good but I certainly intend to stand my ground and if that fails I do plan to talk to an attorney. I just trusted them too much and never thought to ask any of my friends to listen to it. They'd always been super nice to me at other times and I figured if you can't trust the people you bought it from, who can you trust. I've always had good experiences with car repairs before. Sad thing is, I have loved that car except for this. They offered to buy it from me for $1500 or offer $3000 in trade. Last year, I checked and with the low mileage and the condition it's in, the trade value was $9,000. They would probably repair it for about a grand and turn around and sell it. It's really sad that companies are that way.
  • thanks. i will keep reading. to be continued . . . . .
  • I was on a heavily traveled highway just before mine blew out. How can this NOT be a safety issue? I will be calling National Transportation board along with other organizations.
  • Well, I suppose I will find out next week if my dealership will make the same offer.
  • As you can see from recent posts, I would be very interested in knowing whatever came of your experience on I40. I don't understand why a recall hasn't been done.
  • Would be interested in knowing whatever became of this as my '03 matrix transmission just bite the dust at 72,000.
  • Well, I got no where with the dealer. did give me the number for Toyota corporate office. Can't afford a new car payment right now but will bite the bullet and get new transmission and hope it lasts for a couple of years yet. I will be in contact with Toyota, and will call every number I have found on this forum.

    Any suggestions from any mechanics out here on what questions to ask or anything I need to check with my dealership with concerning the repairs?
  • I also had to have my clutch replaced! Now my manual transmission is shifting itself. I'm so disappointed in my Toyota; my last Toyota/Corolla was about 15 years old before it died.
  • avocadosavocados Posts: 1
    We just joined the club. Our 05 has 159K miles on it, and, now it's worthless. It was our only 4-wheeled transportation. :(
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