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New Hyundai Azera Owners Experiences



  • There was a recall on early Azeras for a cam tensioner problem, something about a ratchet mechanism that held the tensioner in position when the car was shut off. A TSB was involved - if your Azera only has 7K miles, though, I assume it's a later version. Your dealerership must not have sold any '06 Azeras if they never heard of it.
    My Azera does some rattling for a couple miles on cold starts ( more noticeable now that winter is here ) and I'm assuming that it's piston slap. I say that because the sound is the same as my 2001 Tahoe made under the same conditions. That car had buyers up in arms for supposed reduced resale value due to piston slap. I never got the Tahoe fixed, it was a very minor inconvenience which did not affect reliability or longevity of the engine. So I'm not very concerned about my Azera.
    I do take it easy for the first few miles after a cold start, though - something which I do with any car, whether it has piston slap or not...Richard
  • psu3psu3 Posts: 15
    Hi all,

    Shortly after purchasing the car I got the OEM rubber floormats (set of four) for $38.

    They match the carpet mats perfectly. Clear rubber allows the carpet color to show. Nubbed backing prevents them from moving. They now are around $45. Not sure how these prices compare to others. Here's the site.

  • I have an 06 Azera and we are having the exact same problem you are describing in reference to the headlights flickering. Of course the dealer says since they don't flicker when they drive the car they can't fix the problem. Can you please tell me if you have gotten yours fixed and if so what was the problem. Thanks.
  • Has anyone had a problem with Azera headlights flickering especially when just starting off and slowing to a stop? It is driving us nuts and of course the dealer says they can't get the lights to flicker when they drive the car so they can't fix it. I have found a few references to the problem on line but no answers on how to fix it. No other lights on the car flicker it seems to be limited to just the headlights.
  • I too have had this problem and still do. The headlights dim down when the RPM's reach 1000. Have no idea why but have learned to live with it.
  • :)

    There is no need to have to "live with it!"

    Go to your dealer. There is a TSB covering the problem.
    Make 'em find the TSB and fix the problem. ;)

  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Jeff072...I did have this problem and it only happened when I would be coming to a stop, it never happened at speed or while accelerating. Recently, I changed my OEM battery and since then...I haven't had the problem. You may want to inquire about a TSB concerning the headlight dimming issue as I know a few folks have posted about it and it was an issue with the grounding of their electrical system. You may want to go with the new battery anyway as I've been hearing a lot of folks talking about issues with the OEM battery anyway. Like I said earlier, ever since changing mine...the dimming issue has gone away. Well...except for when I play my stereo too loudly, then the headlights dim with the bass. :blush:

    Good luck and let me know if any of this has proven helpful for you.

  • Thanks for the info, I'll have them check into it at my next service. I'll post the results.
  • I will be taking it in to the dealer soon and I will let you know what happens. I am going to tell them to keep it until they fix the problem. Thanks again.
  • :)

    "TSB 08-BE-004, 6/17/2008 all Body Electrical System 08-BE-004 DIAGNOSIS

    Inform your service writer that you want TSB 08-BE-004 performed on your
    Azera and demand that all procedures therein be done, bar none.
    When and if the service department properly follows these Hyundai TSB
    instructions to the letter, your problems will then be a thing of the past. :surprise:

    I know that a bad battery cannot be the cause of any of your problems.
    Either the battery is good or it is not! :surprise:
    If the battery were not good to begin with, it would not start your vehicle now would it? :confuse:

    Do a Google. Type in TSB 08-BE-004 and read all the posts under the second find.

    Try this: ,
    and if it comes through, you've got the TSB to read for yourself!
    Print it out and hand it to your service writer.
    He has probably never seen it before don't you know? :surprise:
    Good luck!

  • Ok it was an interesting experience getting the dealer to take a closer look at my car. First they required me to take a tech with me for a ride so he could witness the headlights dim. Thankfully they dimmed twice within about a quarter mile of the dealer. I told the dealer about this site and how some of you had told me about a TSB. They said there isn't a TSB about my problem but they would find out what was going on with my car. Today they called me back and said "We think we found the problem." They said there is in fact a TSB but it only came out about two weeks ago (a lie for sure) but they don't have the wiring harness needed to make the repair (I am sure that is true). So needless to say they ordered it and I am unsure when I will get my car back. On the up side they gave me a complete piece of junk Chevy Cobalt to drive in the mean time. I guess I shouldn't complain at least its headlights don't flicker.

    I am not happy but at least something is getting done and I am especially appreciative of your help donna388 and almett33. Thanks again.

  • :)

    You may recall . .
    Go on this URL and read what they are doing. That TSB tells the tech exactly what to do.
    Shouldn't take too long to get the replacement cable to the dealership unless
    you are located really far from the part warehouse distribution point? :confuse:

    Always be sure to print out any TSB available that you know about.
    The clowns cannot argue with you, can they? ;)
    I said that the service writer would not have seen it let alone be familiar with it.

    The date on that TSB is indeed June 2008, and if memory serves, there is an earlier TSB
    also as this problem as it has been known by Corp since the earliest 2006 models.

    I'm glad you're getting results and as I said, your problems will be a thing of the past!

  • dborthdborth Posts: 474
    So needless to say they ordered it and I am unsure when I will get my car back. On the up side they gave me a complete piece of junk Chevy Cobalt to drive in the mean time. I guess I shouldn't complain at least its headlights don't flicker.

    Gives one a warm and fuzzy feeling about not only the car, but especially the dealer, who by now must be looking forward to you purchasing your $40k Genesis in the not too distant future.
  • They did the proper TSB work and on the way home the lights didn't flicker. Then the next time I drove it at night they started flickering again. I am going to call the dealer on Monday and make an appointment to take it back in again. Gotta love it.

    I drove the car over a 1000 miles during Christmas week. Gratefully it was almost exculsively daytime driving. I really enjoyed it. Now if I can just get the headlights to work I might enjoy driving it at night too.
  • allmet33allmet33 Posts: 3,557
    Hey Jeff072...have you replaced the battery??? Please don't say yes, with another Hyundai battery. That could also be another problem. I went to Walmart and bought a new battery for my Azera when I was experiencing the lights dimming when coming to a stop (not while driving) and ever since having the new battery in...the lights only dim when I play my music really loud (after market sound system). I think I paid about $75 for the new battery.

    Good luck!

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  • jfr710jfr710 Posts: 1
    I too bought a 2007 Azera Limited in Nov 2007 and just discovered a crack on the passenger side dashboard. The crack is about 4 to 5 inches long and deep. Looks like it was cut with something very sharp. I just called my dealer to have it looked at so will keep you posted.
  • rminorrminor Posts: 40
    Pretty common problem. Most dealers have replaced a lot of the pads. They say the company that made them stamped the air bag part too deep. Just had mine replaced, hope they corrected the problem.
  • jkolehjkoleh Posts: 38
    Miles Driven 16,943
    Gas 679.09 gallons at avge cost of $3,053/gallon
    MPG 24.95

    Cost per mile for all expenses, excluding depreciation 17.8 cents
    No problems, no unscheduled maintenance
    We're happy!!
  • huetsonhuetson Posts: 3
    My 2006 Azera also had cracking starting to appear on passenger side dash. The dealer replaced it, and mentioned they had seen a couple of other ones.
  • huetsonhuetson Posts: 3
    My 2006 Azera would not start. The starter turned over fine and battery is not the issue. Someone told me there is a situation whereby the security / locking system gets into a mode that disables starting.
    Does anyone have specifics? How to remedy?

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