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Cadillac STS/STS-V Maintenance & Repair



  • If the battery is more than 4-5 years old, that could be your problem right there. Otherwise, there are simple tests for battery drain. You can also have your old battery "load tested" if someone has that tool.
  • Thank you SO much! I've gone out and bought a new battery today. I'll put it in this weekend and keep my fingers crossed!
  • Let us know how you make out with that and if you have any more trouble.
  • I have a 96 STS with 135K mile. There a a lot of rattling at low speeds from the front end over moderate bumps in the road. Does anyone have any ideas what might be the cause: worn out bushing, grommets, or shocks? Or all the above.
  • My car ('97 STS) had a problem similiar in description to your problem pfkaiser. The noises could originate from any number of things I supose, but in my case the culpret was a sway bar bushing. Cost of part: $20. Note that the sway bars come in different diameters, and the sway bar diameter must be known for the corret bushing. Good luck.
  • dueyddueyd Posts: 1
    i have a 90 sts that is in A-1 condtion. I'm having a bugger of a time with the climate control system though. It seems that the blower works fine when in AC mode but will not blow in heat mode. To make matters worse the hot air does not stay hot. As you drive it the air goes from hot to barely warm. I live in Wisconsin so this gets to be a mite chilly. I have had the car for 7 years now and this problem just started occuring. First with the blower and now with the heat. Anybody have any suggestions????
  • dyates773dyates773 Posts: 24
    Many thanks to all of you who have repeatedly posted your comments on the well known issue of Northstar head bolts losing thread integrity in the block leading to head gasket issues. I own a 1998 Seville STS with 194,000 miles. The car is in excellent condition except...... at sustained highway speeds the coolant is forced out of the coolant tank cap. The car will overheat when the level drops enough to stop flowing or gets "air bound". This car is in good enough condition to drive everyday, runs great, but cannot be driven at sustained speeds over 60 mph. Its age and condition does not warrant installing a long block or a major teardown on such a high mileage engine, the cost alone would be more than the car is worth. For those of you in my situation I have engineered a less than perfect but workable solution. My thinking was how to vent the exhaust gas and pressure to prevent forcing out the coolant. Being a Chemical Engineer I'm very familiar with industrial hot water systems. Many of these systems cannot tolerate air in the piping. Most of them have air vents in the piping system. They are high pressure and high temperature. I have installed a 1/2" NPT float type air vent into one of the cooling system bypass hoses that now vents the trapped combustion gases. The vent is rated at 50 PSI and 250'F. It has worked for over 1000 miles in the last month. It does not pass liquid, only air. Today I drove home on the Interstate at 70MPH for over 40 miles with an outside temperature over 80 degrees. No overheating. I will post a picture if there is any interest. Good luck.
  • yes please post pics. Thx. Can i assume this fix will work on 1995 model as well..?
  • My 1995 Sev. STS has a strong fuel odor in the passenger cabin. Instinct told me fuel leak, but never found evidence of this. Until it was parked in a drive way with a slight grade (about 25% angle). I've backed the car in this same driveway many times no odor, no dripping. Parked head first for about 3-4 hrs, went to start it and experienced what could best be described as "out of gas" started real hard. Once it was running, was almost overwhelmed w/ fuel odor, backed out and for the first time saw a wet spot in the driveway, hopped out to check what it was and "bingo" my fuel leak. Turned around backed the car in same driveway overnight, next morning no odor, no dripping. Any thoughts, Anybody..? (Fuel Rail on this year has a recall, is this evidence of this..?)
  • klerk183klerk183 Posts: 2
    Hello, I am Siem from the Netherlands, and I followd your lost off coolant.Ther is however one problem,when there is a leak in the headgasket, coolant can escape, butt can also reach the cillinder when engine is shut of after using it.
    So in the future you whil get problems whit emissions and catalysator.
    But I am courious to see your solution, in one of the bypass piping.
  • tateostateos Posts: 36

  • hillisshilliss Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 with the same issue, except I have never seen any fuel. I would think a fuel rail leak, with be very small, and never make it to the ground. You can lift the plenum (cover) by removing four 1/2 inch nuts, and check for smells, or fuel from the fuel rail. If your fuel rail is nylon, the recall has not been performed.
  • criaturacriatura Posts: 1
    HI, every one, I recently get an a 1996 STS with a new engine on. But have theft system problem. This means the car Crank but not star, I been doing every thing to try to clear the theft security system, and not succefull. Can one of you tell me how can I fit the problem...Thanks
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    Hello all. Have a 99 STS - Big Red as I call it. 71000k.

    I keep hearing about the dreaded "Service Ride Control" message in the info area on dash. I have not have this pop up yet, but does anyone know if this message is tied to when a certain number of miles is driven or is it by time or when there is a problem with the ride control? Thanks.
  • I have a 96 STS with 160,000 miles and have been experiencing the same problem. A lot work just short of
    a tear down has been performed. the only thing left
    would be the head gaskets, and I'm not going that deep.
    could you explain which bypass line you tapped into, supply
    or return and possibly post a photo or two ? You might have
    something here with the pressure blow off.
  • I'm looking forward to picture ( float type air vent). Please post. Thanks
  • This type of head gasket leak is very rare. Only the high pressure combustion gases seem to pass into the coolant system. If anything other than a tiny amount leaked into the cylinder head, upon cold startup the engine could misfire if the spark plug was wet. My experience and research says the coolant doesn't leak from the engine, only from the tank.
  • A/C blows cold, but when I try to use the heater it just blows cold. I checked all fuses Ok. What should I be looking for?
  • Look for low coolant level or air in the system. Your low coolant sensor is in the bottom of the fill tank. There is an electrical connector that could be off if you have no low coolant indicator on the dash but the tank is in fact low. One last item, the STS thermostat allows water to flow back to the engine, which is the reverse of moast engine designs. The Northstar relies of a very high recirculation of coolant.
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