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New Hyundai Azera Owners Experiences



  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 212
    Have not reported it but will if it happens again. My wife claims that i put the car in neutral as I approached the driveway and thats why the engine raced.As I remember it I did this to stop the car but I can't be sure.
  • helohelo Posts: 4
    2007 Unlimited. I've had this problem three times . Once backing up when engine was cold. Second time, engine was cold, moving forward at low speed and the most recent, yesterday, car warmed up and moving forward at low speed. I have to turn the engine off to get the car stopped. The dealer has checked for error codes, but nothing seems abnormal and as you might expect, I can't duplicate the problem. If anyone has found and fixed this problem, please let us know.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    I bought a 2007 Azera Limited with Ultimate Package at the end of Nov 2007 (new).Love the car, btw!

    This weekend I was sitting in the passenger seat while the wifey was driving. I noticed that there was a crack on the dashboard. As you can see in the attached picture, this is not a crack in the random fashion. It seems to be a straight line & curves at the end.It seems to be along the passenger side air bag door.

    imageSee more Car Pictures at

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    imageSee more Car Pictures at

    I searched to see if the any other Azzy owners has had this issue. On another Azera forum, I saw that there were 2-3 other Azera owners who have the same issue. Also, it appears that this cracking dash has been more in Sonatas. The Azzy owners with the cracked dash got their dash replaced.

    A trip to the dealer is in works tomorrow for my Azzy! Will let all you guys know how it turns out. In the meanwhile, has anyone else had this issue?">
  • My admin assistant had the exact same problem on her '06 Sonota, almost looks like the same crack. Hyundai dealership replaced it in one day- no problem.
  • scullyncscullync Posts: 2
    O7 limited- silver/grey

    After 10 years with my BMW 740 I was looking for something that I would feel comfortable in (6' 5") and my daughter would approve (four door and better gas milage). I pulled up the edmunds list of top rated cars and started testing Cad,Lincoln, Mit, Nissons and the like. I did have a note on this car that it was given decent marks by Edmunds and JD powers. It was the last car I tested and its in my driveway now, unbelieveable- a hyundai that I never saw any advertising on). It has 22K miles on it and still under warantee (5 yrs 60K for second owner).

    Keep in mind I was BMW 740 owner (8 cyl). the Azera has more road noise, the suspension is soft at low speeds and the powerplant (w/22k) is a little noisy at idle (need valve clearance checked as per manual). The interior is unitarian but functional, some of the materials seem low budget, but the instument lighting is good and the car is easy to clean. The acelator pedal is a bit too far to the right for me but thats typical for asian cars.

    After driving it for over 500 miles this my opinion- love the reg gas, better then average gas milage, the steering wheel controls and the seats are actually comfortable. THe infinity 6 disc stereo does a good job and the MP-3 is a bonus (copied my mp-3 files to a cd). XM is a nice touch too. I like the exterior design (just enough difference for peope ask what is it) so all good for the money and the warantee. Paid $8 for a dealer supplied oil filter and o ring/washer. Rear sunshade is nice but Im worried that it's going to wear out when it folds every time I back out of the driveway.

    But what I really like is after driving it like a hybrid with my 10 yr "green" daughter in back. is that as soon as she's out of the car- is 3.8l powerplant. Good shift points and plenty of low end torque. It handles 85 mph well and there's very little torque steer on the front wheels when whipping her around a turn. The seletronic (?) shifter is addictive and I'm trying to stop using it..

    It's not a sports car or a luxury sedan or a 4 banger gas saver- but a little of each.I like what hyundai is trying to do with this platform and hope they continue working in this direction.

    Thanks all for this forum and I look forward to being a contibutor in the future

    Greensboro NC
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 495
    Congrats on getting a great car. I am stil impressed with mine and all the bells and whistles that even $50,000 luxo models don't have. I particularly like that I can turn off the rear window shade if I want, so only use it in summer when car is going to be in sun a lot.
    BTW, just kidding, but is the interior Unitarian or utilitarian? Maybe a little of both. Personally I like the interior more than any other car I looked at, understated elegance, even if plastic, well done, simple instruments and controls, etc. :)
  • scullyncscullync Posts: 2
    Quite right, utlitarian-it's a quaker thing.

    I'm interested to see the level of support from dealer, I'm not sure if they understand what they have here. I was surprised by the $8 oil filter and kit- I wouldn't hazard a guess what a OEM filter is at BMW. But I can say that the car did well up to Pilot mountain and the vineyards and handled the drive to the parkway like a champ. the next challange will be the OBX

    I haven't seen one azera on the road yet, usually when you buy a new car you suddenly see a million of them. Maybe we should start a carolina azera club-with two members-lol

    not to get off topic-but what is the history on this engine? is in other models?

  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    "what is the history on this engine? is in other models"?

    I believe the 3.8 made its debut in the '06 Azera. It is now available in the Veracruz and the 2 sister Kia vehicles. An "improved" 3.8 will be in the USA base RWD Genesis.
  • carolinabobcarolinabob Posts: 495
    I have received excellent and reasonable service from Upstate Hyundai of Anderson SC in the 13 months that I have had the car.
    I have noticed several Azeras in the Greenville SC, Hendersonville, Asheville area.
    Personally, I like having a car that is not like all the others on the road. There are way too many Lexus' out there for some reason - and most look like a Camry.
    Hope Hyundai keeps the Azera and fixes the suspension.
    If you haven't tried it, to Azera site on
  • oskidunker1oskidunker1 Posts: 212
    I have long suspected there is a problem with this. Had the switch replaced a few months ago. seemed to b better. Yesterday it was 100 degrees out side. I got in my car , which had been in my garage all night, drove 10 miles and started experiencing bad heat in my back so I had to lift my back off the seat and direct the ac vents towards the seat. Took the car to the delaer and had him dissconnect the switch. So far, all ok. I haven't really decided if the leather seat jsu gets hot or I had been experiencing an intermittant problem. For sure, I don't need a heated seat this summer so I will deal with it more in November.

    Haven't heard of anyone else with this problem.Dealer did say Azera seats tend to be a little hotter than other maked due to lack of ventilation in the seat. Any comments?
  • gamlegedgamleged Posts: 442
    Regarding the seat-heat switch coming on by itself, I had that happen twice before I realized (my personal experience) that, as I went to hit the "mute" switch on the power connector of my Whistler radar detector with its "smart cord" plugged into the ciggie lighter socket, I was juuust brushing the seat-heat rotary switch and turning it on... :blush:
  • I live in Arizona - bought my Azera in 2006. Had a 2" split in the dash last year (2007) at about 13k miles. Dealer in Scottsdale (Macdowell road) was very good and replaced the dash with no questions. We did have some rattles after that and had to take it back to have the screws tightened up - turns out they hadn't re-installed them all correctly.

    Noticed this morning that the a crack has appeared in the new dash in exactly the same place. approx an inch long on the dash towards the passenger side... ~26k miles Sept 2008.

    Looks I will have to return to the dealer again.

    I hope this doesn't turn into an annual occurrence.....

    I park the car outside, but use a shade.

    I have 2 Nissan Altimas ~ 8 years old - both dashes are in perfect shape with no cracks or blemishes. so it can be done
  • I have a 2007 Azera & even I had my dash replaced about 2 months ago. I am surprised that Hyundai doesn't seem to have their process rectified. A number of other owners have had their dash replaced & yours is one of the few who have had a second brush with this.

    I hope this doesn't become a annual ritual. If it happens again to my car, I'm Lemon Lawing it!
  • anyone know why Hyundai won't sell rubber floor mats in the USA for the Azera? I had to call a dealer in Canada to get OEM black rubber floor mats shipped to me in the US. They fit perfectly as all others I found were too narrow to fit the wide front and back sections. They were $98 Canadian but I had to pay $40 for S&H.
    The guy in Canada said maybe Hyundai doesn't think it snows in the US?! They have them for the Veracruz which is based on the Azera platform.
  • 101649101649 Posts: 192
    Should have gone to WeatherTech....Super products!!!! Custom fitted for any car vehicle.
  • budhbudh Posts: 109
    Is this dash cracking problem limited to 2007 Azeras and older? Or are there 2008 (and potential 2009 models) with similar issues?

    Bud H
  • I haven't heard any issues with 08 or 09 models having the cracked dash. But then again, they haven't been out in the market for that long (08s & 09s have been out only few months).

    I sure hope Hyundai has rectified any issues with their manufacturing. I looked at the receipt when my dash was replaced & boy was I glad that Hyundai was paying for it!

    But of the 40-50k Azeras sold since it's introduction, the number of cracekd dash have been minuscule. I think it might just be a bad run & not a common occurrence.
  • akinakin Posts: 24
    Hey Windycity, can you post the details of the dealer you got the OEM all-weather mats? I want to also purchase them.

  • Hi: Has anyone had to have the timing chain tensioner replaced in their Azera yet? We have only 7000 Miles on ours and it rattles like a diesel when starting after a few hours.
    We spoke with the dealership and they said they had replaced the Sonata timing chain tensioner but were not aware of the trouble in the Azera models.
    Also the dash has started to crack on the passenger side at the airbag area.
  • 101649101649 Posts: 192
    Get your mats from Weather Tech..
    very good products
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